The "Supernatural" Wishlist -  A new game for hellatus?

When I put together the collection of videos from You Tube with a  Disney theme, a comment was posted by Ellen. She said she wanted to see a video made featuring Dean using the song "Thomas O`Malley" from "The Arisrtocats." This planted an idea in my mind. I could not stop thinking, "which songs did I want to see used?" I decided to put together my wishlist, and I thought, maybe we can start a new game here and you can come up with yours, too!

A few songs sprang to mind immediately, as I have wanted to see them used in videos for ages, but then I began looking through my music collection and was amazed at how songs I have known and loved for years suddenly took on new significance and meaning when I thought of them in the context of "Supernatural." Looking at them with SPN eyes, some seemed perfect for a character or episode.

Of course, the top of my own list will always be The Eagles' "Desperado." There is one video on You Tube, but as it is not the original with the wonderful Don Henley vocal, in my book it does not count! After one of the first song re-writes I did here, this will come as no surprise to anyone, but I maintain it is a perfect "Dean Song!"

I have to admit, this one is a close second. It is a very special song for me. It got me through some desperate times when I suffered from depression, and then a few years ago when I nursed my Mum through terminal illness. Many times this has also been in my mind when watching our show.  For me, it is another "Dean Song,"  maybe in the final scenes of "My Bloody Valentine" and  many times during "Point of No Return." It`s my biggest musical hero, Eric Clapton: "Holy Mother."

I have been longing for Zeppelin tracks ever since I discovered You Tube videos, but if I can just have this, my greatest Zep/Spn wish. All I need is images of that beautiful car been driven by her owner (also beautiful) with this song as an accompaniment. I will then shut up and be happy.

When I began watching "Supernatural," before I knew about the You Tube videos, there were already songs in my mind for the characters. Obviously the aforementioned Eagles track, but this was the "Sam Song" for me. It`s by one of my favourite bands, Eels, and, well, it just seemed so obvious as how many times have we heard Sam referred to as this, both with and without so much affection? It`s "Beautiful Freak." (The whole album is just wonderful and contains many other tracks which I could have included here, especially "Novocaine for the Soul" and "Flower," another "Dean Song")

Some songs have inspired me to re-write lyrics as their themes seem to lend themselves to this show or its characters. Some I have completed, but many others are still works in progress. This is one of those. Whether I will ever finish it I don`t know. It has been used for a couple of You Tube videos, but not in this context, as for me it`s  the perfect song for Bobby; "Bridge Over Troubled Water." This is a wonderful live performance. 

Looking through my music, I came upon this lovely oddity, and how perfect this is now for our misguided little angel? It is by 10cc and is called "I Wanna Rule the World."

Some songs bring specific episodes to mind, and this little-known favourite of mine would be perfect as the theme to a video dedicated to "The Man Who Knew Too Much." It`s by Jon Allen, and is called "In Your Light."

There are, of course, so many songs which would be ideal for illustrating the brothers' relationship and bond. 

This one does hold special significance for me, totally unrelated to "Supernatural." It is by Bruce Springsteen (another huge hero) and as I write this, it was announced that the wonderful Clarence Clemons, the E Street Band's saxophonist and Bruce`s "great friend and partner" died earlier today. I had planned on including this track, but now instead of the original, I found this version this morning, which I feel I must use. The song is called "If I Should Fall Behind." 

This is a song I listen to when I am feeling down. I think it is one of the most life-affirming lyrics and happy little tunes. Maybe it is something which our loved brothers need to hear occasionally? It would make a sweet little video with some happy smiling Winchesters! It's John Mayer's "Heart of Life."

When I listen to this song, I can "see" the video in my mind, as some of the lyrics just scream certain images and scenes, and they are also very true! It's Jack Johnson's "Better Together."

Paul McCartney has said on many occasions this is his favourite song, and many musicians have agreed, some being quoted as saying "it is the greatest song of all time." I am not sure about that, but it would always feature in my Top Ten Ever list. When I was scrolling through my music, it suddenly hit me what a perfect song it is for the Winchesters. How on earth had I never seen this before?! It`s Brian Wilson`s "God Only Knows."

This song was nominated for an Oscar in 1999. 

It is also a Dean Winchester quote! 

It is also perfect for both him and his "little" brother.

"That'll Do!"

During my search, I spotted this song, which I had not listened to for so long. It struck me as being the ideal lyric for Dean and Lisa. A heartbreaking video could be made for this, especially with images from "Let it Bleed." It is by Michael MacDonald and is called "I Can Let Go Now."

Of course, there are some videos on You Tube which fall into the category "gratuitous."  We need soundtracks for these, too! I love this Michael Buble version of the Leonard Cohen track. I bet you can also put your own images to these lyrics! "I'm Your Man."

You must now excuse a moment of sheer indulgence. This track was a one off under the name of "Rock Therapy." It features another two of my all-time heroes, Paul Rodgers and Brian May. It was released as a charity fundraiser for The Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Centre and is called "Reaching Out."  I think it could make a beautiful video. Here`s part of the lyric:

"Give me your hand, one touch is all that it takes

Ain't it funny how just one touch could make up for all our mistakes

Lately I've been hard to reach, 

I've been too long on my own,

Everyone needs a private world where they can be alone,

Are you calling me, are you trying to get through?

Are you reaching out for me, like I'm reaching out for you?"

My final contribution is a track I have considered a personal theme song for many years. Strange now, considering this show and a certain character became such an obsession! It would also be very applicable for our beloved brothers, and I think it could be used to great effect in a video. It's by Stevie Nicks and is called "Sometimes It`s A Bitch."

So there are a few from my wishlist. Believe me there are so many, many more!

I would love to hear other people`s ideas and suggestions.

Who knows? We might even get our wishes granted!



# Jasminka 2011-07-17 04:41
I am sure I will love those choices. Today, alas, I have a terrible headache and can't really indulge in music. But I know some of those songs... now, wouldn't that be a real treat?

Hey, you video masters out there, get inspired and then get to work!

Here are some of my personal song-wishes:

Frou Frou's Holding Out For a Hero

Les Miz' Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

Queen's Who Wants To Live Forever

Josh Groban's Remember

Cat Stevens' Father and Son

Just a few... Don't know, of course, if there already are videos...

Thanks for this, dear! love, Jas
# Julie 2011-07-17 14:43
Hi Jas,
Hope by now the headache has gone :sad:
I can help you out with a couple of these!
I never liked the Bonnie Tyler version of Holding Out For a Hero, but I discovered the Frou Frou version through a SPN video and I love it, it is one of your `ear worm` songs you just cannot get that hook out of your brain :o
There are a few videos using it but I like this one the best

There are quite a few Spn/Les Mis crossovers but I don`t think any of them really work. Of course Empty Chairs at Empty tables will work perfectly, as you are soon to demonstrate I think. There is another song from Les Mis used in an SPN anthology of musicals which I have lined up for a later collection.
If you check You Tube there are well over a dozen videos to `Who wants to live forever` - it is so perfect for our show and I know how much you love it, here`s one of them

I searched on You Tube and there are 2 Josh Groban songs , `Remember Me` and `Remember when it rained`, not sure which one you meant, but either would work, they are both beautiful
And Father and Son would be fantastic, this has always been a song I loved, it has such great lyrics and would again fit so well, especially for Sam and John, let`s hope someone tackles it one day.
Thanks for your wonderful ideas :-)
Love Ju
# Jasminka 2011-07-17 17:12
Sweetie, thank you - head is a tad better, so I decided to take a look here... Can't sleep, as it turns out, well, not as early. Being on holiday wrecks one's sleeping habits..

Thank you for finding out these vids, alas, it's again a conspiracy thing...

I loved the song Remember used in the movie Troy. Not sure, if it's on a Groban CD at all, but it's on the soundtrack (and, you know, I have quite some soundtracks in my collection ;-) )

Heading to bed now. Love! Jas
# Julie 2011-07-18 05:01
Hi Jas,
Just sorting through You tube for links to include in replies to these comments. Mary mentioned a track featured in one of my all time favourite Swan Song videos, and there was a link on the same page- I clicked it and look what I discovered :-)

You were right,
Love Ju
# Jasminka 2011-07-18 14:27
You are wonderful, McSherlock! This is indeed the song I meant (it's at the end of Troy, after Sean Bean, ahem Odysseus, burns Achilles)! Oh, my...
Thank you so much!!!
Love, Jas
# det_coverdale 2011-07-17 07:09
There are some interesting choices in that list, Julie. I don't know that I can get that in-depth, but a couple come to mind...although , not necessarily for future episodes.

The first one I'll mention actually has been in a Supernatural episode. I really liked the music and thought it would fit well in the show. Then, a while (or a couple of years) later, I heard it on After School Special - Long Long Way From Home, by Foreigner. That put a huge smile on my face.

Number two is also a Foreigner Song: At War With The World. I was actually listening to it in the car yesterday. Apart from the fact that the title and the music would work well, I could hear Dean singing along to some of the lyrics:

'I am the captain of this body of mine
I send fear into the enemy lines'
'I'm at war with the world
That's the way it must be
I'll fight while I can
To put an end to this misery'.

The only other one I can think of at the moment (I have no doubt I can come up with a dozen or so if I think about it) is a Christian Kane song: Thinkin' of You. Has anyone listened to the lyrics of this song? The whole song speaks of Dean and Lisa's relationship as it was at the end of Two and a Half Men. I'd love to paste the lyrics here but that'd be monopolising space. Let me just give you the youtube link:
# Julie 2011-07-17 15:07
Hello det_coverdale
You are so talking my kind of music here!
I was lucky enough to see Foreigner in concert last month. They were amazing. It was a triple bill with Styx, who were also great( Yes they did Renegade!) and Journey, but Foreigner blew them away, every song was a hit. They did ` Long way from home` too!! This song was also used at the beginning of `Good God Y`all during the `Road so far` montage and has been used in a couple of You tube videos I think this is the best of them, but it is very short

You`re right about` At war with the world ` it would work very well too
I was not familiar with the Christian Kane track but thanks for introducing it to me I really like it and it does fit the Dean/ Lisa story perfectly , fantastic lyric!

Thanks so much for commenting, I hope if you get any more inspiration you`ll come back
# Brynhild 2011-07-17 07:14
As I said answering to another post of yours, I'd like very much to see a video with Bruce Springsteen's "Blood brothers" (I can't find the album version, so I'm posting what I found)
(a more rockier version)

(and a more recent version with the last verse changed)

And there is Evenescence's "Bring me to life" that was vidded with SPN a LOT, but no one has still made a good video about SoullessSam (and/or LuciferSam in Swan Song) with it, while the lyrics are ust perfect for that:
# Julie 2011-07-17 15:14
Hi Brynhild
This was wonderful, you might have noticed I am a bit of a Bruce fan! ;-)
This track would indeed be perfect and I like this version.
`Bring me to life` could have been written for Souless Sam and I want to join you in the wish for a good video featuring him. I have to confess I have included another version of this in my next collection of video, being totally self indulgent.
Thanks for taking the time to comment and adding your wishes here, Ju
# Linda-bookdal 2011-07-17 19:15
Hi Julie -

You know I love videos and there are a few songs that I've looked for but have not found with Supernatural vids. Of course, child of the 80s that I'll see the first is my favorite all time song.

The Love Thieves, Depeche Mode
(Cas video)
El Paso, Marty Robbins
Smoke, Baby, Hawksley Workman
(Sexy travel video)

I would link to YouTube versions, but I suck at linking YouTube videos :(.
# Julie 2011-07-18 06:05
Hello Linda,
I must admit I was never a huge Dépêche Mode fan but having listened to this track you are right, it would be a great choice for a Supernatural video, it is so atmospheric

I just could not resist this Marty Robbins video, I think he, like Dean, frequents `Wally`s Western World` judging by his choice of shirt. Sam should see this, things could have been so much worse :-)

I can see what you mean about the Hawksley Workman track, not one I was familiar with but I can see The Impala cruising along to this

Thanks for the comment Ju
# MisterGlass 2011-07-17 19:54
Wow, some great choices, especially Desperado! And Jasminka, Who Wants to Live Forever is inspired.

Some of these are just not possible, but I'd love to see:

Midnight by William Elliott Whitmore

Fear No Evil by Grim Reaper

Traveling Riverside Blues by Led Zeppelin

Holy Diver by Dio

Witchy Woman by Eagles

And maybe All Apologies by Nirvana, given last season.
# Julie 2011-07-18 06:34
Thank You Mister Glass
As I have confessed before on many occasions I do have an obsession with Desperado! ;-)
Your choices are very interesting. I was not familiar with William Elliot Whitmore at all, I found the description of his voice in the comments to this clip amusing. It is a sort of mix of Bob Dylan and Tom Waits

This song would really work, but the video really made me laugh, it really is so `80s and has so many Heavy metal cliches crammed in there!

Any excuse to put this one on here! It does after all share the No. 1 spot in Deans Top Ten. But more to the point IT`S Led Zeppelin :-)

The Nirvana and Dio tracks were also great (Ronnie James Dio was fantastic when he sang with Rainbow) they would work in so well in SPN videos

No surprise that I feel compelled to include this one

This could be the soundtrack for an amazing video and it`s Don Henley
Thanks again Ju
# MisterGlass 2011-07-18 21:31
It's nice of you to post links, I didn't have time to look for any!

The Bob Dylan-Tom Waits description is about right. It wouldn't have occurred to me to put that song to newsreel footage.

Oh, you are so right about that "Fear No Evil" video! All I can think of now is Conan the Barbarian crossed with Army of Darkness. The song is so much better than the video.

Dean has great taste in music, and I'm sure the Eagles are on his list with Zeppelin :)

I'm glad you wrote this article, it's been fun to see what everyone else has come up with!
# Bardicvoice 2011-07-17 22:07
Fun idea, Julie!

My tagline on LJ (Whenever you're dark inside, don't let go) came from the great song "For My Brother" by Blue October, which I first heard just after seeing Playthings. I could so hear that song coming from Sam then!

I think my favorite fanvid was done by JessicaRae using "He's No Hero" by Brian McFadden. In a song about fathers and sons, the first part illustrated Dean's memories of John ... and then it segued into Sam's memories of Dean, perfectly capturing how Dean had been as much a father as a brother to him. LOVED that! It's here: I also loved what she did with David Cook's "Permanent," capturing Sam's despair when Dean died. That one's here:

I haven't had YouTube time lately, but I have a LOT of songs on my playlist that speak to me of the show. Very few are ones Dean would ever listen to, though; too emo! *grin* However, Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters" has always meant the Winchester family to me, and there are several pieces by Molly Hatchet that fit, especially "Flirtin' With Disaster" (which was my proposed theme song for season three!) and "One Last Ride" ...
# Julie 2011-07-18 07:10
Hello Mary,
I am so pleased you mentioned the Blue October song! There were of course dozens of videos made after Swan Song, a few were outstanding, this was one of them. It still has the capacity to reduce me to tears now. I think the lyrics fit perfectly,

I had not seen the `He`s No Hero` video before but it is wonderful. I have used this vidders work in other collections, she is very talented. I think the David Cook song is one of the most used tracks in Supernatural videos and it is easy to see why, but this version is one of my favourites.
Nothing Else Matters works so well for SPN videos and has been used many times.
I am not familiar with Molly Hatchet but I can certainly visualise videos set to their music, especially `Flirtin` with Disaster`

Thanks for your comment Ju
Y vonne
# Y vonne 2011-07-17 22:49
Hey Julie, it's really me but the site wouldn't let me sign in! :-? Gone for too long??
I had to come by to give my wish(es) though they focus on one band. I'm a little obsessed. But the lyrics fit the show so well!

So here is AWOL Nation "People

And "Burn it Down"(the music vid is waaay cheesy, but it still rocks)

I'm also wishing for "Dirty Filthy Soul" for RoboSam...basic ally any track of theirs.

Last, I would like to see one done to the Brian Buckley Band's "I am Human" I've lost count of how many times I've listened to that song.

And I'm gonna cut myself off now!
# Julie 2011-07-18 07:57
Hi Yvonne
Thanks for taking time to come and comment, it is not like you are busy at the moment! ;-)
No surprise you chose music from AWOL Nation, I have to thank you for introducing me to them. It was so strange that first song you recommended to me was `Sail` and I loved it! So atmospheric! And what did I find on You Tube yesterday!!!

Just wonderful! You are right, most of their songs would work.
Also I know you are devoted to The Brian Buckley Band, especially that song, it would make a fantastic backdrop for a video but as you know you have not managed to convert me here.
I know you are going to be gone for a while longer, rest assured even if the site forgets you, we wont! :-)
Love Ju
Veronica Bianchi
# Veronica Bianchi 2011-07-21 13:08
I would love this. addition to the title is for them!
# Julie 2011-07-22 10:15
Hello Vero!
I am longing to know what this track is but unfortunately I cant get the link to work. :cry:
Please come back and tell me what the song is!!!!
Thanks for commenting Ju
# Linda-bookdal 2011-07-27 19:34
Julie - Totally found two more songs. One that I should've heard before but have not; the other seems perfect for SPN.

"Cry to Me" - Heart (B side song to Barracuda)

"I go to the barn because I like to" - Band of Horses ("Monsters" by the same band would be awesome too).

Here's the youtube links to songs....


Band of Horses:

Monster -
# Julie 2011-07-28 17:12
Hi Linda,
Thanks for adding some more here.
Any Heart tracks would be fine with me, I have always loved them and have all their albums, I have to admit this one had slipped under my radar but it would work very well.
I have to confess that Band of Horses are new to me.
It is really strange once you start listening to songs with SPN in mind how many would really `work` well as the soundtrack to videos, it is difficult to switch it off once you start though, right ;-)
# Julie 2011-07-28 17:23
You set me off thinking about Heart and I remembered this one

This would make a great `brother` video don`t you think?