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There has been a lot of talk lately about the character of Bobby Singer. Why did they kill him?  How could they ever bring him back in a way that respects both the story and his character? Well, before season 9 begins and maybe, hopefully resurrects the Bobby we love, I thought it would be appropriate to take an in-depth look at Bobby's character.  Who was he? How was his character developed? How did his character change over time? What were some of his most memorable moments? So please join me in this photographic journey of the Bobby from seasons 1-8 of our beloved show!  Here is Part 1.  Stay tuned for parts 2, 3 and maybe 4...there is just so much to love!!!    - Nightsky

1.22 "Devil's Trap"- The first glimpse of Singer Salvage Yard

"We Need Help" 

With those three words, Dean Winchester introduced the Supernatural world to a gruff, lovable, understated hunter named Bobby Singer. With wit, sarcasm and a unique rustic charm, Bobby did more than help the Winchester brothers with their case when they unexpectedly showed up on his doorstep.  For the next six years, Bobby was an unrivaled source of supernatural knowledge, an indispensable ally in the fight against evil and a loving father figure that filled a huge gap in their lives. The brothers quickly found out just how much they truly needed Bobby.

Bobby Singer's character was more than just a detail in the Winchester family backstory, though. He became an invaluable tool to the writers of the series, giving them a vehicle to expand mythology, explain storylines and resolve dilemmas. The series also needed a recurring character to relieve some of the screen time for Jared and Jensen. Until Jim Beaver joined the cast as Bobby, these two young actors had been saddled with the vast majority of the dialog, plot advancement and action delivery for every episode.  Guest stars were used for developing the Monster of the Week stories, but by definition they weren't useful in a longer term story arc. Meg, John and Mary had been introduced as recurring characters, but could only be used sparingly, as the plots allowed.  Another recurring character was needed for both the sustainability of the story and its lead actors. 

Looking back, it's hard to believe that Bobby Singer did not join the Winchester saga until the 22nd episode! Even then, Bobby's character was used minimally, seen in only four storylines in the first two seasons:

  • "Devil's Trap" (1.22)/ "In My Time of Dying" (2.01) - the story that ended the life of Sam and Dean's real father and introduced their surrogate father
  • "Born Under a Bad Sign" (2.14) and "Tall Tales" (2.15) - two pivotal mid-season stories used for character development
  • "All Hell Breaks Loose, Parts 1 & 2" (2.21 and 2.22) - the season 2 climatic ending that was the foundation for several of the following seasons' arcs. 

These initial six episodes, spanning just one year from episode 1.22 to episode 2.22, essentially created the core of Bobby's character. In fact, most of Bobby's character was established in his very first conversation with Sam and Dean, so this important debut dialog is part of the character analysis we will explore!  The remaining appearances strengthened Bobby's importance by reemphasizing his father figure role, and showcasing his ability to expand mythology and explain plots.  Bobby's acceptance was so universal, he was soon viewed as a cornerstone of the series.

Jim Beaver's portrayal of this "rough but warmhearted working class man" (Knight, 2008) was at the heart of the success of his new character. Jim seamlessly integrated Bobby into this fledgling series, immediately endearing himself to fans and critics. Blessed with lines that one would expect from their grandfather, such as "Idgit!", "Balls!" and "You boys", Jim's expressive face and disarming voice made his character believable and trusted.  No exploration of his character would be complete without a visual journal of these priceless sneers, tears, laughs and looks, hopefully captured by some of the more memorable moments below.  So how exactly was Bobby's character created in the first two seasons of Supernatural?

Father Figure

The core of Bobby's character was clearly and strongly established in his very first appearance.

Bobby First Shot 1.22

1.22 "Devil's Trap" - Bobby's debut appearance

This is the first shot in the series where we get a good look at the character who would become a pillar of the story.  In this debut, Dean and Sam recognized that they had neither the skills nor the knowledge to save their father from the demons who had captured him, so Dean decided to enlist the help of an old family friend.  Bobby Singer lived almost as a recluse at his junkyard, Singer Auto Salvage. This new, unshakable character immediately established a reassuring, calming presence for the brothers and stepped in as their substitute family just before their last remaining close blood relative was killed.

With the phrase "the family business" being a prominent part of the show's mantra, establishing Bobby's role as head of the new surrogate Winchester family was the first order of business for the writers. Bobby's character only had two lines of dialog before the following exchange where it was established that he not only knew John Winchester but seemed to have had an extensive history with him and cared deeply about the boys' feelings for John.


Dean:   "Bobby, thanks. Thanks for everything. To tell you the truth, I wasn't sure we should come."

Bobby: "Nonsense, your Daddy needs help."

Dean:   "Well, yeah, but last time we saw you, I mean, you did threaten to blast him full of buckshot. Cocked the shotgun and everything."

Bobby: "Yeah, well, what can I say? John just has that effect on people."

Dean:   "Yeah, I guess he does."

Bobby:  "None of that matters now. All that matters is that you get him back."

Bobby's next few episodes laid more groundwork for this important supportive relationship with Sam and Dean.  When Sam was scared and alone in "In My Time of Dying" (2.01), he turned to Bobby, who showed compassion, understanding and moral support by agreeing to Sam's plea to tow rather than junk the Impala (a symbolic gesture of hope as Dean fought for his life in a hospital). In the very next episode, the brothers stayed with Bobby as they grieved for their father and recovered from their near-fatal car crash. Emotionally and physically vulnerable, they both quickly accepted him as the new paternal figure in their lives.

The father figure role was more openly explored in "Tall Tales" (2.15), when the boys asked Bobby to help them with a bizarre case. Quarreling and confused, they called "home" for advice and guidance. When Bobby arrived, he was the exasperated parent who had to mediate a squabble between two siblings:

Bobby Tall Tales Story 2.15

2.15 "Tall Tales" - Bobby is confused as he listened to the boys' strange story

The next time Bobby appeared was in "All Hell Breaks Loose", when it was Dean's turn to be scared and alone. Sam had disappeared, and Dean desperately reached out to Bobby for help. Eventually, when Sam was killed, Bobby was the concerned family, close enough to Dean to be able to suggest that he bury his brother. Jim Beaver solidified Bobby's place as the boys' family with several stirring reactions to the pivotal events that followed.  First, Jim showed that Bobby's heart was broken not only for the loss of his adopted son, but for the pain felt by his older brother.

Bobby Sympathetic 2.22

2.22 "All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2" - A sympathetic Bobby talks to Dean about burying Sam

Then when he learned that Dean had sold his soul, Bobby was horrified at the fate of someone he clearly loved:

Bobby Deans Soul surprise 2.22

2.22 "All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2" - Bobby finds out Dean sold his soul

By the end of the second season, Bobby had provided the home, wisdom, guidance and emotional support that upheld the show's foundation of family. His character continually enriched the series with a presence that ultimately was almost more important to the boys' success than their real father.

Mythology Expansion

Besides acting as the head of the Winchester family, Bobby's character was also introduced to provide an endless stream of knowledge on an ever expanding list of supernatural creatures encountered by the two young hunters. Again, the brothers' first conversation with Bobby in "Devil's Trap" was key to quickly establishing that Bobby was an experienced and knowledgeable hunter:


Sam:     "Bobby, this book.... I've never seen anything like it."

Bobby:   "Key of Solomon? It's the real deal, alright."

Sam       "And these, uh, these protective circles. They really work?"

Bobby:   "Hell, yeah. You get a demon in - they're trapped. Powerless. It's like a Satanic roach motel."

Dean:     "Man knows his stuff."

John was the dictatorial force that set the young brothers on the path of hunting all things supernatural. In contrast, Bobby became the compassionate and patient teacher, mentor and ally who continued the boys' hunting education in their adult lives. Bobby's extensive library also supplemented John's journal as the written resource on the supernatural.  The journal was a valuable guide to monsters, ghosts, ghouls and other creatures that hunters usually encounter, but Bobby's collection of ancient texts and rare books allowed the story to expand to more epic mythologies, such as angels and demons. Before his first episode was finished, the boys are taught about demon possession:


Bobby:    "Dean, you got to be careful with her.   Don't hurt her."

Dean:      "Why?"

Bobby:     "Because she really is a girl, that's why."

Sam:        "What are you talking about?"

Bobby:     "She's possessed. That's a human possessed by a demon. Can't you tell?"

Dean:       "Are you trying to tell me there's an innocent girl trapped somewhere in there?"

[Can you even remember when Sam and Dean were that naive about demonic possession??]

Bobby's presence made it possible for the writers to introduce a larger universe of supernatural foes, and made it plausible for the brothers to battle and prevail against these adversaries.  Beside the first episode's introduction of the Key of Solomon, devil's traps and the basic dynamics of demon possession, later episodes used Bobby to further expand supernatural canon. In the episode "Born under a Bad Sign" (2.14), Bobby's experienced hunter instincts made him suspect something was wrong when Sam showed up at his door unannounced and without Dean...

Bobby Possessed Sam Surprise 2.14

2.14 "Born under a Bad Sign" - Bobby was surprised and suspicious when Sam showed up alone

...then in the next moment, Bobby feigned innocence and lured Possessed!Sam into his home.

Bobby Possessed Sam Greeting 2.14

2.14 "Born under a Bad Sign" - Bobby's false greeting to Sam

...then he cleverly used concealed holy water to expose the demon.

Bobby Possessed Sam Drink 2.14

2.14 "Born under a Bad Sign" -  Bobby tricked the demon possessing Sam

Later in that episode, Bobby further expanded canon by identifying a binding link that locks a demon inside its victim, then saved Sam by breaking the link on his arm.

Bobby Possessed Sam Escapes 2.14

2.14 "Born under a Bad Sign" - Bobby watches the demon fly out of Sam

Then, in a gesture that would later result in some rather epic tattoos, Bobby introduced anti-possession charms to protect the boys from future demonic control (somebody really has to thank him for that!).

The next episode continued Bobby's mythological prowess when he recognized and explained the powers of a new, powerful supernatural foe, a Trickster.

Bobby Explains Trickster 2.15

2.15 "Tall Tales" - Bobby explained a Trickster to the boys

In the last storyline of the season, Bobby's impressive knowledge of supernatural lore enabled him to remember the insignia on a legendary possessed town's bell, thus identifying where Sam was being held. So Bobby's character was an invaluable tool for both expanding the stories that were possible and for transitioning the boys from naive, reckless hunters into an elite team armed with the tools necessary to fight the highest level of supernatural beings.

Plot Exposition

Every story needs some form of narration to ensure that the audience is being pulled along with the plot.  This exposition could come from the main characters themselves, asking each other questions, relaying new information or summarizing facts for each other before they make their next move. Sam and Dean do this for each other quite often, but their dialog would get monotonous if they were the only channels through which developments could be explained. A third party, though, can introduce new facts to the plot quite easily, through the guise of information they have always known or have just learned.  Bobby filled this role perfectly. His past experience as a hunter and his formidable skills as a researcher made him the perfect vehicle to not only explain things to the brothers but the audience as well (Castiel often fills this role to explain heavenly matters; Crowley explains matters pertaining to Hell). Bobby's first interaction with the brothers immediately showcased this role:


Bobby:   "I'll tell you something else, too. This is some serious crap you boys stepped in."

Sam:     "Oh, yeah? How's that?"

Bobby:   "Normal year, I hear of, say, three demonic possessions. Maybe four, tops."

Dean:     "Yeah?"

Bobby:   "This year I hear of 27 so far. You get what I'm saying? More and more demons are walking among us... a lot more."

Sam:      "Do you know why?"

Bobby:   "No, but I know it's something big. The storm's coming, and you boys, your are smack in the middle of it."

Every ensuing episode then included time for Bobby to advance the plot with new vital information needed for the hunt or the myth arc.  In the season 2 opener, when Sam asked Bobby for the ingredients on John's shopping list, Bobby foreshadowed that the spell John was planning would summon a demon, not defend against one as John had implied to Sam.  A particularly long and vital exposition occurred when Bobby explained his findings about the Wyoming churches and their positions as keystones in a devil's trap.

Bobby Explains Research 2.22

2.22 "All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2" - Bobby explained his discovery of the Wyoming Devil's Trap

Since Bobby knew the brothers so well, he was also in a perfect position to expose their character flaws, explain their motivations, or challenge their reactions to events. This intimate relationship gave the audience precious insight into the lead characters of the show. For example, it was through Bobby's angry question to Dean if he "values his life that little" (2.22) that Dean's low self-esteem was first articulated outright as a factor in his demon deal.

Bobby Deans Soul Angry 2.22

2.22 "All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2“ - Bobby's reaction of anger and dismay when he finds out Dean sold his soul

Bobby's previously established position as the boys' trusted mentor enabled him to not only explain things to them, but also challenge them personally in a way that protected their dignity and was believable to the audience.

So in the first two seasons of his character, Bobby was established as a paternal guide and a mythological treasury. His also gave the story its narrative cohesiveness and provided critical character exposes.  Jim Beaver's portrayal of Bobby gave him a charm and endearing quality that was immediately embraced by the story writers and the fans.  Bobby Singer was undeniably now a mainstay of the show. The following seasons would further explore Bobby's history, ultimately expanding the essence of his character.  

The story continues! Read how Bobby's character changed in season 3 and 4 in Part 2: Expanding Bobby's Character

Do you remember your first reactions to Bobby?  Did you like him? Did it take you a while to get used to him? Any other favorite Bobby moments in the first two seasons?  Share here!


# debbab 2013-08-14 23:08
Bobby served as the cantakorous cumudgeon, old man of the mountain, yoda type who had the same values about family, and hunting as the Winchesters. His value as the deliverer of exposition, mediator, and involved surrogate Dad got me interested in the character. I found Bobby much more believable in his conversations with the brothers. Jim Beaver looks like Bobby sounds Good casting choice. His somewhat flat,but purposeful delivery made me listen to his words from the git go. .He owns that role forever. Bobby is also willing to sacrifice for his surrogate family and even when he knows the score-the return of his wife as a zombie- he does the right thing because he has to live by the code. He even risks his own trip to Heaven because he wants to stay Earth bound and help, but eventually realizes that when it's your time to go, go. We are told he is supposed to go to Heaven b.c he was one of the good guys and Crowley hijacks him. Sam does rescue him. So I do hope that the character's return is handled in a way that is respectful to the character, who seemed to have an arc of his own which grew over the seasons. I enjoyed later seasons even more knowing he built the panic room in a weekend, that he spoke Japanese, that he used to hunt more often with his partner Rufus, and he was chased after by several ladies.Bobby made choices and that is what makes stories. Again, great character development, good lines and consistent performance. So thanks for the article at last.
leah unlogged
# leah unlogged 2013-08-14 23:40
Thanks Nightsky. Really enjoyed this look back at Bobby. There have been few secondary characters in television that I loved as much as Bobby Singer. I realize in reading this how much I miss him. Killing him off and the resulting fallout in S7 will always taint that season for me. Fans sometimes think that he loved Dean more than Sam but I never felt that. He was more interactive with Dean but I always felt he was devoted to both.

Anyway, looking forward to the next installment(s), even if it makes me a little sad. :-)
# Sylvie 2013-08-15 15:35
Thanks Nightsky for this intimate look into Bobby's role with the Winchesters, I'll be looking forward to reading the next few parts.

I loved Bobby from the get go. As Debbab points out Quote:
Bobby served as the cantakorous curmudgeon, old man of the mountain, yoda type who had the same values about family, and hunting as the Winchesters.
. He's like Grizzly Adams & Jeremiah Johnson all rolled into one, a little less hairy though! :lol: I think Bobby was probably a big influence on young Sam becoming so adept at doing research and Dean being such a great hunter. I know a lot of fans think that Dean was always Bobby's favourite, but I think he loved both boys equally and was proud of them, maybe even more so than their own father (sacrilege?).

Anyway, as much as I love Sera Gamble as a writer, I will never forgive her for killing Bobby off like that. :sad:

Is it a coincidence that you posted this article 2 days after Jim Beaver's birthday?
leah unlogged
# leah unlogged 2013-08-15 16:52
I know someone will bring up the truth goddess thing but I never bought that bit of writing. It didn't feel right to me and was played for laughs.
# nightsky 2013-08-15 19:47

Is it a coincidence that you posted this article 2 days after Jim Beaver's birthday?
Sylvie, Good Catch! I really tried to get this posted on or closer to his birthday, but technical difficulties (and my schedule) put me behind by a few days! I am still going to tweet it to him as a birthday present!

Thank you for your comments. I really love the pics in part 2! It's almost done, so look for it next week some time!
# nightsky 2013-08-15 19:59
Leah unlogged, about your #2 comment, I am so glad you enjoyed this! I love the look on Jim/Bobby's face in these pictures! Don't worry - Part 2 of the article covers seasons 3 and 4 only, so nothing to make you sad! I haven't yet finished Part 3, which will cover that *#&! episode in season 7...maybe I can kind of skim over that part?? huh.
I know someone will bring up the truth goddess thing but I never bought that bit of writing. It didn't feel right to me and was played for laughs.
Your #4 comment about the truth goddess doesn't happen until season 6, which is part 3 also. Maybe I can think of an angle on that... I'll work on it!
# nightsky 2013-08-15 20:07
. So thanks for the article at last.
Debbab, You really know Bobby! I enjoyed reading through the details in your comment! I wrote this series for Bobby because it seemed that we all talk about him a lot, but I hadn't really seen a detailed character study before (at least not covering 8 seasons worth of Bobby!). I wanted to understand more about him, his character's traits, his different facets, etc. before S9 began. Then, if/when/how he is brought back, we can all have a deeper appreciation of who he has been and who he will become.
# Grace232 2013-08-15 21:05
Great article, thanks. I loved the character (and the actor is fabulous, of course), but I actually am one of those that felt they diminished his amazing death scene by bringing him back. That being said, I am looking forward to the episode he will be in in season 9. I speculate it has something to do with how Dean saves Sam.

Speaking of speculating, I have always thought that the reason Bobby threatened to shoot John and kicked him out the last time he saw him was because he found out John had kicked Sam out when Sam went to Stanford. Bobby told Dean he was a better man than his father and not to do the same thing in Lucifer Rising.
# st50 2013-08-16 15:52
Loved the article, Nightsky, and I'm looking forward to the next part(s)....
I loved Bobby, and hated that he was killed in S7, but in this case, I'd love for them to remember that what's dead should stay dead.
# suzee51 2013-08-17 12:14
I could never understand why they killed Bobby.

It would have been equally dramatic to have Bobby locked in a long term coma. That way the show would still get the angst of losing his guidance and support, the boys would still be totally on their own without any remaining friends to assist them, you would still have all the drama surrounding his head injury - but the one difference is that later in the series (whenever TPTB decided it was the right time) Bobby could wake and take up his long missed role as father figure for the boys.

In Season 7 Sera Gamble was all about cutting absolutely everything out of Sam and Dean's life that would be considered aid or comfort. I understand how in theory this might create good drama. But honestly, Gamble could have achieved the exact same effect by placing Bobby in a long term coma. He didn't have to die.

Perhaps if she was going to be sticking around beyond Season 7 that would have dawned on her? But now Carver is left with the sticky wicket of convincingly "resurrecting" our much beloved Bobby. Unlike most fans, I will most likely accept ANY explanation because I love this character and his interactions with Sam and Dean so much that I feel it would be worth it at any cost.

# LEAH 2013-08-17 14:14
I agree suzee51, They could have created the drama without Bobby dying! Part of me kinda cringes every time they devise a way to have Bobby return, but like you, I love the character so much that I roll with it. It does lessen the impact of his death, but what can I say, seeing Bobby (Jim) again always makes me happy. :-)
# Mick 2013-08-18 02:36
The fact that Bobby made 7 seasons is the most surprising thing, I mean he was an anomaly for the show. It was an inevitable outcome, all characters die on this show sooner or later.

I don't think Bobby is being resurrected though, I'm fairly certain he is staying dead.
# nightsky 2013-08-18 08:18
I haven't read the S9 speculation thread, so I don't know how much this idea is shared, but I have been wondering if Bobby does, in fact, stay dead. In his last conversation with Sam, Bobby made a comment about not wanting to retire in a rocking chair in heaven and "like there's nothing screwy going on up there or anything" (or something like that). He wasn't an angel so he wasn't cast out of heaven by Metatron, so I am wondering if he doesn't stay in heaven as some kind of heavenly administrator. He organized hunters on earth - wouldn't his natural tendency be to try to organize "celestial beings" in heaven? If he got restless, he would try to work with what he saw happening around him. I'm sure no one asked him to be the hunters hub on earth. Maybe he just sees a need to coordinate something in heaven? That would respect his death AND bring him back at the same time.
# eilf 2013-08-18 10:55
Hi Nightsky, I am in the camp that believes Bobby is not coming back as such.
He certainly isn't an angel unless the rules have changed, and Bobby as an angel would be even more pissed at his destiny than Bobby as a human was (it would be funny though).
I could see him being non-corporeal (though not a ghost) maybe they will invent a new type of being since people have never 'escaped' from heaven before.
I could also see him as a dreamwalker character talking to the guys while they were asleep (which would be awkward :D ) or maybe in flashback

Or he could end up being the secret that Dean knows about Sam - Bobby possessing Sam to help keep him alive, sort of like a Tok'ra (Stargate SG1 if you are not familiar with the idea).
The Fourth Crow
# The Fourth Crow 2013-08-18 11:13

I was wondering something similar. It would be good to see Bobby and Ellen hook up in heaven (Ash can get them together from their separate 'mini-heavens').

Then since heaven is in a mess, Bobby has to organise dead hunters and people like Henrikson to take on Metatron.
# eilf 2013-08-18 11:17

I was wondering something similar. It would be good to see Bobby and Ellen hook up in heaven (Ash can get them together from their separate 'mini-heavens').

Then since heaven is in a mess, Bobby has to organise dead hunters and people like Henrikson to take on Metatron.
Oh yes! But Bobby has a wife that he loved as well as loving Ellen in an alternate reality. Maybe heaven's individual heavens have multiple realities :D - and the mind boggles.
# nightsky 2013-08-18 11:36
Yes! All these ideas actually get me excited about bringing Bobby back! Has anyone read the S9 speculation thread? Does it get into Bobby's possibilities at all (other than just worrying about bringing him back?)

I'm pretty intrigued with the idea of Bobby as heaven's hub! I love the idea of him organizing old characters to bring down Metatron! After all, Metatron is not an archangel so he should be somewhat approachable...

I AM familiar with Tokras (gotta love the SyFi genre!). Jared said he was more excited about playing Sam this season than any other season because he loves what they do to Sam. I always remember that he loves S4 the best because Sam was so my theory has joined with those that think his own power from within heals him and makes him "powerful" somehow. But Bobby as a Tokra...huh...
The Fourth Crow
# The Fourth Crow 2013-08-18 11:40
Not lately Nightsky. It kinda got hijacked into another Bitterness thread. Best stay out of the shark infested waters for now

I think when my mum gets to heaven she'll be organising all the angels too.

Mind, she could talk the Reaper into submission. It will run away before she shuts up :D
leah unlogged
# leah unlogged 2013-08-18 11:45
I agree that Bobby is probably going to stay dead and the idea of him kicking butt from the great beyond just makes me smile! Whether he stays in heaven and works to oust Metatron or is somehow doing hunter-like things on earth from behind the "veil", it sounds good to me.
# eilf 2013-08-18 11:51

I AM familiar with Tokras (gotta love the SyFi genre!). Jared said he was more excited about playing Sam this season than any other season because he loves what they do to Sam. I always remember that he loves S4 the best because Sam was so powerful....
Yes Jared's enthusiasm is infectious isn't it? Though I think he was as excited because he got to play extra layers and a 'different' Sam (he said that Sam!Sam isn't his favorite version of Sam to play) as much as the power of it. I could totally see him acting Sam with a subset of Bobby - sort of like bodyswap episodes. It would mean that we only got Jim Beaver occasionally though, like in the first episode, or if Sam can tap into Bobby's memories for hunter information.
# nightsky 2013-08-18 11:53
Not lately Nightsky. It kinda got hijacked into another Bitterness thread. Best stay out of the shark infested waters for now
Yeah...I don't like getting myself upset by reading anger and bitterness about something that might not even happen!! I only like fun speculating. This "mini" thread here might quietly generate some positive, imaginative ideas about Bobby without getting anyone worried! I can actually feel myself getting excited about him doing good from beyond!
# nightsky 2013-08-18 12:14
I could totally see him acting Sam with a subset of Bobby - sort of like bodyswap episodes. It would mean that we only got Jim Beaver occasionally though, like in the first episode, or if Sam can tap into Bobby's memories for hunter information.
Now that would be cool! Jared would like interacting with Jim more, and Sam would have a lot of new knowledge! And I would love to see the looks on Dean's face when he was trying to figure out which one he was talking to (Bobby as Sam or Sam as Sam!)!
# eilf 2013-08-18 12:48
I could totally see him acting Sam with a subset of Bobby - sort of like bodyswap episodes. It would mean that we only got Jim Beaver occasionally though, like in the first episode, or if Sam can tap into Bobby's memories for hunter information.
Now that would be cool! Jared would like interacting with Jim more, and Sam would have a lot of new knowledge! And I would love to see the looks on Dean's face when he was trying to figure out which one he was talking to (Bobby as Sam or Sam as Sam!)!
It would be fun wouldn't it :D Problem is from the hints we have so far that probably isn't where they are going. Maybe Sam doesn't know Bobby is there at first and gradually starts to realize it? Dean does know because he was there while Sam was deathly ill and Bobby comes up with the idea. Not sure why Dean would need to keep knowledge like that secret though? Maybe because the less Sam knows, the easier it would be to separate them when a better cure for Sam is found?
All seems a bit unlikely sadly :-?

The main upside of this theory being wrong of course is that Sam's dress sense had finally started to improve, the 'old trucker' look would be a terrible waste on him. And we never get to see Sam in awesome time-travel outfits so it would be a double blow ...
The Fourth Crow
# The Fourth Crow 2013-08-18 12:58
Oh yes, Jared in period costume...
How about something pre-Raphaelite?

Sorry off-topic :)
# st50 2013-08-18 13:51
#23, etc... I could really get on board with this idea! :-) Jared playing BobbySam alternating with SamSam would be fun to watch - and Dean's reactions! :D
I just don't see the reason for Dean keeping the secret though.
#24 :o
# Ale 2013-08-20 16:12
I love Bobby, I agree that he was (and possibly still is) the most positive influence in Sam and Dean's lives. He was simply the best, most reliable support they ever had.

But not everything smelled of roses. I must say that Bobby's far from healthy approach on alcohol ('just because it can kill you doesn't mean it is not medicine'), because of his awful father, also influenced Dean on dealing with pain and stress by drinking whisky. Every time Bobby was drinking, Dean was too. And Bobby was often seen pushing a glass towards Dean. The very first scene of Bobby in the show was giving Dean a flask of holy water, and another of whisky. That ghost Bobby was attached to a flask and, by that, to Dean, is very telling.

Bobby was awesome, but flawed too. As all the heroes in this show, that we love so much.
# Ale 2013-08-20 16:21
Sorry, Bobby IS awesome!
# KELLY 2013-08-26 22:29
I haven't read the second one yet, but I love this tribute to Bobby. I adore Bobby and I'm so glad he's going to be back, regardless of what capacity, though I wasn't completely satisfied with the execution of bringing him back (either time). But I loved Death's Door, I thought it was a beautiful episode.
# amyh 2013-08-27 11:01
Dean once know John was possessed because John said he was proud of Dean.

I think Bobby knew Sam was possessed simply because he and Sam wern't close and there was no way Sam would viisit him without Dean.