I was deleting a load of files and discovered this version of "Candle in the Wind." It was one of the first songs I ever "tackled" and is obviously now out of date as it is pre-God Cas! 

Ahhh, the good old days! 


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Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-08-25 22:05
Love it. It's so true. I'm so glad this show is still going on and I'm starting to count the days to the new season--even more than my own birthday which comes first!
# Julie 2011-08-26 14:13
Thank You Far Away Eyes
I think there are many of us who feel this way, so grateful that Swan Song was not the end!
And 4 weeks tomorrow!!! Not that I`m counting :-) Ju
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-08-26 15:59
4 weeks? Wow. You're right!

Better finish my Scarecrow review, eh?
# Bevie 2011-08-26 14:43
I'm all teary too. Beautiful, Julie!

Thanks so much for the wonderful slide shows you give us.

Love these guys so much! :P
# Julie 2011-08-27 15:28
Thanks very much Bevie, you are most welcome!
Sorry if I made you cry too :sad: Ju
# Marilyn 2011-08-26 21:43

Thanks for the memories. They are so heartrendingly young and naive in the first season aren't they? ;-) Thank God they had no idea what was in store for them.
I am so glad the show is still going (may it be like the Energizer bunny). I was white-knuckling it last spring when it took the network soooo long to announce the renewal for Season 7. :sad:
I am so glad you hadn't deleted this file;it's another beautiful slide show and since I am rather late joining up with the Winchester Family Business, I hadn't seen it before.
# Julie 2011-08-27 15:38
Thanks so much Marilyn,
Don`t worry no one had seen this before :-)
As you haven`t been coming round here for very long I hope you are checking out the archives too. I spent some time last night reading some wonderful old articles by much missed writers, hint take a look at Randal`s article `What`s love got to do with it` I think you will love it!
Thanks again for the comments Ju
# Jasminka 2011-08-27 06:52
Okay. I'm crying. Where is that darn weep boy when you need it.
I'm a bit on the emotional side today, anyhow. And I thank you for this beautiful, beautiful song. You rock.
Much love, Jas
# Julie 2011-08-27 15:40
Sorry Jas,
Caught you on a bad day! ;-)
This was one of the first ones I did and I am glad you liked it Love Ju