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Maureen Manzo
# Maureen Manzo 2012-07-09 18:35
Picture number 1

Oh come on Sam not again, why dont you eat normal meals like me!
# Amy 2012-07-11 16:00
1) mmmm smells like teen spirit.

1) Oh cas...why did you suck up purgatory? WHYYY WHYYYY!!!!???

2) Dean: We go on three. Sam: Wait ON Three or we count to three and then go?

3) Cover me Sam while i rescue my pie

4) Come on boys, we can ninja past the demons if we're real quiet

5) Ok...Paper, rock, scizzors to see who goes on the food run.
# suzee51 2012-07-12 00:33
Pic #1 - OMG, Sam! Do you realize that our new fabric softener smells like pie?

Pic #2 - OK, if The Ghostfacers call the Winchester brothers "douchenozzles" one more time . . .

Pic #3 - Wait just one minute, Dean. Tell me again why you want me to shoot that tiny little Yorkie with the bow in its hair?

Pic #4 - I told you boys that I meant it when I said: "Don't make me pull this car over to discipline
you . . ."

Pic #5 - OK, let me get this straight. Sam will only eat the Vegetarian Pizza and Dean insists on getting a Meat Lovers?