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1010sam1 . . .
1010dean1 . . .
1010sam1 Can we--
1010dean1 Not right now.
1010sam1 I said I was sorry!
1010dean1 I'm not the one you need to apologize to. Cas may never speak to you again, that was sort of his daughter.
1010sam1 Her hair will grow back...
1010dean1 But her big toe won't! And we can't even find it to reattach.
1010sam1 I warned there might be side effects!
1010dean1 "Side effects"? "Side! Effects!" Sam?!? I still can't taste anything colored purple or lite beers!
1010sam1 I'm doing the best I can, Dean! It's not like there's a lot of literature out there.
1010dean1 What did you need with two tons of oxy-clean anyway?
1010sam1 Hello? Merch of Cain? Who else would you consult with but the ghost of Billy Mays?
1010dean1 . . .
1010sam1 I just didn't think the Ouija board would catch fire.
1010dean1 Which Ouija board?
1010sam1 This one:
1010sam1 Ahhhhhhh!
1010dean1 Ahhhhhhh!
1010sam1 It's coming from inside the car!
1010dean1 Quick, Sam! Throw it out!
1010sam1 *tosses it out the window*
1010dean1 This is out of control! We've got to find something unmarketable!
1010sam1 Right! I should still have enough pocket hoses and quick chops for the ritual...
1010dean1 No! No more of your crazy spells!
1010sam1 What am I supposed to do with 47 waffle makers?
1010dean1 Feed the next monster we find to death. I don't care just no. more. inventions.
1010sam1 . . .
1010dean1 Though Metatron covered in detergent and licorice was pretty funny.
1010sam1 Hey Dean, I think we're about to leave the Hunter Games.
1010dean1 What makes you say that?
1010sam1 The sign. *point*
1011dean1 "No place like home"? Why does that sound familiar...
1011sam1 It's a line from that famous movie, Wicked.
1011dean1 Oz! And where there's Oz...
1011sam1 There's where we left, Charlie! Maybe she can help!
toycharlie Guys! Guys!
1011dean1 Charlie! What happened?!?!?
1011sam1 It's the MoC, Dean! Not even she is safe!
1011dean1 Sorry, Charlie! We'll be back, soon!
toycharlie Weird, I just wanted to ask if they wanted...
toycharlie il_fullxfull.804676713_k4zia drink of some delicious coffee
1016dean1 What did we hit?
1016sam1 A road sign.
1016dean1 What's that one read?
1016sam1 It says "Paint it Black"
1016dean1 Where are we on the map?
1016sam1 *consulting map* Oh crap, we're way off course. We've missed 3 episodes.
1016dean1 Any out of control merch around here?
1016marsha John!
1016john Marsha!
1016marsha Oh, John!
1016john Oh, Marsha!
1016marsha John!
1016john Marsha!
1016sam1 Drive, Dean! It's a romance!
1016dean1 Well now hold on...
1016sam1 It doesn't involve us!
1016dean1 Screw that! Let's see if we can get back on track.
1016marsha Oh, John!
1016john Oh, Marsha!
1013sam Slow down, I see another sign
1013dean I don't know Sammy... that road looks familiar...
1013sam It does kind of remind me of Bloody Mary...
1013ghost Only I use wifi instead of mirrors! Boo!
1013dean Possessed wifi router... can that be sold?
1013sam Not risking it! *shoot*
1013ghost Blargh! I'm dead(er)!
1013dean *driving away* I can't shake the feeling we're not accomplishing anything, Sam.
1013sam Oh no... I'm not... feeling well.
1013dean Sammy! What's wrong?
toysam Something's wrong, Dean.
1013dean No! Not you too!
1110crowley I'll take one!
1013dean That's it! We're going to go and get Cain right now and have him fix this!
toysam Are you sure we can get him?
1013dean Of course. Psych is off the air now.
toysam What? Awww, that was my favorite TV show about two charming, handsome male companions who went around solving the unsolvable using the skills their father taught them.
1013dean What about the Good Guys?
toysam It only lasted one season, Dean.
1013dean What? Those bastards!
toysam Hey, isn't Cain busy with that knight Galavant or something?
1013dean He should be done now. . . . Hey what do you think about doing a musical number?
toysam Again? Could we get Weird Al?
1013dean Let's ask Cain!