You know, I normally don't do this until a season is over, but Nicole over at Salted & Burned started it!  

First, I highly recommend you check out her look back at season six so far, which gives her ranking of each season six of episode from worst to best along with her rationale.  It's a fun read while we're staring down the end of January still without a return from Hellatus. (I mean, no new episodes in January?  It just stings.)

Ramblings On...Season Six - The Road So Far...

So, since Nicole stuck her neck out, I'll just give my quick ranking, just 'cause I'm feeling cheeky on this Sunday evening:

11.  All Dog's Go To Heaven
10.  Exile on Main Street
9.  Family Matters
8.  Caged Heat
7.  Two and a Half Men
6.  The Third Man
5.  You Can't Handle The Truth
4.  Live Free and Twihard
3.  Clap Your Hand If You Believe
2.  Appointment In Samarra
1.  Weekend At Bobby's

Anyone else want to play?  Share your answers here and/or at Salted & Burned.  You don't even need to give your reason for the rankings, although if anyone played the "pulled it out of a hat" game, I'd like to know about that!  



Elena M
# Elena M 2011-01-30 20:00
Wouldn't miss it

11. You Can't Handle the Truth
10. 2.5 Men
9. All Dogs go to Heaven
8. Exile on Main St
7. The Third man
6. Caged Heat
5. Family Matters
4. Appointment in Samarra
3. Clap Your Hands
2. Weekend at Bobby's
1. Live Free or Twi-Hard
# Ginger 2011-01-30 20:39
11. Exile on Main Street
10. Clap Your Hands
9. 2.5 Men
8. The Third Man
7. All Dogs Go To Heaven
6. You Can't Handle the Truth
5. Appointment in Samarra
4. Family Matters
3. Caged Heat
2. Weekend at Bobby's
1. Live Free or Twi-Hard
# Caitlin 2011-01-30 20:52
This is tough; in trying to make this list I realized I had stronger feelings about some of these episodes than I had thought. Go figure.

11. All Dogs Go to Heaven
10. Two and a Half Men
9. The Third Man
8. Family Matters
7. Live Free Or Twi-Hard
6. Exile on Main Street
5. You Can't Handle the Truth
4. Clap Your Hands If You Believe
3. Weekend At Bobby's
2. Caged Heat
1. Appointment in Samarra
# Marisol 2011-01-30 22:55
I think the season has been really uneven, but I felt that way last season too, even stopped watching it for a few episodes in the middle, then it all came together in the end and all was forgiven. I am hoping that will be the case this season too. Really hoping, no, counting on it.

11. All Dogs Go To Heaven --
A waste of episode space.
10. Family Matters
9. Two and a Half Men
8. The Third Man
7. Live Free or Twi-Hard -
I think this had the greatest potential, but was badly paced. I remember it more for what failed about it than what was good -- and there were some really good scenes.
6. Caged Heat
5. You Can't Handle the Truth
4. Clap Your Hands
3. Weekend at Bobby's
2. Exile on Main Street -- it was awkward and strangely paced but I liked it because it mirrored how much of an outsider Dean felt in both worlds and how awkward/uneasy he felt about the way his brother returned.
1. Appointment in Samarra
Just really liked this episode. Dean's risk, Sam's desperation, Death and souls. It left me wanting more
# Melanie 2011-01-31 00:03
11. All Dog's Go To Heaven
10. Exile on Main Street
9. The Third Man
8. Two and a Half Men
7. Weekend At Bobby’s
6. You Can't Handle The Truth
5. Family Matters
4. Appointment In Samarra
3. Caged Heat
2. Live Free and Twihard
1. Clap Your Hand If You Believe
# Callie 2011-01-31 00:05
I actually have really loved this season & I realized it’s ridiculously hard for me to sort and rank these episodes because I have really enjoyed all of them in one way or another. But here it goes:

11. All Dogs Go To Heaven
10. The Third Man
9. Family Matters
8. Live Free or Twihard
7. You Can’t Handle the Truth
6. Weekend at Bobby’s
5. Two-and-a-Half Men
4. Caged Heat
3. Clap Your Hands If You Believe
2. Exile on Main Street
1. Appointment in Samarra

*Pretty much my numbers 4 through 9 change almost on a daily basis. So yeah but there it is for right now. :D
# elle2 2011-01-31 08:21
For me the first four episodes are the best of the season, especially if you ignore all the soullessness stuff which I disliked immensely (although Jared still rocked it completely!) For me the turning point of disappoinment came at Life Free or Twi-Hard so it remains at the bottom of the heap for me and all the goodness that results from AIS can't lift it above the second worst episode for the Sam and Bobby scenes (acted brilliantly) left me flat completely.

11. Live Free or Twi-Hard
10. You Can't Handle the Truth
9. Appointment in Samarra
8. Caged Heat
7. Clap Your Hands if you Believe
6. Family Matters
5. All Dogs Go To Heaven
4. The Third Man
3. Two & A Half Men
2. Exile On Main Street
1. Weekend at Bobby's
# Junkerin 2011-01-31 09:10
Number 1-3 was easy the rest could althoug be a other way. I liked them the same!
11. Exit on Main St
10. The third Men
9. Weekend at Bobby´s
8. All Dogs go to heaven
7. Live free or twi-hard
6. Two and a half men
5. Family Matters
4. You can´t handle the truth
3. Caged Heat (leads right into AIS)
2. Appointment in Samara (that left me bitting my nails)
1. Clap your Hands (because I love the funny epi)
# Gladiator 2011-01-31 09:41
11.Exile On Main Street
10.Two And A Half Men (Both make my list of worst episodes ever-I don't even remember what happened in these two)

9.Live Free or Twi-Hard (definite contender for most disappointing episode ever. Just did not live up to the hype other than the whole Sam watching Dean get turned moment I cant remember the rest of the episode)

8.You Cant Handle The Truth
7.The Third Man
6.All Dogs Go To Heaven (These 3 were neither here nor there)

The Top 5 change around quite a bit depending how I'm feeling.

5.Weekend At Bobby's
4.Caged Heat
3.Appointment In Samarra
2.Family Matters
1.Clap Your Hands If You Believe
# paintgirl770 2011-01-31 09:56
Hmmm, everyone's list is different! Love it.

11. The Third Man (because I can't remember what that was about)
10. All Dogs go to Heaven
9. Clap Your Hands (just, no)
8. You Can't Handle the Truth (so depressing)
7. Family Matters
6. Caged Heat
5. 2.5 Men
4. Live Free or Twihard
3. Weekend at Bobby's
2. Exile on Main Street
1. Appointment in Samarra
# faye 2011-01-31 10:46
11. All Dogs
10. Caged Heat
9. 2.5 Men
8. 3rd Man
7. Family Matters
6. Exile on Main Street
5. Clap Your Hands
4. You Can't Handle the Truth
3. Weekend @ Bobby's
2. Appt in Samarra
1. TwiHard

Boy, we really are all over the place! My top five are my top five, really too close to call. The only one I really disliked, although it had some cool stuff in it, was All Dogs go to Heaven. And I couldn't tell you why, I guess it's a "gut" reaction, like some people's dislike of TwiHard
# Phil11 2011-01-31 13:47
11. All Dogs Go to Heaven
10. Two and a Half Men
9. Exile on Main St
8. The Third man
7. Family Matters
6. Live Free or Twi-Hard
5. You Can't Handle the Truth
4. Caged Heat
3. Clap Your Hands If You Believe
2. Appointment in Samarra
1. Weekend at Bobby's
Julia G.
# Julia G. 2011-01-31 14:09
11. Twihard
10. Exile on Main St.
9. All Dogs go to Heaven
8. 2.5 Men
7. Weekend at Bobby's
6. Appointment at Samarra
5. The Third Man
4. Caged Heat
3. You Can't Handle the Truth
2. Family Matters
1. Clap your Hands
# Bevie 2011-01-31 15:19
I really can't rate the shows, as I love nearly all Supernatural episodes (except Criss Angel is a Douchebag, for some strange reason even I don't understand) and I (hiding behind my chair) even liked All Dogs Go to Heaven which nearly everyone hates. Loved sniper Dean and Lucky the dog.

I can say I loved Weekend at Bobbys, Exile on Main Street (love Lisa and Ben), Two and a Half Men (fun in the grocery store and the baby stuff), Clap Your Hands (faeries were fun and "FIGHT THOSE FAERIES!" was a hoot.)
Live Free or Twi-Hard (hated what Sam did but loved badass vampire Dean with his foot on the vamp's decapitated head). And You Can't Handle the Truth reaffirmed my opinion that Sam was not our Sammy, so his attitude didn't bother me as much as before.

A season that I believe will be looked at differently when all is said and done. As long as the real Sam and Dean return with their previous bond intact I can take almost any variation in plot. It is the brothers that I care passionately about so all the arcs and plotlines are just window dressing for me beside the family relationship.

Just need the old fussing, feuding, teasing and annoying each other brothers back and knowing the love is there again between the both of them. That to me is the heart and soul of this show and the reason I love it above and beyond all other shows that ever are or were.
Tim the Enchanter
# Tim the Enchanter 2011-01-31 16:27
I really can't rate the episode either. Quite often they change depending on the mood I am in. Even episodes I found hard to watch (Twihard) were still damn good episodes. I think (think!) these are my top three at the moment.

3. Exile on Main Street - Back from the dead, start of a new season and forearms galore.

2. Clap your Hands - Pure unadulterated, light relief after the weight of the episode before it, 'Nipples?', 'I had a close encounter Sammy, and I won' 'You should take a shower' 'I SHOULD take a shower', and the boys with some bruises, finally! (Seriously, they get their asses handed to them day in and day out and nary a bruise between them. They must use loads of Arnica cream!)

1. Caged Heat- Just love this one. I'm sure there's loads wrong with this episode in terms of pacing yadda yadda but I'm not that sophisticated. I just like it is all. Sam and Dean aren't at complete odds. Castiel being an angel. Uber efficient Sammy. Dean sassing off every demon he sees. Crowley go bye-bye. Most importantly, I can see the top of the mountain with this episode and the view is going to be fecking glorious!

Honourable mentions: Appointment in Samaria (because the soul is back) Weekend at Bobby's (for SPN's very own Shrek and Donkey ie Bobby and Rufus)

All of them really. I'm not fussy!

Here's hoping my top three will change come Friday night!
# magichappening 2011-01-31 17:56
Really good idea for (hopefully) final week before new episodes - made me rewatch a few. Difficult task though - my list is everchanging. Latest iteration is the following:

11. The Third Man – uninteresting overall despite deliciously shirtless Winchesters
10. All Dogs Go To Heaven – average (although Sniper Dean? *thud*)
9. Caged Heat – standard good episode
8. Family Matters – standard good episode with excellent villain
7. You Can't Handle the Truth - standard good episode with excellent last scene
6. Two and a Half Men – good episode despite some OOC moments
5. Weekend at Bobby's – welcome humour, but more Winchesters needed
4. Clap your hands if you believe – great as standalone, odd placing in myth arc
3. Exile on Main Street – fascinating reveals and mirroring of pilot
2. Appointment in Samarra – Death rocks and Sam’s soul is back (hooray!)
1. Live Free and Twi-hard – heart-stopping Sam betrayal and BAMF Vamp Dean
# Karen 2011-02-01 09:20
OK I found this very difficult but here goes. Of course this line up could change by tomorrow. ;-)

11. Family Matters
10. All Dogs Go to Heaven
09. Caged Heat
08. Live Free or Twi-hard
07. The Third Man
06. Two and a Half Men
05. Clap your Hands
04. Exile on Main Street
03. You Can’t Handle the Truth
02. Appointment in Samarra
01. Weekend at Bobby’s