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Junk man, lawman, soldier, pie! Happy Birthday, Jim Beaver! Your SPNFamily celebrates your life today!

From J.R. Ewing’s Dallas to Deadwood,

JimB Deadwood
Jim as Whitney Ellsworth in Deadwood 

from Silkwood to Supernatural,

vlcsnap 00008.5
Jim first appeared in Supernatural as Bobby Singer in 1.22 "Devil's Trap"

and from The Young And The Restless to The Boys,

JimB The Boys wiki
The Boys snapshot courtesy of

Jim Beaver has demonstrated an impressive range as an actor in a career spanning more than forty years! He’s also been a writer, producer and director plus an author of a bestselling memoir.

JimB LifesThatWay

I’m always impressed when someone is brave enough to keep trying new things. Jim’s made a career of going in different directions!

Supernatural fans know that John Winchester was a Marine in Vietnam, but did you know that Jim Beaver was actually in Vietnam, with the First Marine Division?

JimB marine from his FB page
Jim as a Marine (from his Facebook page)

When Jim came home, he went to college (theater degree), acted on stage—including dinner theater—and wrote plays. Before long, Jim put writing aside to focus on acting, working with stars including Bruce Willis, Edward Asner, and Mark Harmon.

JimB headshot
An early headshot of Jim (from his Facebook page)! 

His roles have varied greatly, from being a detective, mechanic, veteran, lawyer, priest, sheriff, cop, prospector and salvage yard owner all the way to being the Secretary of Defense and a Starfleet admiral!

JimBTrekMemory Alpha
Jim in Starfleet (courtesy of

He continues to act in both the theater and on television.

JimB MWCTD from his FB
Jim as Sheridan Whiteside, December 2019-January 2020 (from Jim's Facebook page)

In a risk-averse industry where people are often pressured to ‘pick a lane’ and stick with one focus, Jim’s been willing to risk learning new skills in front of and behind the camera, reinventing himself as an actor with varied roles, following his interests, and not playing it safe.

San Diego Comic Con 2012 (by Alice Jester)

Here are a few more things I bet you didn’t know about Jim:

  • He played a gunfighter at an Old West theme park, and performed Shakespeare on stage
  • He really does speak some Japanese (and German)
  • He’s a Leo
  • His dad was a minister
  • He was born in Laramie, Wyoming and grew up in Irving, Texas
  • His book ‘Life’s That Way’ is a no-punches-pulled look at his grief over the death of his wife, Cecily.
  • He originally wanted to be a baseball player
  • He’s also written a biography of actor John Garfield, whose refusal to testify in the McCarthy Trials of the 1950s resulted in being blackballed
  • He has one daughter
  • Jim's on-going, long-term project is researching and writing a biography of TV Superman, George Reeves.

supernatural signing meh 1052 rl Cropped Jim Beaver
San Diego Comic Con 2012

So happy birthday, Jim! Here’s a toast to many more years filled with creativity and curiosity. Much as we appreciate your diverse roles, you’ll always have a place as Bobby Singer in our hearts, because we know (as you said in your iconic line), “Family don’t end with blood.”

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Share your favorite memories of Jim and birthday wishes for him below!