That’s it, I’m calling it.  Done.  Fini.  Over.  Summer Hellatus 2011 is one for the record books.  
As I publish this, I’m sure a few of you are glaring at the countdown clock in the upper right hand corner and noticing it’s still ticking down.  You’re not at the other end of a season premiere, marveling over the possibilities of what the new season will bring.  How is it over

I said so, that’s why!  (Sorry, that’s me the mother talking.)  No, it’s more complicated than that.  You see, for us here at The Winchester Family Business, we’re pretty good at creating diversions.  Once a season dramatically ends, we can spend a good amount of time picking apart the material, putting our analytical hats on and partying until is...2099.  Fine, until about July.  That’s when we start dying over information about the next season.  Filming begins, Comic Con hits and with it comes the interviews and teasers for the new season, and then reality hits hard. “CRAP!  This Hellatus is only half over!” 

It’s right around this time that diversions aren’t so fun anymore.  Oh, we’ve had a couple of landmark ones in this “dry period” as I call it, like Sablegreen’s interviews with Supernatural guest stars and stories about outrageous antics with inflatable ducks at Vancon.  Once again all of you embraced our quirkier articles too, including another large reception for my annual poke at Sam Winchester’s hair.

The spoilers and previews have been flying this week and as great as they are...I just don’t want to hear it (for those that you do, check out Sablegreen's Spoiler page).  I want Winchesters on my TV with new episodes, new trials, new battles, new...oh just anything new!  I’ve been hearing everyone walk the walk and talk the talk since the end of July and I’m ready for action.  Bring it on.  I’ve said this before, but I could watch an hour of Sam and Dean watching two squirrels mating in a cage and I’d be happy.  As long as they’re back, I’m good.  This time tomorrow, I’m going to be way more than good.  

No more diversions.  I want Cass as God.  I want crazy Sam.  I want Dean and Bobby trying to hold it all together with whiskey and a “give ‘em Hell” attitude.  I want the brain stabbing pressure of coming up with a review in a decent amount of time for all of you to either love or hate.  I’m ready for the exhausting debates and thorough analysis of each and every second on the screen and what it means for our heroes and their doomed plight.  

Summer Hellatus is over.  Whether you celebrate such events screaming into the open sky, doing happy dances that completely freak out the cat, or just quietly squeeing to yourself and hoping that co-workers aren’t giving you the perpetual eye of disdain, it’s over.  

Praise Chuck it’s over.  Not only am I bowing down, I am doing the whole forehead to the carpet thing.  I am not worthy.  

Welcome back Supernatural!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top Ten things I did over my Summer Hellatus
10.  Watched summer shows with the sound off and made up my own dialogue.  The best show to do this to?  House Hunters.  Second best, Man vs. Food, but that involved a lot of regurgitating noises.  
9.   Learned how to laugh like Spongebob.  
8.   Bought a top hat for the cat and taught him how to tap dance.  He’s a regular Fred Astaire I tell you!  
7.   Got to see a side of Nashville, Tennessee that tourists will never see. 
6.   Learned the hard way that smart phones aren’t that smart.  Especially in Canada.
5.  Finally watched Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle and then lamented, curled up in a ball the rest of the day over the fact that I’ll never have that two hours back.  Ever.  
4.  Went to San Diego, made a few trips to the beach, had long lovely walks along the ocean with sand sifting between my toes, enjoyed low humidity while the rest of the country was embroiled in a monster and agonizing heat wave, then almost got hauled away by TSA security at the Las Vegas airport when I clung to a wall begging for dear life not to go back go Ohio.   Oh, and I went to Comic Con.  
3.  Spent the entire summer explaining the inconsistencies between the Harry Potter books and the movies to my son since I was the only one that read the books.  We’re still kind of stuck on things, especially on why they would use a time turner in the third book/movie but not use it when they really freaking needed much later.  Like when Voldemort was killing people.  I just can’t explain that one.  
2.  Went to an office every day and did this thing called a job.  Not an experience I would recommend for the faint of heart.  Except for the paycheck thing.  That was pretty cool.  
1.  Worked on my instructional booklet, “101 Ways to Humiliate a Daschund.”  
So what did you do? 


# Lindab30 2011-09-23 01:06
I am going to be out of town when the season opener airs. It is killing me not knowing if I will be able to sit in front of a TV and watch it in peace. Since it's a family thing I'm going to I will have to mingle and act like I'm having fun. I love my family and I will have fun but having to wait until I get back home on Sunday night is not setting well with me. Oh well, on the bright side, there will only be a five day wait for the 2nd episode of the season for me.
# Junkerin 2011-09-23 04:34
1. I introduce a friend of mine to Supernatural.
2. I discovered FanFiction and some of them are realy good
3. Rewatched season 1
4. Rewatched Season 2
5. Rewatched Season 3
6. Went to my first Con in Mannheim
7. I´m haveing my first Supernatural Evening with Friends tomorrow. Maybe we even watch the new Episode
# Jasminka 2011-09-23 05:09
Hmmm... I'll be so jealous of you Yanks ;-) , because for you the clock will be down to zero in 10 hours, while we in Europe will have to wait a day longer. Sniff.

I dread the first episode just as much as I desire it. But I hope they'll rid us soon of this reactionary bronze age god. Bottom line: I'd love to see Castiel back in all his clumsy, endearing friend-and-comp anion glory.

Tough question - what did I do over the summer hiatus?

It wasn't as much fun as yours, it seems... :sad:

Mostly, I have been working and haven't been paid well enough for it (perhaps I should have become something else to go where the money is :lol: , what a ridiculous thought) - - - - I became an auntie to the sweetest Labrador pup who makes a habit of chewing my fingers all the time. - - - - I have battled illness. - - - - I've been writing as much as I could. - - - - I discovered a couple of actors that will, hopefully, have a prosperous career ahead. - - - - I saved a squirrel from a hawk (ha, caped avenger, watch out! 8) ) - - - - I visited one of the most beautiful places in England. And learned, for the umpteenth time,that my heart seems to be British. - - - - Finally read a few books that had been waiting to be read and revelled in every minute of it. - - - - Went to a medieval fair and loved playing Ivanhoe and Robin Hood all in one. And learned that Knights Templar are very nice and flirtatious chaps :lol: - - - - Explored my Celtic heritage. - - - - Said good-bye to a friend - - - - Became the queen of lawn mowing :o - - - - Drank the little rest of my Oban Whiskey and am waiting for donations :lol:

Let's stop this before it gets into a territory someone might call a madhouse...

What I basically wanted to say - I'm happy that the hiatus is comming to an end and the pretty, the scary and the terrifying will grace our screens very soon.
Cheers, Jas

What in the name of Castiel ( :-* ) is a Daschund?
Christine Apple
# Christine Apple 2011-09-23 13:34
Hey Jas,
This is a Daschund:

Just don't let the cute little guys fool ya. My Grandma had one. Once he got older he was like a hellhound on short legs :D All noise and teeth!
# Jasminka 2011-09-23 14:07
Ah, a dachshund! Now this makes sense! Thank you for the enlightment!
Oh, I know, they are fierce little hunters.

Personally, I'm more for big dogs. Should I ever be blessed with enough time to actually consider owning a dog, it will be a Labrador, an Irish Wolfhound or a Rottweiler. A BIG dog... their hearts are just as big, as I was lucky to experience.

Thanks, dear. Cheers, Jas
# Alice 2011-09-23 14:36
I was about to say Jas, a daschund is a German dog! I've got two of them myself, but they're as American as apple pie. :-)
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-09-23 06:30
1) I went to New York and spent two weeks on vacation. Oh, and I went to New Jersey to see this little event called a Supernatural Convention for three of those days.

2) I fixed my beloved Impala after hail damaged his beautiful green finish. The rust spot in the front passenger door also got fixed. Expensive but worth it.

3) I had to buy a new TV after my 19" analog quit. I am blaming the movie House of Wax (well about half of it. I came in just when Wade coughJaredcough bought it). It was the last thing I watched on it before it looked like the screen melted to a postage stamp. Now I have a 40" LCD.

4) I joined Twitter. Worst. Timesuck. Ever. But I don't intend to leave anytime soon!

5) I went to the horse track for my birthday. In honor of Alice's desire, I saw a great way to humiliate a Dachshund! They had the "Weiner Dog Race!" Yeah.

6) I worked. A lot. The paycheck thing is good (like today) but in general wish I could just skip to that paycheck part. That'd be great. I mean, I do have conventions and car repairs and stuff to pay for.

And that's what I did. Now can I watch the Winchesters do what they do best? Kick some ass, take some names, that kind of thing? Please?
# Sylvie 2011-09-23 08:43
My last thought before I went to bed last night, and my first getting up, It's Friday and Hellatus is OVER! Today I plan to drive my colleague nuts my mentioning SPN at every opportunity.

What I did this summer, mmmm, let me see. I read a bunch of really good books; spent two weeks at my sister's in Massachusetts; forced her to watch at least two episodes of SPN; spent some time in Newport, RI on the beach when it was sweltering hot; spent a lot of time on this site reading loads of essays from the past; and oh yes, rewatched all seasons of SPN including season 6 that was still on my DVR.

So on with season 7. I'm with you Alice, I could watch Jensen & Jared reading the phone book and I would be happy. They're back and I expect to see a really good season.
# jily4 2011-09-23 14:43
Thank Chuck it is finally over!!!
1. Walked miles and miles on my treadmill watching Sam and Dean. Wish I could figure how to walk outside while weather is beautiful, but unless Jensen and Jared come to Reno and walk w/me, not going to happen (walking outside and the J's coming to Reno).
2. Moved my daughter from Phoenix to Seattle and realized I am way too old to be doing that kind of stuff. Good times with her though, discussing Supernatural and listening to Harry Potter books on tape.
3. Went to my first convention. Highlight of the summer!!! Already bought tickets for next years VanCon.
4. Played with Ducks, thought about ducks, looked at ducks and pictures of ducks. What a stunning collection of ducks. We are a talented group.
5. Looked at every UTube video ever made, and again, marveled at the talented fans.
6. Got a friend interested, not obsessed, but maybe?, in Supernatural.
7. Also joined Twitter, Yes, it is the biggest timesuck ever, but I have the time right now, so, why not?? LOL
8. Read some good books.
9. Began to declutter my big house, (we have lived here 30yr!!), with hopes of moving into smaller house soon. . .
10. Talked with anyone who would listen about this awesome show, and read all the articles on this site, plus some others. I am sooooooo ready for tonight. Finally!
# subwoofer 2011-09-23 18:50
Sobered up just in time for the show to drop. The end of S6 sent me on a bender... whoot! Can hardly wait :lol:
# Alice 2011-09-23 20:31
I'm drinking purple nurples myself, waiting for Supernatural by watching Nikita. It's funny, Nikita's everything they said it would be at Comic Con, so far. Let's hope Supernatural lives up to the hype.
# Marilyn 2011-09-23 21:50
Thank God, Chuck, Castiel whomever is in charge of getting our show back to us. :lol:
My summer:
1. Married off our daughter , a beautiful wedding (sigh of relief :-* ) and she married a wonderful guy. In spite of my daughter, her man of honor, myself and my husband staying up until 2am the night before the wedding drinking mojitos and reminiscing. :o
2. Taught summer school . Money needed to renovate the sagging porch. (Think of the state of repair of some buildings in Bobby Singer's yard). :eek:
3. Read mountains of books, including Supernatural tie-ins; I am a reading teacher after all.
4.Tried to grow vegetables and flowers in the worst single year drought since the 1930s. Oh, and did I mention a record-setting number of days well over 100 degrees? :-?
5. Stayed in the air conditioning and watched season after season of Supernatural.
6. Thanks to Julie I listened to new tunes and watched new Supernatural music videos.
6. And on a sadder note, our fifteen year old Siberian husky developed arthritis and became blind. He needs a lot of TLC.

So, I am so ready to watch the new season-I think it will be awesome. :lol:

Jasminka - I feel your pain. I don't get cable, so I buy episodes from Amazon and can't watch them until 5 am on Saturday morning.

Jily4 - It is so much easier to stay on the treadmill when you are watching Dean and Sam kicking butt or having long discussions sitting on the Impala, isn't it? I love it, but my husband gets a little tired of me watching my faves over and over again.

:-) Thanks to everyone at WFB who have made this summer race by. 8)