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On April 26, 2021 Jim Beaver shared the sad news that the SPNFamily had lost Charles Beeson, a talented director and long time friend to many of Supernatural's producers, cast and crew. Charles directed 14 episodes of Supernatural, spanning from season 2 all the way to the end of the series. His Supernatural portfolio includes some of Supernatural's most memorable episodes, including the beloved classics, "Changing Channels" and "The French Mistake". Beyond these unique experiments of storytelling, though, Charles' direction of more conventional episodes created scenes that are indelibly etched into fans' psyches. Charles' unique shots used lighting and angles to accentuate mood, showcase character traits and envelop the audience. His skillful eye combined background atmosphere with foreground subjects to visually tell the story that was unfolding in words and actions. We may not have seen him behind the camera, but we will forever carry with us memories of his iconic images. 

We celebrate Charles Beeson's legacy by sharing with you this gallery of his Supernatural artistry. Begin with Part 1, which presents Charles' first 8 episodes in seasons 2, 3 and 4, then continue with this homage to his work in seasons 5, 6 and 15. 


5.06 "I Believe the Children Are Our Future" 

Presenting what would become one of Supernatural's unsolved mysteries, "I Believe the Children Are Our Future" introduced Jesse, the half demon, half human, all-powerful child. Perhaps because the episode was a character study of a young boy, the vast majority of frames match his innocence with uncluttered close-ups or headshots. Virtually all of Jesse's shots were off-center, as if he didn't quite fit into reality as we know it.


Once the circumstances of Jesse's conception and birth were revealed, the episode turned from bright, daytime shots to dark, dim lighting. Occasionally, Jesse was separated from the room by a singular lamp.

5.06 0909 Jesse 

Two other shots are particularly memorable from the episode: Jesse's first glimpse of Sam and Dean...

5.06 0596 FBI

and the simplicity with which Castiel was disarmed!

SPN 0901 

5.08 "Changing Channels" 

Would it be every director's dream or nightmare to be handed a script as bizarre and creative as Jeremy Carver's "Changing Channels"? One of the most well-known and loved episodes of Supernatural, much has been written about this hilarious journey into TV land. It would be impossible to do justice to the non-stop humor of Sam and Dean's predicaments with just a few pictures, so instead let's view the adventure through the lens of fascinating frames that added so much to the episode.

Dean's world was turned upside down when he found himself in an operating theater with Sam as the surgeon!

vlcsnap 00180

Once transported, the stars of the show were highlighted by their background auras.

          vlcsnap 00271      vlcsnap 00218

Even the first time you saw this colorful, silent and oh so scary lever, you knew what would happen next. The menacing apprehension exemplified in the following two frames was infused into several shots, heightening viewer's empathy for Sam and Dean.  
vlcsnap 00253

Besides its "wait for it" invitation, this scene also signaled that shoes would be key to solving one of the magical puzzles. 

vlcsnap 00178

The viewer was reminded of this construct throughout the episode.  

          vlcsnap 00132        vlcsnap 00416

Unmatched writing, priceless acting, unforgettable sets, careful lighting and just a bit of stunt work all came together under Charles direction.

vlcsnap 00323

Slow motion drew out the satire of their situation.


Not to be forgotten, Baby got her moments as the center of attention in a sequence that lingered on her long approach and departure. 

vlcsnap 00392       

vlcsnap 00398

vlcsnap 00404

In stark contrast to the loud colors, laughter and high energy the boys navigated earlier in their tour of the situation comedies, realty for them was hard, dark and dreary. A wet ground gave Charles the reflective surface he needed to echo the bleakness and isolation.  

vlcsnap 00431

It turns out their upside down reality made no more sense that the topsy-turvy world they escaped.

vlcsnap 00455 (shot of their mirrored reflection) 

From opening credits to the closing scene, "Changing Channels" was a masterpiece.

5.17 "99 Problems"

"99 Problems" returned to the more common motif of Charles' episodes: a surprising twist on the pivotal woman of the story. 

5.17 0455

 Largely a character study, close-ups and head shots dominated the episode... 

5.17 0734 Michael Shanks

while the concept of being trapped was layered onto their situation.

5.17 0658 Cas

5.17 0703

Per Charles' style, lighting, angles and reflections were also used to enhance drama or convey mood. 

5.17 0017(note Dean's reflection in Baby's rear view mirror)

5.17 0032

5.17 0707 lighting

6.15 "The French Mistake"

When the Supernatural producers created an altered reality script, was their first thought, "We have to give this to Beeson!"?  So many of his episodes twisted characters or their realities. Perhaps they liked the way Charles made the boys jump through windows!

TFM175(Remember Charles' episode "I Know What You Did Last Summer?)


Whatever the reason, Ben Edlund's masterpiece was in good hands. A nod to Kim Manners, another legendary director who shaped so much of Supernatural.  


Nothing was off limits to this satire, so Charles' filming accentuated the "filming in Canada" jokes written into the script.  

          TFM061          TFM152

This long perspective shot leads to a green screen, the tool used to alter reality in filmmaking. 


Perhaps one of Charles' talents was seeing into the future?




The image composition is simple, but this overhead shot is one that fans will never forget as Charles immortalized Eric Kripke. The old friends would work on two more series together, Revolution and Timeless


After "The French Mistake", seven years would pass before Charles reunited with his Supernatural family. In the intervening years, he worked on Kripke's new shows, plus other classics like Person of Interest and Fringe. We were then lucky enough to have him return for Supernatural's swan song. 

15.03 "The Rupture"

Entrusted to bring yet another Supernatural character's story to a close, Charles presented the deaths (or so we thought) of Rowena and Ketch in "The Rupture". With so much happening to so many characters, the majority of frames were once again single head shots. The composition of backgrounds and lighting occasionally showcased the trapped group...

SN1503a 0088b 1024x683 14

SPN1503 HLCaps 0292

and individuals.  

15.03 1179 Sam


15.03 0376 rowena

15.03 0823 Cas profile

15.03 1131 Lighting Jack

SPN 1336

15.03 1679

15.03 1753 last shot of Dean

15.11 "The Gamblers"

Unique and varying perspectives pulled the viewer into "The Gamblers" story.  The opening shots conveyed the precision with which pool balls are racked, thus hinting that pool and a pool player's perspective would be key to the story.

15.11 0001 Billiard Balls(It looks like set lighting can be seen in the reflection of the pool balls, making them even more interesting.)

Extreme close-ups...

15.11 0859 Hand closeup

long shots...

15.11 1337 Sam pool

and unique perspectives that can't easily be seen by spectators all portrayed the importance of the balls and the players' skill in the game. 

          15.11 1589 Pool Pocket          15.11 1600 pool pocket

Dean used Baby as a bellwether of his luck in the episode. Consequently, multiple shots of her emphasize that she was just as invested as the brothers in them resolving their bad luck streak. From their arrival at the pool hall...

15.11 0409 Angled Up Baby

to their exit, viewers saw Baby's perspective as she waited to learn if everything was back to normal. 

15.11 1651 Babys View

In the parallel plot, lighting conveyed Castiel's quest to "shed light" on Jack's plight, from Cas' entry into the bunker....

15.11 0127 Bunker Balcony

to his inability to convincingly pass as FBI....

15.11 0997 upside down FBI

to his heavenly mission to combat Supernatural forces to save Jack and ultimately the world. 

15.11 1281 sword


SPN1511 HLC 0375(One of many images of stained glass windows that were used by Charles in his episodes.)

Thank you Charles for the artistry you added to Supernatural. Your images will stay with us as a living testament to your time on this Earth. May your path to Heaven be lit as brilliantly as your productions. Rest in Peace. 

Charles Beeson fr FRINGE wiki

- Nightsky 

Please share below your thoughts and examples of your favorite shots from Charles' episodes. 

Episode listing courtesy of Supernatural Wiki