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September 13, 2005...a day that has really gone down in infamy.  Who knew what was going to happen in the course of 12 years when this little sci-fi show premiered on the nearly defunct WB Network?  This show has survived, thrived with age, and changed lives in ways that could not be possibly imagined!  We've built an archive on this website chronicling for years everything that this show and it's amazing fans have accomplished.  It's staggering all the stories and life events that have occurred.  

Today is your day fans.  There are three objectives to this very special 12th anniversary of Supernatural's premiere:
Celebrate the show, 
Celebrate the cast and crew,
Celebrate the fans.
Here's how the show and The CW plan on celebrating this occasion: 

The CW

  • Will be sharing favorite moments countdown every week
  • On 9/13, CW will be showing appreciation for fans through retweets, reposts and Instagram pics featuring “Possessed & Obsessed” tattoos

Some of the cast and crew will also be participating on social media and will be following #SupernaturalDay – keep an eye out for a special message from the show on 9/13!

Hot Topic 

·         Hot Topic is the headquarters for Supernatural fans. Fans can visit their local Hot Topic or for all their Supernatural needs – tees, dresses, accessories and more.

·         Hot Topic will be the only place fans can get a Supernatural Day limited edition t-shirt.

·         Join @hottopic on Twitter as they countdown their favorite moments from each season.

·         Any Supernatural purchase will come with a temporary tattoo to help fans celebrate Supernatural Day.

The tattoo looks a little something like this:


How does The Winchester Family Business plan to celebrate?  We've got some ideas.  After all, who said a celebration is limited to just one day?  We've got some time to kill before the season 12 premiere October 13th. We are all about audience participation!  Here's a few suggestions:

- Share your favorite moments about Supernatural or being a fan.

- Show us any of your Supernatural cosplay, your fan videos, fan art, poems, fan fiction, just anything!  Pictures or links will do.  We want to see how abundantly creative you all are!  

- Share a personal story about how Supernatural has changed your life. 

- Anything out there in the world that suddenly reminds you of Supernatural?  Someone you know owns a classic black Impala?  You live near a town or business with the name of "Winchester?" "Sam"? "Dean"?  etc?  Is there a super spooky house in your neighborhood that makes you want to call a pair of Winchesters to kill whatever evil is there?  Then we want to know about it.  

- Heck, if you have one of those Hot Topic tattoos, or any tattoos, share a picture of it!

Since I have enough experiences with Supernatural to fill volumes of books and webpages (this website being a living testament), I'll start with a couple of fun examples.  First, it's funny how driving around will trigger thoughts of Supernatural no matter where you go.  This weekend, while heading into the southeast side of Columbus, Ohio, we drove right through the lovely community of Canal Winchester.  I mean, the Winchester signs were everywhere!  There were road signs...

IMG 2858
IMG 2863

Shopping centers...

IMG 2864

Elementary schools...


Apartment buildings...




Wait, was that??...nah...

Then there's personal stories.  In going through the scores of memories that I have, I'll just share three of my greatest accomplishments as a blogger, something that wouldn't have been even remotely possible if not for me finding this crazy and wildly passionate fandom (it's a good crazy keep in mind).  Thanks to Supernatural, I got to write a piece in Variety's printed magazine celebrating the 100th episode of the show.  I chose a topic that ended up as the first article on the front page, the fans and Kripke's unique relationship with them through the show, especially his choice of using Chuck as a mouthpiece.  I even got to interview Kripke for this!  I took my copy of the article to a con and had Rob Benedict, Jared, and Jensen sign it.  

IMG 2874

IMG 2875

The second greatest was being interviewed by TV Guide for the very first ever Fan Favorite Cover, which was won by Supernatural during a very heated fan vote. The article featured myself and the efforts of The Winchester Family Business in organizing the vote for that cover.  I had Jared and Jensen both sign it with their personal thanks.  

IMG 2876

The third, I actually got to write an article in the 2012 Comic-Con edition that had Supernatural as one of the four covers.  It was a trivia quiz!  I was pretty tickled that after I submitted the quiz they had a fact checker verify each of my answers (they were all correct).  

IMG 2878

I still treasure these accomplishments, because they actually have added a little professional legitimacy to all the time I've spent on this site out of a labor of love.  I often get frustrated, at times I get depressed and feel defeated with the stresses of running this site, but I'm more often uplifted by all of you.  The people I've met are truly the most extraordinary people I'll ever know.  I've made friendships that have lasted me years and are still going strong!  In the end, through the love of Supernatural, I hope that The Winchester Family Business can just brighten your day in some little way.  

But, enough about me.  This is your day fans!  Share with us anything you feel like, anything that makes you happy or proud to be a fan!  There's nothing too trivial or outrageous.  We're all family here...the SPN Family.