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GISHWHES 2016 is over and a good time was had by all! 

There were a total of 173 challenges. published the entire challenge list. Nerds and Beyond listed their Favorite Submissions From GISHWHES 2016.

The cast and crew of Supernatural rose to the challenge.

Misha Collins issued a personal challenge: hold a surprise birthday flashmob for his Mom!

Ruth Connell issued a challenge to show support for her charity, My Hope Chest.

For this challenge, you must pen a message of hope in colored ink on a white bra. Channeling your inner supermodel and stage a public photo shoot of someone wearing this “support undergarment.”

More pictures here.

Members of the crew, like Adam W, VFX coordinator season 11, participated in the challenges.

Celebrities added their ideas.

Actress Hillary Swank responded to Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence's assertion that smoking doesn't kill with this challenge .

“Take a picture of yourself in front of the tombstone of someone who died from a smoking-related disease. Tweet the image with, ‘Hey @Mike_Pence #quitblowingsmokeabouttobacco.’ Screenshot the post.”

She got a good response including


 See more pictures here.

Fansites fielded teams for the first time.

Nerds and Beyond described their experience in GISHWHES: Tales from a First Time Hunter they described

making panda bears from sanitary napkins, painting the likeness of Misha Collins in the style of Picasso, and creating a trailer park from sand

The Padna

Taylor from Nerds and Beyond described their participation in the hunt in A Very GISHWHES Experience: My First Hunt.

I had decided to attempt 14 tasks – they were some of the more sane of the list with three of which being far-fetched. My favorite task that I completed was probably #10: Find the coupon section from your most recent newspaper. Cut out at least five coupons. Go to the store and leave the coupons on the shelf taped next to the relevant items with a note “From the Coupon Fairy!”. – Elizabeth Fiedler...

Another task required us to obtain citizenship from a micronation, which was really fun to do! Surprisingly, I managed to gain citizenship from not one, but two micronations: Ruritania and the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis.


The Geekiary was represented in Team Subtext and they sent a Message Into Space. This challenge needed an extended deadline. The team was tasked to

Secure a legitimate contract with any public or private space exploration company (Space X, NASA, etc) to send a payload into space containing a drawing and a message written on a single 8 ½” X 11” sheet of paper. The message must be addressed to the universe and must be written by a child. Submit your signed and countersigned, legitimate contract by the end of the Hunt. THEN (and this is the only thing that you will be permitted to submit after the official end of the hunt on August 6th), you must submit evidence by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. that your payload was successfully launched into orbit. Email proof must be received by 11:59 PM PST September 5th, 2016.

Individual fans from across the United States accepted challenges.

In Dowagica, Mich. Erin Miller and Amy Yeske took a Goat in a Boat and ate Green Eggs and Ham.

Goat in a boat

Teams held a full scale water balloon battle in San Francisco.

On Cape Cod, Tia Pogue and her mother Jennifer Letitia spelt out “Death To Normalcy” on the Woods Hole drawbridge in styrofoam orbs.


In Worcester, Massachusetts, Allison Racicot wrote

I had a dress to make out of CDs, mini-cassettes and videotapes, and I needed all the adhesives I could get.


In California, Wilmot teens get creative for wild global scavenger hunt. They participated in

Smashing vinyl. Dressing in costume. Prospecting for gold in the Baden fountain.


In Florida, Sarasota residents dressed up as storm trooper at Yoder's for international scavenger hunt and tackled other challenges such as

  • Write a 250-word essay explaining how your team intendeds to use the extra second of the year that resulted from leap year.
  • Seven days of happiness! Each day of GISHWHES, do one thing to make someone else happy and document it.
  • The versatility of corn is amazing — it has so many uses! However, there’s no better use for corn than this year’s must-have fashion statement: the Corn Husk Bikini or Corn Husk Evening Wear!
  • Confront your boss or an employee about an issue in the workplace that has been irking you.
  • Cross something off your bucketlist while wearing a vintage zoot suit
  • Are you still jogging occasionally? Good. Be sure to try out this year's latest fashion craze: pineapple shell shoes with matching pineapple caps to protect you from the sun. Let’s see you (carefully) jogging in public.


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GISHWHES is an international affair. Fans around the world took part in the fun.

In the United KingdomScavengers’ descend on The National Museum of Computing in Milton Keynes.

Self-confessed scavengers have wanted to perform an obscure but simple calculation on any pre-1970 computer.

With the world’s largest collection of working pre-1970 computers, TNMOC has been able to help three entrants in The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen (GISHWHES). The contestants wanted to find how long it would take to fly from New York to Reykjavik, Iceland, travelling at an average speed of 400mph.


This challenge was also covered in  Why did a legal assistant make a seven-and-a-half hour round trip to calculate how long it takes to fly from New York to Reykjavik?.


In Stoke City in the U.K., a Trio of friends make people smile with random acts of kindness on worldwide scavenger hunt.
The three women raised eyebrows and laughs with wacky stunts including:
  • Going to bus stops dressed as waitresses with trays of coffee and giving drinks out for free;
  • Personifying a street name – Gabriella went to Tweed Street dressed in tweed;
  • Performing random act of kindness including giving a woman her slippers when she was looking for some in a shop and couldn't find any;
  • Putting fake parking tickets on people's cars – but when opened they revealed words of encouragement;
  • Dressing as the 'coupon fairy' and sticking savings coupons on the items they were for in Sainsbury's Stoke with the words 'With love from the coupon fairy';
  • Creating a Plasticine reconstruction of a newspaper report.


Fans in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada had Crazy summer fun.

People may have seen them on our Historic Downtown streets this past week: doing a fashion shoot with the Chicken Lady or washing a dog in a kiddies’ pool in front of MacKay’s Ice Cream or racing down Second Avenue in front of Tea and Other Things while decked out in Hawaiian clothing topped by pineapple heads and rooted by pineapple shoes. These were just a few of the tasks this group had to do while participating in Gishwhes, which stands for Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, which was founded by actor Misha Collins.


Some teams are truly international.

Students from Chisum High Beta in Texas teamed up with individuals from around the world to participate in the phenomenon known as GISHWHES.

The BFABS team (Betas For A Better Society) was made up of sponsor Terri Hutto, Betas Alissa Hutto, Maggie Chadwick, Brycen Chadwick, Paige Shelton, Katey Vorwerk, Megan Bankston, as well as ladies from Austin, California, India, Scotland, Ireland,  and Australia.  Communication was achieved through Facebook, Twitter, and Skype, as the team worked together to conquer the tasks.
During the week of the hunt, the Chisum Betas delivered cookies to the nursing home, ice cream to the fire station, and cold water to street workers, as well as cleaned up a city street in town and helped raise money for four families of Syrian refugees


The team from Slave Lake, Alberta, Canada included 11 people from various parts of the world  International scavenger hunt experience is a fun, creative, intense, for Slave Lake family.

Some of the tasks the Irwin family completed: Pouring wine from a second floor directly into the mouths of dinner guests; doing battle with a drone, dressed in kitchen armor; dressing up as a ‘dessert fairy’ and delivering ice cream to the local fire hall; producing a commercial for ‘Sin Screen’; setting up a ‘dog spa’ in public.


In GISHWHES: Global scavenger hunt spreads to Australia with random acts of crazy kindness. team member Georgia-Cate Westcott explained

"I didn't actually have a choice in what my team was called," she told Ryk Goddard on 936 ABC Hobart.
"We get put in a global team, so half my team was named by 13 lovely people who live in Moscow.
"One of our items this year was to take a basket of homemade goods to someone living on the street," Ms Westcott said.


So another GISHWHES has come and gone. People had fun, tried new things and made the world a better place. Thanks to Misha for organizing this incredible event. Thanks to everyone who participated. Did you participate? What tasks did you or your team complete? Brag a little...with Pictures!

We hope to see you all next year at the 2017 GISHWHES!
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