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"Yesterday's the past, tomorrow's the future, but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present."
Bil Keane

I can't remember where the ideas started for these gifts but as they are not your ordinary Supernatural merchandise, I thought it would be nice to share them to the fellow fans that wanted something new to buy to friends/family/loved ones. Maybe the idea lifted off when I was thinking about presents that could be Supernatural related. That was the theme I hung onto and went with on my and my husband's 11th anniversary and his birthday. It is not easy to get Supernatural related stuff in our neck of the woods, so I needed to be creative. We both watch Supernatural and like it very much but the one who "fangirls" is me mostly. So, I needed to make the gift more "serious".

For our anniversary present I decided to go with two tea mugs, custom made. The mug was colored black and white with a design and quote "Saving People, Hunting Things, the Family Business" on the surface of both sides but with a different image. He is left handed so every time we would drink tea we would see both of the images in breakfast and evenings on the mugs. You can find a lot of custom mug printing online sites that will deliver them home. The package and bill won't say other than the company usually so the surprise stays as a surprise. In my case he had no idea what he was getting and he loved the idea.

Mugs 1

The idea for his birthday was also something that was well thought of and planned like a strategy to an army battle. I needed to keep the present a secret. (You don't know how hard it is when you are living with the said person) So I hired some helping hands. The plan was first to only jewelry that could be connected to the show and were of use and well manly. I searched the internet and found a site called Bullet designs. Can I say that the idea is awesome they have. Here is some background information about them.

BD logo

Bullet Designs, LLC was established in the Spring of 2010. Integrity and trust is our foundation and we make every effort to earn the trust of each customer, supplier and employee as well.
In today's marketplace, we strive to offer bold new products. It is our hope to offer a solution to the age old problem of what to buy for the sportsman (and sportswoman) who has everything with our innovative, practical and useful products. As often as possible we design environmentally friendly products. 

I immediately liked what I found. They are making jewelry from the back of the bullets/shells. Yes, you called it. They have jewelry that reads "Winchester". I started browsing and thinking what to get for him. It was in the end an easy choice. I chose Winchester® 38 Special Bullet Cuff Links and 357 Mag Brass Bullet Money Clip. The money clip was a special choice because it is a rarity in our parts. Probably nobody uses it.

38 Special Brass Cufflinks

38 Special Bullet Cufflinks

Our 38 Special Bullet Cufflinks are small and understated for a sleek, classy look! They are 7/16" diameter (11mm). Available in nickel or brass.

357 Mag Brass Money Clip 1024x1024

357 Mag Brass Bullet Money Clip

Our Bullet Money Clips are made from durable nickel and real recycled bullet casings and shotgun shells! Many different calibers to choose from! What a great gift for groomsmen or that special man in your life! Great for any occasion!

That was the start for the hunt of the presents. I had four months total for the planning and execution so next I needed to think how I can pull this off. I asked help from my husband's brother so he ordered and paid for the mentioned items. There was no evidence of a gift. Unfortunately my husband was suspicious because I accidentally messaged his user in a chat and not his brother... I would call that epic fail... Anyhow, everything was in order with the present for that part. It had a little hiccup later what I will tell you. 

Time went by and my husband forgot all about the planned present. One day I saw in twitter an image from a Supernatural fan that fit to the gift idea about a whiskey called "Winchester Straight Bourbon Whiskey", so I started to check the net and also used my source for "different alcohol and how to order them" specialist, my father. I actually don't like alcohol and rarely drink any so this was a dilemma for me. My minion number two wanted to help me so he went to visit the local stores. I found a place from the net and the news was discouraging. It seems it was only sold in certain places and local stores. My father gave me the same news. It could maybe be ordered but it would take over half a year even if it was possible. 


winchester bourbon whiskey

I almost gave up on the idea until I thought of something else. I send the image of the bottle to my father and he went to check out if there is a bottle of whiskey that resembles the real bottle and my idea was to print the label and camouflage the bottle with it. The thought is what counts right? And it came out great as my father bought a bottle for me and delivered it to my workplace. First I had Bulleit Bourbon (Bullet designs bun) bottle in mind but it would have been needed to be ordered too so we decided to take our local brand instead. There was still no evidence that I had planned anything for his birthday as it came and went and he was planning his birthday party on the weekend. All the presents were hidden in our home. 

TOB BulleitBourbon Serving Tray2

His brother delivered the present to me on his birthday and he was luckily out and shopping at the time. I heard that there had been some trouble and the box had been held up in the customs. He had taken care of it though. Last part to the present I got few days before when we separated in a shopping run and I bought a lottery ticket that he could pin to the money clip (he didn't win anything). The envelope was same green color as the jewelry boxes. Everything was ready for his birthday party.

Presents 1 Cufflinks 1

Family and friends came and I gave the presents to him. He was blown away and surprised. He had no idea. I was also happy that he liked it and that everything had worked out. The planning and execution was fun and an adventure itself which I will remember in years to come. Thinking outside the box is really rewarding because you really don't have any idea what can be found out there. The possibilities are endless. Already I can recommend the jewelry to all Supernatural fans. If you are in luck then you can also try out the real Winchester whiskey. In both cases I am just exited that both products are out there.

In the end of the day we both took a small shot from the birthday drink.

And no, I did not get him the Winchester rifle. Maybe next time.

Dalton Rifle copy