MISSING: 1 Jacket + 1 Necklace "“ EXTREME Sentimental Value

(We all know that Sam and Dean Winchester spend much of their time trying to avoid the justice system.  They've had many run-ins with the law and it has never worked out well.  The police rarely understand what they're trying to do, and usually see the brothers as The Bad Guys.  Most of their experiences with lawyers have been equally disastrous.  But, there have been one or two exceptions, professionals who became "fans" of their work.  Here's a draft of a letter, retrieved from the files of one of those friendly lawyers.)


ATTENTION: To Whom It May Concern (and that includes The Powers That Be, And One Douchebag of a Thief!)
I am writing to you, on behalf of my client, Dean Winchester.  He has retained my services, most reluctantly, on the matter of several missing items.  Mr. Winchester would prefer to send this message to you, in a more "personal" manner.  However, he finds himself rather busy these days.
It seems that sadly, once again, he and his brother Sam are down one friend, but up one enemy.  At present, Dean is studying diligently for catechism class at The Church of The Holey Trenchcoat.  Thus, he has left this issue in my hands, in hopes of a speedy and successful resolution.
As you know, the Winchester Brothers have few possessions.  That makes the few they have, even more special to them.  Their most prized possession, of course, is their 1967, black Chevrolet Impala.  It has saved their lives (and the entire world) on more than one occasion.  It is their home, the keeper of their secrets, and their connection to past, present and future.

I understand that at this time, it is in need of some body work.  I recommend it be towed to Singer's Salvage Yard, for safekeeping until Dean can carry out the necessary repairs.  I have always found Mr. Singer to provide excellent, compassionate, and thoroughly researched service.
From my observations of the brothers, there are two things that have significant meaning for Sam, and certainly for those around him.  He has the Paisley Shirt of Peril, which has miraculously made it through many hunts (and much muscle gain) without losing a button, or ripping a seam.  

But in this case, it is not clothes that make the man.  No, it is his hair.  Sam's hair, or what their friends refer to as SamHair, is something both boys cherish.  Dean loves to tease Sam about it. Sam loves to flip it, flounce it, swirl it and bounce it. Sam's hair is an extension of his personality.  When he's happy, it's voluminous and fluffy.  But, when he's stressed or depressed, it loses its lustre and lies flat.  No supernatural entity, which values its life, would dare tangle with those tresses! 

vlcsnap 00100  

Which brings me to Dean, and the material objects he values. For years, he was defined by the leather jacket he inherited from his father, and the amulet necklace (henceforth known only as The Amulet) his brother gave him as a Christmas present in 1991.  Tragically, both of these things are now missing "“ one stolen, the other tossed in the garbage in a moment of rage, sadness, grief and frustration.   
Let us begin with the jacket. As I mentioned, it was given to Dean by his father.  I have never been told the full story of how or when the transfer of ownership took place.  Perhaps it was a significant birthday.  Perhaps he just started wearing it, and John decided it was time to pass it on.
The fascinating thing, about what some have nicknamed The Leather Jacket of Masculinity, is that it shares certain magical properties with some Travelling Pants, shared by a Sisterhood.  (I believe the Sisterhood is supernatural, only in the profound bonds of friendship the members share, and the sometimes slightly saccharine nature of the story).


The jacket has been worn by Young!John, BigDaddyWinchester!John, Teen!Dean and Dean himself.  It is my understanding that all these men have slightly different dimensions, and yet the jacket fits each and every one of them.  Better than that, it makes them all look tough, virile, manly and yet oh-so-fashionable.  (There really is something about that vintage look!)  I suspect the magical properties of the jacket have their limits however, since Sam has never been seen in it, at least not as an adult.  (The sleeves would probably end at his elbows!)

wSPN 0198  

I have been informed by the authorities that jacket is not, in fact, missing. But rather, has been stolen.  You can only imagine Dean's reaction on learning the news.  And, I quote, "Son of a BITCH!!"
I can understand coveting someone else's possessions.  I can't understand stealing them, and then wearing them.  It would just feel wrong.  I suspect leather jackets have a form of Feng Shui.  The thief likely took it, in the vain hope it would make him look like a Winchester.  Ha!  The truth is, it's probably a cursed object for anyone but a Winchester.
Dean and I both acknowledge that it's unlikely the Leather Jacket of Winsome Winchesterness will find its way back to his sculpted shoulders.  I, however remain hopeful, but puzzled.  
Dean and Sam lead a rather remarkable existence, what with the novels based on their lives, the book conventions at quaint New Englandesque hotels, and that alternate universe with the TV show.  It must have a costume department, right?  And they would have pictures of the jacket, right?  And those photographs would show where it's faded, and stained and worn a little thin, right? 
So, why can't they make a new one?  I know it wouldn't be the original.  Dean would likely know it's not the original, but perhaps you could explain the slightly different appearance by telling him it had been found by a Good Samaritan who took it to the dry cleaners?
To my eyes, Dean looks more confident and assured, and more dangerous when he squares those sculpted shoulders in that leather jacket.  Even Samifer himself blinked an eye when Dean wore it to the cemetery.  I think Dean draws strength from it.  It makes him think of his dad, and his brother and all they and the jacket have been through.  It gives him the power of memories, which are super-powers of a sort.
Barring the reconstruction of the jacket, couldn't Sam & Bobby pool their pool winnings and buy him a new one?  As a present?  Perhaps they could get one from a secondhand shop so that it would look suitably aged, rugged and hunt ready.  (Does that describe the Winchesters or the jacket? Maybe both.)
Now that I have offered solutions for the problem of the stolen jacket (Son of a BITCH thief!), it is time to negotiate for The Amulet.

Let's put our cards on the table and acknowledge how important The Amulet is to both brothers.  Sam gave it to Dean as a sign of love and devotion, when they were still young boys.  For years, Dean proudly wore it as a sign of love and devotion.  He was furious when anyone would dare to remove it.  (Remember that Shapeshifter incident?)  Sam wore The Amulet when Dean was in The Pit.  It was a way to keep his beloved brother close to his heart.  Then, when Dean returned topside, his joy and wonder at receiving it from Sam was truly beautiful to behold.  (Of course, I mean I've heard it was beautiful to behold.  I wasn't watching through the peephole of the hotel room or anything.)
Even when Castiel asked to "borrow" The Amulet to find God, Dean was reluctant to part with it, ordering Cas not to lose it.  
I fear I must betray a confidence at this point.  Dean has told me that he wishes The Amulet had never been considered a Super-Decoder-Ring-God-Finding device.  He always understood that, with a face like that on it, it was likely The Amulet had some special properties.  But he'd never seen it that way.  All it ever meant to him was the love of his brother, and their faith in each other.  That was supernatural power enough.

So, it's understandable that when Dean's faith in himself and Sam began to waver, the only external object he could lash out at was The Amulet.  After their trip to Heaven, and their different memories, Dean felt his relationship with Sam was crumbling again.  He was worried that he had never been as important to Sam, as Sam had always been to him.  I'm not saying he's right, only what he told me he was feeling.  Then, when The Amulet couldn't even fulfill its supposed destiny of finding God, Dean felt it was truly worthless. And with all the maturity of a 5-year old, he threw it in the trash.


(I say that from experience.  I am the youngest child in my family, placing me at the bottom of the pecking order.  So what could I take out my frustrations on, except my adored Teddy Bear that I took everywhere with me, slept with at night and was my best friend!  When I was really, really mad I would occasionally toss it in the trash.  Thankfully, I never did that on garbage collection day.  Whew!  I still have it and it holds a cherished place in our house.)
The intriguing thing about objects with sentimental value is that they only appreciate in worth, whether or not we still have them.  My wedding band belonged to my grandmother.  She lived over 100 years, more than 30 of them as a widow.  Yet, even in her 90's when we gave her a repaired, reconditioned photo of my grandfather, she burst into tears.  The love shone from her eyes, as she traced his lips and whispered his name.  The ring still carries all the love they shared.  I've worn it for 12 years, and its gold glows that much brighter now.   Perhaps, someday one of my daughters or a future grandchild will wear it.  The ring may have cost a few dollars originally, but it is now truly priceless.
The same can be said of The Amulet.  Many times, during that long Samless year, and the RoboSam times that followed, Dean reached for the leather cord that used to hang around his neck.  Each time, his fingers grabbed at nothing but air.  He knows now he might have found some comfort in a physical memento of his brother.    Dean deeply regrets the impulsive, petulant act of discarding The Amulet.
I am aware there is a nasty rumour that The Amulet is being held for ransom, in order to raise money for something called the CW.  Shame.  Shame on people who would take that kind of cowardly action.  
Let me make it clear that the Winchesters rarely negotiate, but they are nothing if not practical.  Perhaps a deal can be arranged.  Another glimpse of the dual chest tattoos and we call it even?  I might be able to get agreement to full shirtlessness on the part of both brothers, maybe even swim trunks too.  (Please ask for this concession.  Please ask for this concession.)
Still, Dean and I both think that the suggestion of The Amulet being used in cheesy TV shows about vampires and diaries is just a ruse, a red herring, a film noir tactic.  We believe that Sam picked it up out of the trash can, and put it somewhere for safekeeping.  Maybe, because of its God-connection, he couldn't remember where he put it, when he himself had no soul.  Perhaps the wall constructed by Death also blocked that knowledge.  
All I can say is this... Now that the brothers' relationship is back, stronger than ever, more trusting and more loving, it's only logical, proper and RIGHT that The Amulet be returned.  It is a very real, tangible sign of the brothers' bond.  And Dean just looks so damn sexy with it around his neck!  
(May I just add, again, if you can't find the original, I understand they sell them at those conventions, or online.  About $24.95 plus shipping and handling.  Trust me.  I've had to replace kids' toys with identical ones.  Some creative storytelling and you're all good!)
In conclusion, my client Dean Winchester, and by association his brother Sam, wish to see the swift and sure return of the Leather Jacket of Winsome Winchesterness, and The Amulet.
Remember, they are hunters.  They do know how to find you.  And they have a trunk full of weapons.  
Yours sincerely,
Will Begorcry
Attorney (ly grateful for SPN)


# Julie 2011-07-01 03:33
P Dreamer, I loved this!! :-)
It reminds me of a Ben Edlund episode; its manages to be mad, hilarious and beautifully moving.
Thank you Ju
# isleofskye 2011-07-01 03:59
Lovely. Great reading, thanks.

As for the above-mentioned items, I always understood that the costume department had multiple copies of each piece of clothing so as to quickly replace anything that got ruined during takes.
I would assume that included the leather jacket which was important for the show.

There must be another reason why they no longer let Dean wear one.

If Brock kelly ever comes back for a flash-back episode will they let him wear one??

As for the amulet I believe it will eventually pop up. They are probably trying to keep people on their toes so that when they do pull it out it will be to greater effect. regards
# Jas 2011-07-01 04:50
awwwwwwwwh, Mr Begorcry, I am truly amazed at yout assessment of the topic discussed here.
in short: I loved it!!! More of this, please...
Cheers, Jas
# Junkerin 2011-07-01 04:58
That was realy great. I would love to see the Leather Jacket and the Amulet but I don´t need the Paisley Shirt of Peril.
# FMJemena 2011-07-01 05:00
LOL! Yes for showing the chest tattoos and the shirtless Winchesters. And Speedo-clad Winchesters.

Re the Amulet: My theory is that Sam may have kept it and brought it with him in the Cage. (Am currently writing a story with that one.)
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-07-01 05:21
Okay, that made my whole day. The rest of it will have to live up to this.

I love the fact that you called Lucifer in Sam's meat suit Samifer. It just has that wonderful ring to it, eh.

Holy crap that was funny and I totally agree with you. BOTH items need to come back to our Dean. As in yesterday. Please?
# Melanie 2011-07-01 08:22
LMAO!!! This is great! Thanks for starting my day off with a smile.

The costumer in me has to point out - although I totally agree that the jacket of awesome came from John to Dean - Dean's is NOT the same one or even the same style as the one worn by John in Something Wicked.
*hand waves continuity* John had the jacket of awesome somewhere else - put away to give to Dean when he was big enough . . . . . . he wouldn't wear it on hunts where it might get gunked up, right?
# BagginsDVM 2011-07-01 09:07
I fully concur! We need the Jacket & the Amulet to return! Pronto!
# Cassy 2011-07-01 10:03
HA! Love this! And I agree, Dean looks so bad ass with the jacket and the Amulet. (Given the choice, I will take the Amulet anyday, but according to Kripke, the Amulet is a "diva" and is doing a guess spot on One Tree Hill. :D
# Cindy 2011-07-01 11:03
I still wonder what happened to Dean's silver ring and the skull bracelet he used to wear. One day they just weren't there any more!!!
# maggie 2011-07-01 17:54
Yes bring back the samulet and the jacket please!!!

great article very funny too!

btw I just read this: "Many people wonder about Dean's amulet I'm wondering about Sammy's shoe" hehehe LOL :D by:SPNGroupther apy
# Bevie 2011-07-01 18:59
I really would like all of Dean's jewelry to return, but would settle for the amulet. Please please!

The jacket was a one of a kind acquired from a used clothing shop, as I read in one of the articles. But still, couldn't they pay someone to scour all the available shops for a very similar one? Then they could beat it up until almost exactly the same. I really loved how that jacket looked on THE Dean! Badass!! :P

And I really hope Sammy picked that amulet out of the garbage and perhaps hid it somewhere in the Impala. :-*
# MisterGlass 2011-07-01 21:29
I'd love to see both returned, and you make a fun case for it.

And "studying diligently for catechism class at The Church of The Holey Trenchcoat"? LOL
# Alice 2011-07-02 12:41
I love sharing this when I get a chance. My good friend (*cough*) fluffy 2001 wrote this fic about Dean finding the amulet after Sam died. Warning, it might have evoke a tearful response.

# nancyL 2011-07-02 14:32
Pragmatic Dreamer, this is funny and enjoyable. :D

I remember that scene in 'Skin', Dean was pissed. Shifter!Dean hurt Sammy, drove the Impala, but the worst was stealing the Amulet. The SOB had to die.

I have always believed, and until I hear otherwise, that Sam picked the Amulet out of the garbage. He gave it a good cleaning, wrapped it up in tissue and put it in the bottom of his duffel bag. Soulless One left it there because he didn't care about it one way or the other. That is where it is now, until the right moment in season 7, when Sam gives it back to Dean. :D
Robin Vogel
# Robin Vogel 2011-07-03 20:39
I thoroughly enjoyed your article and completely agree with everything you said. I especially miss Dean's amulet and feel it must return to the show ASAP!

Love, Robin
# Sylvie 2011-07-04 08:44
Oh PDreamer, that was excellent, but as Cindy mentioned, what about that beautiful ring he used to wear? Was is maybe in the jacket when it got stolen? I would gladly offer up my own leather jacket to Dean. It's a beautiful brown bomber jacket, I've had it for 25 years, but seing as I'm a woman not even five feet tall, I kind of think it wouldn't fit him too good, but hey, he's more than welcome to it!
# Cathia 2011-07-05 03:39
Oh, I'm loving it :) really great :)
However, I understand Dean's bitterness which made him throw away the amulet - when I am really angry or unhappy, I'm doing things that I'm always regretting afterwards. And I would never do it when I am, let's call it, "normal". So Dean throwing out the amulet - absolutely great, lent credence to the character.
Pragmatic Dreamer
# Pragmatic Dreamer 2011-07-05 23:27
Hi everybody,

Will (short for Wilhemina)Begor cry wanted me to let you know that she's grateful for all the feedback to her draft letter, although a tad embarassed that this confidential note was found!

Negotiations are continuing on the jacket and amulet (as Mr. Kripke stated, the necklace is something of a diva!)

As for the silver ring, I understand it got quite beat up over the years and was cutting Dean's finger on a regular basis, and that's why it was retired. Perhaps we'll see more jewellery appear again in Season 7.
# digyd 2012-03-11 21:02
Ohhh! I was wondering about that ring, PD. I loved seeing it because I like men's hands (definitely recall playing with my father's hands and his rings when I was a kid). I loved how that ring drew attention to Jensen's hands. But I have a ring of similar thickness and I was wondering how he did all that active stuff he was doing without it getting in the way. Now I know.
# marilyn 2011-07-07 15:38
I really enjoyed your article. I agree with Cathia- Dean had to throw the amulet in the trash; his whole understanding of their relationship had been "thrown in the trash" as Dean was nowhere in Sam's heaven.

Does anyone else think of Dean as naked(in a bad way) with absolutely no jewelry but a watch? Kripke- a little bling, please.