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Given that it's a big holiday weekend in North America, it seemed appropriate to dig into our archives and remember some of the holiday fun we've had in years past.  Here's the depiction of a special 4th of July celebration in the MOL bunker, circa season nine.  Happy 4th of July!

The Winchester Family Business Short Attention Span Theater Presents, Holiday Madness, Fourth of July 2014.  Things are a little off these days in the Men of Letters bunker now that Dean is a demon...
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.001.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.002.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.003.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.004.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.005.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.006.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.007.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.008.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.009.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.010.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.011.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.012.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.013.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.014.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.015.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.016.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.017.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.018.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.019.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.020.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.021.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.022.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.023.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.024.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.025.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.026.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.027.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.028.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.029.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.030.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.031.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.032.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.033.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.034.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.035.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.036.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.037.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.038.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.039.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.040.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.041.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.042.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.043.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.044.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.045.jpg
  • Holiday_Madness_2014.046.jpg

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Want a little more?  Here's our first Holiday Madness Short Attention Span theater, done back in season six.  This salutes not only the fourth of July, but Canada Day for our neighbors up north.


# AlyCat22 2015-07-04 17:44
These are all truly wonderful. I missed more of them than I realized! I'd love to see a new "Day in the Writers Room" though the first one was a classic! Great job everyone.
# NOLANOLA 2015-07-04 22:43
I Looooooooooove SAST & the Remixes & the motivational Posters the best. :)
# BoGirle 2015-07-06 17:56
I LOVE these short attention span theatre episodes! Way better than some of the actual episodes and funny too. We haven't had any funny in a while.