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On April 26, 2021, Jim Beaver shared the sad news that the SPNFamily had lost Charles Beeson, a talented director and long time friend to many of Supernatural's producers, cast and crew. Charles directed 14 episodes of Supernatural, beginning with season 2's "Playthings" and spanning all the way to season 15's "The Rupture" and "The Gambler".  In the latter half of his tenure with the the show, Charles created the beloved classics, "Changing Channels" and "The French Mistake". 

While Charles' Supernatural portfolio includes some of the series' most impactful episodes, he will also be remembered for individual scenes that are indelibly etched into fans' psyches. Charles' directing style gifted Supernatural with unique shots that used lighting and angles to accentuate mood, showcase character traits and envelop the audience. His skillful eye combined background atmosphere with foreground subjects to visually tell the story that was unfolding in words and actions. We may not have seen him behind the camera, but we will forever carry with us memories of his iconic images. We celebrate his legacy by sharing with you this gallery of his Supernatural artistry.   


2.11 "Playthings" 

In a rewatch review of "Playthings" published this week (written before Charles' passing), Alice Jester wrote, "this story was sold by visuals and tone, as if director Charles Beeson was a quick Kim Manners study.... Overall grade, an A+ for direction and cinematography." 


Perspective images, perfectly placed lighting, and angled shots that framed subjects made this ghost story, and Sam's response to the emotions it elicited in him, all too real.  


2.16 "Roadkill" 


Like "Playthings", "Roadkill" was a suspenseful ghost story with a shocking twist on reality as the story's climactic reveal. Eerie lighting... 






and spooky background compositions...

created the unsettled feelings that helped tell the disturbing tale. 

3.04 "Sin City"

"Sin City" was the third of Charles' episodes to showcase an unexpected, unconventional attachment to a female antagonist. In all three stories, both Sam and Dean's worlds were turned upside down...


MirroredCeiling(symbolic use of mirrors) 

by seductive women who were more complex than originally assumed.


Lighting again set the mood... 

and framed subjects. 


3.15 "Time is on My Side"

Continuing Charles' penchant for accentuating Supernatural's horror, "Time is on My Side" became one of Supernatural's creepier episodes... 

vlcsnap 00056

exploring the depths to which Sam would go...

vlcsnap 00036

and Dean would allow, in their desperate search to save Dean's soul.


Like all of Charles' previous episodes, though, this story also revealed depth and a surprising twist to one of Supernatural's longtime female adversaries... 

vlcsnap 00074

ending Bella's story in a suspenseful climax that afforded her sympathy from the audience at the last possible moment. 

vlcsnap 00084(Note the lighting and shadows in these frames)

4.07 "It's the "Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester"

For all the creative shots that depict its humor...





vlcsnap 00093

zombies, ghosts, ghouls and goblins...

vlcsnap 00025

the unforgettable scene that defines "Great Pumpkin" is the intense showdown that revealed how powerful Sam had become.

vlcsnap 00101

vlcsnap 00102

Overshadowed by that spectacular climax were many beautiful scenes that completed the episode.

vlcsnap 00047

vlcsnap 00071

vlcsnap 00091

4.09 "I Know What You Did Last Summer"

One of the most iconic episodes of Supernatural, "I Know What You Did Last Summer" catapulted the myth arc forward and immeasurably deepened Sam's story. The tension was gripping and the passion red hot. The pivotal character of Anna was introduced...

vlcsnap 00056(Note the coloring, centering and lighting)

Sam and Dean spectacularly lost a battle with Azazel...

vlcsnap 00077

and Dean learned of Sam's first, demon-hot love encounter with Genevieve Cortese Padalecki's Ruby.  The episode's numerous, powerful scenes all paled in comparison to the scene sequence most fans think of first: Sam relocating Dean's shoulder, Sam stitching up his own arm wound with dental floss...

vlcsnap 00081

and the defining moment of the episode - and Sam's storyline: Sam giving into Ruby.

vlcsnap 00121

vlcsnap 00122   

   vlcsnap 00123

vlcsnap 00126

Sera Gamble wrote it, the soon-to-be Padalecki couple enacted it, and Charles intimately, tastefully made us all feel every tantalizing moment of Sam's surrender.  

4.14 "Sex and Violence" 

Speaking of Sam's libido...

SV 130

"Sex and Violence" was Beeson's next production with Supernatural. Moments of beauty were rare in this story...

SV 109

as it was primarily a horror scenario...

SV 154 


SV 192
(mirrors reflect the true nature of the monster) 

that ended with Sam and Dean at each other's throats. 

SV 162(note the use of lighting and shadows)

4.20 "The Rapture"

One of Supernatural's first stories about Castiel, Charles worked with the script and actors to bring to life the confusion...

vlcsnap 00073


vlcsnap 00074


vlcsnap 00115


vlcsnap 00097

and isolation...  

vlcsnap 00093

of Jimmy Novak's decision to be possessed by an angel.

Complete your appreciation of Charles' artistry with Part 2 of WFB's Tribute to Charles Beeson's work. In it we cover Supernatural seasons 5 to 15, including the classics "Changing Channels" and "The French Mistake".

Please share below your insights on Charles Beeson's contribution to Supernatural

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