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Since the next article is hitting some bumpy spots coming together I thought I'd roll this one out as it came to me this evening.
I'm taking a break from my next article in the mini series that's delving into Sam and Dean and issues with their dad - timely I hope with the upcoming Jump the Shark. My focus on those articles is fairly narrow, although some things that Vana Naine brought up I'm trying to figure in, either in this next article or another one. I'm trying to tighten up my writing, thus the narrow focus of these articles, to help me collect my thoughts and keep the thread of continuity; I may ditch that though and just 'let it flow'.
'Our boys' have been punched, shot, sliced, smashed, crushed [hee, hee, love that piano drop] electrocuted, torn apart, mauled and more thus far; I thought it worth a look at the third and next favorite cast member/part of the family's injuries -- she's been there longer, Bobby and Castiel, so you'll have to accept your place.
Ten times the 'girl' was abused, hurt or somehow treated less than she should - and one honorable mention only because it was the first - these are in order of occurrence.
Honorable mention: Going by the "rule of first mention" this from Skin gets included:
Dean: "The thought of him driving my car."
Sam: "Ah, come on."
Dean: "It's killing me."
Sam: "Let it go." 
 SPN 0879
Over the years, Dean, we too have learned that this is just wrong; you and Sam are fine, even Bobby is okay but anyone else, wrong, wrong, wrong.
Hell House
Dean: "That's all you got, weak that is bush league."
Salsa music, really? Yeah, Sam, that is kinda bush league, now the crazy glue; that was awesome!
Devil's Trap/In My Time of Dying
Now there's gonna be war.

Simon Says:  
"He full on Obi Wan'd me."
Andy, messing with a man's mind is one thing; his car. 
Andy: "Hey, this is a cherry ride - hey, can I have it?"
Dean: "Sure, man, hop right in there; there you go."

Tall Tales
I truly believe Dean enjoyed staking the Trickster; after all, the rims could have been bent.
Dean: "Think this is funny!?"
Sam: Depends, what?"
Dean: "The car."
Sam: "What about the car?"
Dean: "You can't let the air out of the tires, you idiot; you're going to bend the rims."
Yeah, and it's a lot harder to drive and get good gas mileage, just ask Obama.
Red Sky at Morning:
Bela, if your fate wasn't sealed by the hell hounds...
Bela:   "˜67 Impala, was that yours; I'm sorry, I had that car towed.  Well, it was in a tow away zone, it was when I was finished with it."
vlcsnap 00019 
No Rest For the Wicked
"Do I look like a ditchable prom date to you?"
No, Bobby, you don't; good thing you're Bobby, I mean, you do know what's happened to everyone else so far who's messed with the Impala - yep folks, that's right, everyone who has messed with the Impala thus far has died - at least once.
Lazarus Rising
"You were supposed to take care of her, not douche her up."

Uh, Sam, see my note above - messing with the Impala leads to death, you've been there, why tempt fate twice?
It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester
This one may get a pass, after all, it's a kid and Dean was kinda mean. (note from Alice - No way!  That kid must pay.)
vlcsnap 00056
Family Remains
"What kind of a ghost messes with a man's wheels!"
Not a ghost but a Benders/Deliverance reject perhaps; not a ghost; for those counting, death here.
vlcsnap 00080

Monster At The End of This Book
Sam [reading] "Dean slid behind the wheel of his beloved Impala and drove off with the plastic tarp on the rear window flapping like the wings of a crow, and you drive it like that."
vlcsnap 00118 
vlcsnap 00119
The jury is still out on whether those two vandals survived - Grover may still take them out on behalf of 'our girl'.
There we have it: the woes and misadventures of Dean's best girl so far. She's had it tough but she's had some better days too. We'll be looking back on some of those times over the next weeks/months.
Huge thank you and appreciation goes to Alice for inserting all the clips and pictures in here. Alice, I can only guess how much time that takes to do; it adds so much to the final presentation, thank you.


# alysha 2009-04-17 09:24
I do love that the Impala is a character too! She's been through as much as the boys, including "dying" and being brought back to life.

I think her first injury, however, happened in the Pilot when Sam drove her through the house to put the woman in white ghost to rest.
# elle2 2009-04-17 11:04
Hi, Alysha,

I agree, 'the girl' has been through a lot, she's had some great moments too which I'll explore along with Alice's great clips [hope, hope, hope] so we can enjoy her finer moments.

# ErikaAoi 2009-05-18 19:35
Thanks for this you guys!! Some great clips and comments! I especially love Dean's panic attack (and Sam's reaction to it) when he realizes she's gone after Bella has her towed! The Impala has given us some great moments and she deserves the recognition!
# elle2 2009-05-19 08:56
Hi, ErikaAoi,

I'm glad you enjoyed this little 'time' with the Impala. She has given us some great moments and I love that the writers use her as a character in the show (and the directors shoot her from all her best angles, which is to say all of them)

It is fun to take segments of the show and simply wander through the memories.

Thanks for checking it out and giving us a shout.

michelle mckee
# michelle mckee 2010-08-12 19:42
LOVE, LOVE THAT CAR. The Metallicar. She's awesome. She's also the only "girl" still on the show. Sam, Dean, Bobby, Castiel and The Impala Rulez.
# elle2 2010-08-12 21:43
Hi, Michelle McKee,

The Metallicar is the only constant and successful 'girl' on the show. You're right, she rulez!!!

Thanks for the comments.