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"Family Doesn’t End in the Kitchen“

FallenAng3L39 still needs Supernatural inspired recipes, so keep them coming!

She needs recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Desserts, Smoothies, and Beverages (with alcohol or not).
It´s your chance to be a part of making her dream come true to publish a book.

If you have ideas, send her an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Supernatural Google Doodle

You may remember that Sammyscougar wanted to get a Supernatural "GoogleDoodle“ to celebrate the 300th Episode. (Fan Projects 300th Episode Special)

Unfortunately, it didn't happen, but she´s trying again.
Let´s try to get that Google Doodle for the Final Episode of Supernatural in 2020!

01 google doodle

If you like the idea, write an email to the "doodle team” from Google (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.m) and explain why you would like to have a Supernatural Google Doodle for the Final Episode of the Show. You can also include ideas for the doodle itself.

Deadline: the day prior the final episode of Supernatural

Scrapbooks for Jared and Jensen

Chloe Platt is making two scrapbooks and you can be a part of them. Just contact her on Twitter
or send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"I am making two scrapbooks for Jared and Jensen, to show them how much we appreciate them. All you need to do is send me a message and or photo. If you’re at the Creation Convention in NJ (27th to 29 th September) or Toronto (11-13 th October), you’re welcome to come up to me and sign them.“

The deadline is the first day of the Convention in Toronto: 11th October, 2019


Project 15.1 - "15 Seasons and 1 Family“

What does that mean? la_nyan explains.

"I [am trying] to make the biggest international fan project ever in the fandom, in order to show our gratefulness to the whole SPN crew and cast.

Hence the name: 15 seasons and 1 family.


"I'd like to find other people to join me and give it a try. I am not trying to do something on my own, but instead I would like to gather as many people/fanbases/fanclubs as possible, from many countries. For now, I imagine this as a book gathering messages from everyone. There could be a specific form for the message: maybe a 15 words long message, in order to represent the 15 seasons. That would make it easier to gather many messages.

Another part of the project could be to encourage the participants to donate to a charity that would have been chosen beforehand. That would be a nice echo to the work of the SPN crew and cast.

Ideally, the book(s) would be given to any member of the crew/cast, or sent to them.

Many aspects of the project need to be specified, which is why I would love to receive some help and suggestions on how to do this.

Again, my goal is to gather as many members of the SPNFamily as possible! Thank you“

Deadline : June 2020

If you have Ideas and want to help her, please contact her!

Supernatural Emoji on Twitter

A few words about the petition from Erin Spence

"These people, this crew and their families have been a part of our lives for nearly 15 years. It’s time we got the CW to show them how we feel. I’ve started this petition in the hope that the CW will honour their people with something as simple as an emoji.“

If you agree, here is the link to the petition.

emojis 2762567 640

Save Wayward Sisters

Georgia has brought this petition to life.

"As you may know, unfortunately the highly anticipated Supernatural spin-off "Wayward Sisters" wasn't picked up by The CW channel. This show wasn't just a TV show to many people, it was inspiration. Six strong female characters of different ages, backgrounds and ethnicities - who would want that? These women are role models to so many people.

This petition has been created to try and get networks to pick this show up, so please, if you want to see this show on our screens, sign this petition. Thank you“

If you agree here is the link to the petition.


Thanks to all of our wonderful, creative fans for their contribution to the Supernatural fandom! 

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