It's May 2nd, which is a very special day in Supernatural land. It's Sam Winchester's birthday!  Dean has aspirations of pie in celebration, but Sam and Castiel have something very different happening.  Complete with season nine angst and conflict just so you know what season it is when you see this years later. 

The Winchester Family Business Short Attention Span Theater proudly presents, "Sam Winchester's Very Special Season Nine Birthday."  

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# Amyh 2014-05-02 22:40
The end was super funny. But boy does Dean bitch a hell of a lot. ;) The Sam and Cas parts really made me want to see more of them relating more on the actual show. Warm and fuzzies. And Sam smiled. I told my co = worker it was Sams birthday (from that show you watch, right?) and then remembered Sam also died on his borthday in s2. Really depressed me. But seeing Sam and Cas hug made me feel better. :)

So thank you, Alice.
# Alice 2014-05-03 01:28
Every time I do one of these things I think I've stooped to a new low. Yes, I really did it this time. :)
Khristine Butler
# Khristine Butler 2014-05-03 05:28
This is my favorite short attention span ever. i loled
# CollectiveHunch66 2014-05-03 09:07
Absolutely BRILLIANT! Your screen shots are dead on! Laughed out loud all the way through. Thanks!
# Brr549 2014-05-03 13:30
Awwww--this just makes me sad! I hope things aren't really that bad right now. (though you did pull a smile with the who was dead or dying when stuff in the middle--)
# ami 2014-05-04 07:09
:D so funny thanx
# NoLieFe 2014-05-04 10:33
As a well known and great friend of us could have say it : Awesome !! :) Thanks a lot Alice