It's time for round 4 of our Hellatus caption game!  Check ours out and add your own in the comments, if you want.  As always, Karen's on top. Ardeospina's on bottom.







# suzee51 2012-06-04 15:52
Pic #1 - I TOLD you I heard Tarzan!

Pic #2 - Who says Thai food is hot?

Pic #3 - (music comes on) "What would you do-o-o-o for a Klondyke bar?"

Pic #4 - I'm the older brother and I say we keep making the rounds visiting wakes until we find pie being served!

Pic #5 - That girl Lydia that I met in the bar last night totally wore me out!
Tim the Enchanter
# Tim the Enchanter 2012-06-04 17:07
1. Sam: (thinks) Cool, race on. I’m totally going to start running before he says ‘Go’.

Dean: (thinks) Crap, race on. Why did I wear jeans?? Hey, is he gonna start running before I say go? Nah, Sammy'd never do something as dishonourable as that.

2. Okay, needs more cheeseburger.

3. Dean: 'Ah, apple pie. And it looks like Bramley apples were used. Smells like a good vintage of apple, dating to approximately the autumn of ’06. Going by the texture of the apples I believe a 12% sugar to water solution was used and it looks as though the apples were gently scored before being stewed over a very low heat for approximately 32 minutes. The crust is a light butter based crust which has been mildly infused with cinnamon to enhance the flavour and to perfectly complement the sweetness of the apples. I personally would have used nutmeg because....... Oh, excuse me. Pies are my passion so I’m somewhat of a connoisseur.'

Guy: (thinks) Oh man, that dude will never get a girl!

Girl: (thinks) Wish I was a pie...

4. Dean: 'Yes, yes, we do look too young and too hot to be priests but when the Lord calls, the Lord calls. We have indeed taken our vows. Yes, including the vow of (grimaces) celibacy.'

Sam: (thinks) Goddamn celibacy.

5. Dean: 'You do realise you’re only taller than me because I hunch my shoulders like this all the time.'

Sam: 'Yeah, you keep telling yourself that, dude.'

These are tremendous fun! And I realise that some of these might be a tad long but the bigger the caption the bigger the picture so wahey!!
# Hellsbells 2012-06-04 18:23
1. Dean: " was that Yogi Bear I just seen,,,!"
Sam: "Just act natural Dean, Amazon woman behind us,,,!"

2. Dean: "Ayth Don'th Knowph fwot thifs isthh,,,?"
Dean thinking: "Peanut butter,,,yuk!"

3. Dean: "Does this place do Purple nurples?"

4. Dean: "Hello, there wouldn't happen to be a Holy Tax Inspector living here?"

5. Sam: "Dean, I told you drinking the 5ft canned drink wouldn't be good!"
Dean: "Sam, why is it colder outside than in here?"
# B_Y_O 2012-06-05 04:32
1. Sam, whatever you’re doing with your right hand, just stop it. Stop it now.
2. My tongue is stuck in a beer can tab. Awkward.
3. Honey, I told you - if we keep feeding him table scraps he’ll try to follow us home. Just ignore him and he’ll give up.
4. It’s called a collarino. I looked it up on Wikipedia. Don’t look at me like that, Sam.
5. Dean, I can't believe you drank that giant can of soda and you're still alive...
# B_Y_O 2012-06-05 04:35
Whoops - correction to 5... :-)

5. Swallowing a mentos right after that giant can of soda was the wrong thing to do... I think I'm gonna explode.
# Sylvie 2012-06-05 10:16
I wasn't really too inspired, so I apologize for the lameness.

1. Sam: I was so sure Monarch butterflies didn't fly this far North.
Dean: Dude, could you be more effete? (nice new word for Dean there).

2. I always wondered what bugs taste like.

3. Come on dude, just one bite, I have to get the taste of this bug out of my mouth!

4. When I said "candygram", I really didn't expect you to open the door...awkward.

5. Sam: I'm trying to make your head explode with the power of my mind!
Dean: Keep dreaming Sammy, I'm just under the weather.

Told you they were going to be lame.
Kate Hedian
# Kate Hedian 2012-06-08 06:05
Better late than never:
1. Sam "There she is - the future Mrs Sam Winchester!"
Dean" Uh, I think she's spoken for --and here comes Mr. Bigfoot"
2. Hooker knows ["it's cocaine"]
3. Dean "no, I'm ok - Dude, so that midget sucker punched me - it's not that funny!"
4. Dean thinks [got to stop farting!]
Sam thinks [Dean's got to stop farting! I can't hold my breath much longer!]
5. Sam "What's wrong, Dean?"
Dean "I thought I saw a cat!"