Usually at various points in the long Supernatural season, fans can get a little grumpy.  An episode will come along that divides the fandom, and in the heat of debate, we sometimes forget the basics.  We sometimes forget to ask ourselves,  "Why Does Supernatural Make You Happy?"  

After reading all the lively discussions here from the last few days (don't get me wrong, they've been good), I went on Twitter last night and asked just that.  The challenge was to say why they loved Supernatural in 140 characters or less.  The responses were pretty amazing.  So lets take a pause here for pure happiness and remember the love.  I've even found a few photos to enhance the fun!


@AirbatMcfly:  I can do in less: two brothers, an Impala on the road (at least when we get that back)
@TuesdayMelodies:  It gives me hope that no matter how bad things are, that someone is fighting to make it better for everyone.
@reneebshor:  Because it teaches how Family and Love can changed the world. Giving of yourself to help others is what matters most.
@aprild26:  cuz of the bond between the brothers.No matter what, family is the most important thing n love the dedication 2 eachother.
@MelanieDesi: How often do I invite characters & the awesome folks who create them into the family? Never before - that's why SPN is my :)
@SPN_Sherry:  They inspire me to keep going no matter what, just like they do. :D

@PritiBent:  exciting, emotional, scary, funny, family, all done very professionally but with flare! Fabulous escape from normality.
@Twilight_SPN:  Because help us to forget for a while the problems of the real life and show U that u always can defeat the problems
@abyassee: #SPN makes me happy because it makes me feel like I'm part of something special with the coolest bunch of people ever.
@jlly4:  bc I get scared,laugh,cry,worry,and laugh some more EVERY episode.Add great writing,amazing guest stars,talented crew,&THEJs
@kazamigorical:  It's proof of unconditional love
@TeresaPezzino:  Because it inspires me to get back up no matter how hard I have been knocked down and to have the strength to forgive.
@purplehrdwonder:  Because it's an optimistic, humanistic story about love and how our choices matter even when the world tells us otherwise.
@SwanSong513:  It's their family which changes as people die, go evil, are resurrected but the love is always there, the S/Ls great too.
@StephGrevelis:  When I was recently diagnosed w/cancer, SPN & its fans took my mind off things and gave me something to look forward to.
@deansfangirl:  1 sexy car, 2 sexy young men, 7 seasons of epic plots, 22 new episodes every year, and 100s of classic rock songs about sex.
@deansfangirl:  Or maybe I just need one word: Jensen! <3
@CastleSid:  bt its just many aspects of that show along the characters always remind me of d ppl very close to me...thats why!
@farawayeyes4:  No matter my mood, it is my happy place. It's where all my dreams are good. It inspires me to chase my own dreams. 
@MayberryMiMi:  The entire #SPN family has provided a place of refuse and love during a time of struggle & change.
@windykl: feeling the brotherly bond on screen..the heart-to-heart talks over beer btw sam/dean..these things make me wanna watch

@jokerworldwide:  #SPN makes me happy cuz it makes me believe in the power of family and its my hour to forget everything else going on :)
@CastleSid: well,it makes me happy cuz one of d character dean,reminds me of myself and sam as my big brother.i knw,the role is reversd.
@kristyl_:  #SPN makes me happy because it allows me to escape into the world of 2 brothers who fight & die for each other (+ @Jarpad).

@bjxmas:  Nothing makes me happier than seeing our beautiful boys smile & knowing they love their jobs & the entire SPN family!
@bjxmas:  As hard as RL may be I know the Winchesters have it harder & carry on. As tragic as their lives get, they inspire me.#heroes
@bjxmas: SPN FINALLY gave Jensen the material he deserves! And it introduced me to Jared, JDM, Jim, Misha, Mark2, Sterling, Richard&&
@CamillaBug:  The fact that Sam and Dean do all that they do and still manage to smile somehow, even if it is just for each other.
@SpnHunter_Witch:  "Just cause you're blood doesn't make you family" is my motto for life.
@SpnHunter_Witch: I've learned so much about family and morality from this show that I am a better person now.
@bookdal:  Because it's a simple story about love and family in a world that sometimes loses sight of the pleasure of closeness.
@Desilugiggles:  #SPN makes me happy because there is no other show in the world that you can get lost in & forget about everything else.
@AnimeChik27:  The fandom or #SPNFamily is one big family, you make friends in this group and keep them! it's just about family
@AmberAnnh:  #Supernatural feels like family, and at the end of the day, that's happiness for me.
Yes, you'll probably notice an omission.  I never put mine up.  So, if I did tweet something, here it is:

@WinFamBusiness:  It's been the same since the very 1st time I saw SPN, Two brothers, a classic car, and the open road.  Life is an adventure.  
So if you didn't share on Twitter, what about Supernatural makes you happy?