When I started this series of articles, I tried to make a "Top Ten" list but picking out just ten "Broments" was simply not possible. Then I also had to ponder what justifies a Brotherly Moment.  To me it was more than just the heart to heart, hugging, emotional  moments. I also felt the pranks, the way they work together on a case and even their disagreements could be considered Brotherly moments. 

So I created several categories. Since this is obviously Part 4, you may wish to catch up on:
Part 1: The Family Business
Part 2: No Chick-Flick Moments!
Part 3: Brothers in Unison

Broment: When dudes share a special moment with each other.

Brother: A person whom you are related to. Sometimes a role model. Sometimes an ass. Sometimes a friend. A person who you are stuck being related to until the day you die through good or bad.

(Note: Both definitions found in the online Urban Dictionary)

Part Four: Chick Flick Moments

This final section is dedicated to the deep emotional side of the brothers' relationship - the caring, supporting, heart to heart, hugging and tearing-at-the-heart-string moments that the brothers have when they express feelings towards each other.

Chick flick:  A slang term for a film genre mainly dealing with love and romance and designed to appeal to a largely female target audience.  Although many types of films may be directed toward the female gender, "chick-flick" is typically used only in reference to films that are heavy with emotion or contain themes that are relationship-based (although not necessarily romantic as many other themes may be present).

'Caring' and 'Supportive' Moments - The brothers have cared and supported one another on many occasion ,starting from a very young age.


A young Dean taking his baby brother to safety and reassuring him, 'It's ok, Sammy'

SPN 0483

Big brother Dean making meals for a young Sam

supernatural118 000853

Little Sammy giving back to big brother Dean


Dean helping Sam during many of his visions and... 


always being there. 

SPN 0781

Dean helping to warm up his brother after an ice bath to bring down his fever


Sam comforting Dean before looking for the cursed object that's affecting his brother


Dean doctoring up an injured Sam.

Heart to Hearts - These are the moments when the brothers have opened up and confided in each other, discussing the many things that have affected their lives and the toll it has put on them.

Many times these moments have occurred in or around the Impala, aka Baby.


Whether it's about the effects of a case.

spn1104 1032

Discussing visions and dreams...


Or dealing with the loss of John. 'Dad's dead because of me and that much I do know.'

Some of their talks have been in their motel rooms...


 confessing to long ago events, like when Dean felt he let his dad down and risked Sam's life,


or Dean telling Sam the truth about their Dad's real occupation of Hunting Monsters.

And some of their talks have happened outside...


deep in the woods , when Sam confided to Dean about struggling over Jess' death,

2.02SPN 0844

or walking along a country road.

Bucket of Tears....

On  a few occasions, our brothers have been faced with situations that caused some tears to be shed. These tears have come in many forms.   

Welling Up - When they've come close to tears.


Dean's call to his dad.


Sam admitting he's not Ok.

The Single Man Tear -  The one tear that escapes when one is trying to be stoic or strong.


At their father's funeral pyre


Feeling the anguish of a devastated brother

SPN 0067

Reacting to a hallucination of a loved one

s10e23 502

or accepting one's fate but still believing in his brother.

Weepy  - The brothers have also shed many tears while still trying to stay strong.

vlcsnap 00089

A young Sam crying silently while dealing with the discovery that monsters are real. 


Sam stays strong and decides to get back into hunting, after losing Jess. 


Dean giving a heartfelt speech to a deceased Sam.

Breaking Down - These moment s have been when the situation has been the most devastating.


Sam mourning  a ripped apart Dean

vlcsnap 00202

Dean telling his torment and guilt from his experience in Hell.

The Hugging Moments - Hugs have been given on several occasions for various reasons.


The 'Quick Reassuring Squeeze'  to Sam


The 'Resurrected Hug' from Dean

vlcsnap 00232

The 'Reunited Hug' from Sam to a confused Dean 

vlcsnap 00054

The 'Reunited Hug' from Dean's return from Hell


The 'Reunited Hug' from Sam's return from Hell


The 'Reunited Hug' from Dean's return from Purgatory


The 'Reunited Hug' from Sam's return from Purgatory


The 'I've got you, you're going to be Ok' hug from Dean

normal SPN1014HD2432

The 'I've got you, you're going to be Ok' hug from Sam


And finally 'I just need a Hug' Hug.

I hope you enjoyed this final installment of the Brotherly moments!
Are there any moments that you would add to the list? Please share!