Season six.  Sorry, but this was way harder.  Probably because season six has given me so many head scratchers that I didn't catch a lot of those little fun moments until the second and third viewings.  Still, they're there.  You don't even have to squint!

(For part one, aka season five in 2010, click here.)

Season Six

Exile on Main Street

This lackluster opener only had one funny moment that I can recall.  Sam and the Campbells are getting ready for the Djinn showdown at Lisa’s house.  Sam makes a shocking discovery under the stairs.  

Sam:  Really?
Dean:  It’s a sport.  

Yep, Dean has taken up golf.  Hee, I’m with you Dean.  I love this for three reasons. First, there’s an inside joke since Jensen is an avid golfer and Jared is...not.  Second, I'm an avid golfer myself and my husband is...not.  Third, it's that very titanium shafted driver that saved Sammy's ass from the Djinn attack.  Who's laughing now?    
Two and a Half Men

There can only be one moment here.  This is an instant classic, up there with Sam and Dean in a laundromat and Sam and Dean stuck in TV Land hell.  Sam and Dean in a grocery store.  With a baby.  Buying diapers and butt paste.  

It’s cliche, it’s overdone in most circles, but it’s strangely hilarious in this case.  Probably because, it’s FREAKING SAM AND DEAN WINCHESTER WITH A BABY IN A SUPERMARKET BUYING DIAPERS AND BUTT PASTE.  It’s funny watching any man try to handle the onset of infant waterworks let alone these two tough yet clueless guys.  They can slay demons with the most chilling methods yet they can’t handle a crying baby. A shapeshifter even shows up to prove that point!  

Way to amuse the fan girls show!

The Third Man

Remember, this is "little moments" that make me smile.  Morning workout with shirtless Sam is a I'M FREAKING DEAD ON THE FLOOR scene that goes on for a couple minutes just to work me over.  It's estrogen overload and I'm certain I stopping breathing.      

So what's my pick?  Well, what happens when your brother's ugly modern muscle car is destroyed by tussling angels that crush it from a fourth story window plunge?  You show some sympathy right?  Hee, this is Dean we're talking about. 

"Okay, silver lining."

Weekend at Bobby’s

There’s two in this one probably because it's the only episode of season six (so far) that feels like a regular "Supernatural" episode.  First, there’s unlucky at love Bobby. How do you end the crush of a neighbor lady that wants to get to know you a lot better?  Monster puree in her wood chipper of course, especially when she’s standing next to the chipper chute.  Got to admit, what did Bobby expect when accepting a dinner invitation after she's dripping in okami guts?  I guess the story of his life has always involved bad timing.  

Second, there may not have been much Sam and Dean in this, but they finally left the friggin country!  My dream scenario come true! The Winchesters not only get to go International, but they get to travel crammed into a small European subcompact in the Scottish countryside. How adorable!  There’s a castle to prove it.  Not to mention the fact that Dean still has deep issues with flying and Sam still has no trouble taunting him about it.  

Live Free and Twihard

Yes, I even found a light moment in this really heavy one.  Dean has certainly let his parenting instinct sink in after his year with Lisa and Ben.  He stops the Bieber clone with the false vampire teeth in the alley, who's using vampire lore and glitter to get laid.  Dean's not only impressed that this works but actually takes time to give this kid a safe sex lesson.  "Use a condom!" he shouts after letting the kid off the hook.

There’s just something I find humorously endearing about his concern.  It’s like he’s a cranky older man now. He even dates himself by telling the kid to "mmm bop" his way out of there.  

You Can’t Handle The Truth

People can’t hide the truth from Dean.  Especially the flirty lady in the bar.  The one that got a boob job because she likes attention.  Yes, even when people are under an awkward truth spell, Dean still takes time to step back from what he’s doing and check it out.  He likes.  You see, there's traces of old Dean there. 

Family Matters

Castiel and Samuel finally get to meet!  Needless to say, both are unimpressed.

Samuel: This Castiel? (to Castiel) You're scrawnier than I pictured.
Castiel: This is a vessel. My true form is approximately the size of your Chrysler Building.

It isn’t just the words.  The looks here say it all too.  I was waiting for the rulers to come out.  

All Dogs Go To Heaven

Sniper Dean.  Need I say anything else? 

Yes, my smile is really more of a goofy grin before I do a face plant on the floor, but it counts!
Clap Your Hands If You Believe

Okay, I'm cheating here.  I did more than smile.  I absolutely died laughing.  I love this scene too much though. 

Most of this episode is a pure lighthearted winner for there is tons of humor to be found in alien abductions and wacky fairy ladies, but the part that I will always fondly remember is Dean in the motel room alone after he was abducted by aliens and won.  They’ve come back for him!  Except it’s not an alien, it’s a glowing ball of Tinkerbell.  This montage couldn’t be more perfect.  It even has the perfect music with David Bowie's "Space Oddity."  After Dean takes a few knocks with a high pitched "hi-ya!" he learns if you can't beat 'em, microwave 'em.  It's even one of those old fashioned microwaves with the well timed "ping".  

It doesn't end though with a brutal fairy microwaving.  There's the conversation afterward.  Between Dean's pouty "And she hit me" and Sam's "I'm not supposed to laugh, right?" and "You're the one that pizza rolled Tinkerbell," I can't contain myself. Just the mere thought brings a huge smile to my face.



Caged Heat

Time to use the angel again for comic relief and it so works...again.  So what happens when our warrior angel gets to learn the finer points of porn?  Like not watching it and talking about it when dudes are around?  Why, confuse porn with real life! Hey, Dean does it all the time. 

Castiel gets the golden opportunity to show the seductive Meg how kissing is done.  That’s some intense angel/demon action that fits just about any porn scenario.  If that isn’t outrageous enough, Sam and Dean’s speechless and puzzled looks in the background fit the bill just fine.  But wait for the Castiel explanation when it's all over.  "I learned that from the pizza man."  Cass needs to watch porn more often.  

Appointment In Samarra

“That’s it?  A Kansas song?”  Yeah, I’d be a little outraged too if my life boiled down to the lyrics of "Dust in The Wind."  Nah, I’d be chuckling over the irony.   Like right now.  

I love how Dean didn't think that was a half bad answer.  

Okay, here's to hoping that 2011 brings us plenty more gems to cherish.  For now though, 2010 did it's job just fine.