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Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins

Jared, Jensen and Misha do not appear on stage together during North America conventions (all run by Creation Entertainment) so "breathtaking" photos of the trio are rare. Of course, there are a few professional cover shoot images that are truly special, starting with Entertainment Weekly Supernatural Tribute Cover Shoot. Photos by Peggy Sirota (@PeggySirotaInc).

EW Final photo shoot J2M

The raw, spontaneous emotion in these last two photos make them personal favorites.

EW Final photo shoot champagne J2M

EW Final photo shoot Misha Jensen

Spontaneity is the hallmark of these three friends and co-stars. Elizabeth Madsen froze in time some of their more recent antics at conventions, first in a panel for 6000 fans at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 ... 

SDCC 2019 0411 sm


and in Rome, at the always jubilant Jus in Bello, 2019.

J2M 20190519 JIB 4522 sm

J2M 20190519 JIB 4660 sm


As I end this portfolio of three truly amazing individuals, let me leave you with one last image to carry with you. I hope it makes you smile. 

JM MG 4356 JIB2019 wm Liz

I hope you've enjoyed these "Breathtaking" photos of Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins and the three timeless characters they portray on Supernatural. If you missed any of the articles in the series, you can find the links to the entire "Breathtaking" series at beginning of this article or on Nightsky's Writer's Page. As always, you are welcome to share below in the comments any breathtaking photos I may have missed. Thank you for your support of this series! 

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J2 Feels LK VanCon 2017






@Ultio_Cruenta (Nexus-V Photography)