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Kind of a retrospective, kind of a character talk, let's take an in-depth look at three years of how Rowena has been used and portrayed on Supernatural!
One of these days I'm going to finally get a good ending to one of these videos (I haven't been thrilled with any I've done yet).
I also apologize ahead of time for my Crowley impersonation. .
Here is SFDebris' look at Garak from Deep Space 9 as a comparison to how I imagine the show WANTED Rowena to be (secondary character, not always on the show but frequent appearances, very morally grey, a touch mysterious, many other commonalities).  Garak is an example of a character done very, VERY well.  Rowena... not as much but I think she's getting better the last couple of seasons..
What are your thoughts on how Rowena has been portrayed? Her role as Crowley's mum, or as a powerful witch? Her potential as a character going forward in Supernatural ?