Remember the good old days when Jensen was just starting this show at 27?  Well, today he turns 35!

After eight wonderful years on "Supernatural" (and more coming), the question is, exactly how well do we know Jensen?  Below is just a few facts about the birthday boy that you may or may not know. 

He used to set the latest trends in hair.  Who else would have thought of frosted tips? 

His rebel years.

(Yes, we know this is from Ten Inch Hero)

He's always had a keen eye for jewelry.

Thanks to his fashion sense, The Commodores actually wrote a song about him.

"Ow, he's got brick...pants
He's mighty mighty, letting all hang out
Ow, he's got brick...pants..."

He's an animal lover.

He loves to make people laugh (okay, maybe just Jared).

He loves taking roles that make him stretch his acting chops.  For example, he got to play Clark Kent's older and wiser football coach in season four of "Smallville," even though Tom Welling is actually older than him.  BTW, that sound you heard was screens similtaneously exploding from all the pretty. 

Like all of us, Jensen has a few hidden scandals in his past.  He once snapped and murdered an innocent creature onstage in front of stunned (okay, more like howling with laughter) witnesses.  It was a case of "fowl play" (dodges flying tomatoes). We don't talk of it too much (okay, maybe all the time).

He golfs, but his friends tell him he's good because none of them have the heart to admit they really don't know how to golf.  They kind of think it's a lame sport.  (Okay, that's really only Jared.)  Like any good actor, Jensen knows dressing for the part is everything.

He has this amazing ability to block all train of thought.  Alice was sitting at this table with him and she couldn't remember a damned thing he said (sweetondean has had similar experiences).  He's very good.   

His favorite pasttime is going to cons and messing with Jared.

Jensen is a messy eater.

So is Jared come of think of it.

He has a beautiful smile.  Fine, now we're stating the obvious.  Do we ever tire of it though? 

Did you know he has a beautiful frown too?

He laughs like this.

He likes hats.

He sings and plays the guitar.


He directs as well as acts.


He sometimes does stuff like this.

He looks good wet.

And in the snow.

His favorite color is purple (Oh wait, that's my favorite color).


Now he's adding another skill to his list, Father!  Luckily, Supernatural has given him on the job training for the role.

Oh that's right, he's having a girl.

As you can see, Jensen Ackles is truly an enigma to us all.  One extremely pretty enigma, but to harp on that any further would be objectifying (and I think we've done enough of that!). 

Happy 35th Birthday Jensen!  Have a great one.