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Ever hear a song that immediately makes you think of a person or a moment in your life, or a scene in a movie or television show...say a show like Supernatural? I put together a list of songs that alway bring to mind certain scenes and episodes whenever I hear them. In this installment of "Sound of Music", I would like to share with you the songs and corresponding episodes from the second half of season 2 that have stood out the most for me.  To check out my picks from the first half of season 2, see Part 1 of my article.


STYX – "Renegade"

How can one not think of this episode when hearing this song? The setup and placement of this song were brilliant. While Henriksen and the S.W.A.T. team search through the bank for the brothers, Henriksen is informed that the brothers are gone.

Henriksen is shown the knocked out, tied up and undressed officers.

The infamous words start in 'Oh, Mama, I'm in fear for my life from the long arm of the law..'

 As the song continues we get to see Henriksen's reaction. His expression is priceless.


The song continues as we see two SWAT officers going up some stairs into an covered parking lot.

The two officers come to the Impala and get in, removing their head gear.

Of course they are Sam

and Dean.

Dean utters the words ' We are so screwed'

The song then continues with the scream and the words.." the jig is up, the noose is out,  they finally found me...."

"House of the Holy"
Bob Dylan – "Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door"

Dean returns from saving a woman from a rapist. Meanwhile, Sam had helped the spirit of a priest move on. Sam was disillusioned as he had believed the spirit was an angel.

Dean: "How was your day?"

Sam: "You were right. It wasn't an angel it was Gregory."

Dean takes out his flask and takes a drink. He then offers it to Sam. Sam takes it and has a drink.

Sam: I don't know Dean. I just , um..I wanted to believe, so badly.

It's so damn hard to do this...what we do. All alone, you know.

(Knockin' on Heaven's Door softly starts in)

 And there's so much evil out in the world, Dean. I feel like I could drown in it.

And when I think about my destiny, when I think about how I could end up...

Dean: Yeah well don't worry about that, all right? I'm watching out for you.

Sam: Yeah I know you are. But you're just one person Dean. And I needed to think that there was something else watching too, you know? Some higher power. Some greater good. And that maybe...

Dean: Maybe what?

Sam: Maybe I could be saved. But uh you know, that just clouded my judgment. And you're right. I mean we gotta go with what we know, with what we can see. With what's right there in front of our own two eyes.

Dean: Yeah well that's funny that you say that.

Sam: Why?

Dean: Gregory's spirit gave you some pretty good information. The guy in the car was bad news. I barely got there in time.

Sam: What happened?

Dean: He's dead.

Sam:  Did you...?

Dean: No. But I'll tell you one thing. If.. The way he died, if I hadn't seen it with my own two eyes I never would've believed it. I mean I don't know what to call it.

Sam: What? Dean, what did you see?

Dean:  Maybe.... God's will.

"Tall Tales"
Chris De Burgh – "Lady In Red"

This is another song that brings a smile to my face when I hear it.

Sam and Dean are interviewing a college student, Curtis, who claims he was abducted by aliens.

They meet Curtis in a tavern where he has three shots in front of him.

Curtis is hesitant to talk about it as he believes they won't believe him. Sam encourages him to tell them everything.

Curtis: I blacked out, and I lost time, and when I woke up, I don't know where I was.

Sam: Then what?

Curtis: They did tests on me and um (takes one of the shots) they um.... they probed me.

Dean: They probed you?

Curtis: Yes, they probed me again and again and again (takes another shot) and again and again and again and then one more time.

Dean: Yikes.

Curtis: And that's not even the worst of it.

Dean: How can it get any worse? Some alien made you his bitch.

Curtis: They made me slow dance.

"Lady In Red" starts in as we get a view of a large disco ball...

And then a very confused Curtis dancing with an alien.

Sam gives us a very sympathetic expression ....

as well as Dean... LOL.

The Animals – "The House of the Rising Sun"

The scene opens with a car going along a deserted highway. It's night and raining.


We then see the numbers 1250 on the stereo and the "The House of the Rising Sun" starts in very faintly. We then meet Molly and David. Molly is driving and David is looking over the road map.

Molly points out that they are lost and that they should go back and ask for directions. David would rather go on and jokes that they are taking the scenic route. Molly isn't too happy as " It's our anniversary and we're spending it stuck in the car."

David: I know. I'm sorry. Hey let me make it up to you Okay? Come here. (David leans over and kisses her neck. Molly pushes him away laughing)

Molly: Stop. I'm mad at you.

David: Come on Molly. Hey you love me.

Molly: No I don't. You're a jerk (David still nuzzles her laughing)

Molly: David I mean it.

David then notices a man in the middle of the road and calls out to Molly.

Molly panics and veers off the road, down a hill and crashes into a tree. The music then stops.

Queensryche - "Silent Lucidity"

This song brings back one of the saddest moments in this season.

Dean tells Madison that they have no other solutions in curing her. Sam is still clinging to finding a way but Madison has made the realization that there is no hope.

Madison : So I guess that's all there is to it then.

Sam: Stop it, don't talk like that.

Madison:  Sam I don't wanna hurt anyone else. I don't wanna hurt you (takes the gun from the table).

Sam: Put that down.

Madison: I can't do it myself. I need you to help me.

Sam: Madison. No.

Madison: Sam I'm a monster.

Sam: You don't have to be. We can find a way, all right? I can. I'm gonna save you.

Madison: You tried. I know you tried. This is all there is left. Help me Sam. I want you to do it. I want it to be you.

Sam: I can't .

Madison: I don't wanna die, I don't . But I can't live like this. This is the way you can save me. Please. I'm asking you to save me.

Dean walks up behind Madison and takes the gun from her.

The music starts in.

Sam looks at Dean and then back at Madison. He then leaves the room. Dean follows. Sam is struggling to hold back tears.

Dean: Sam. I'm sorry.

Sam: No, you're right. She's right.

Dean: Sammy I got this one. I'll do it.

Sam: She asked me to.

Dean: You don't have to.

Sam: Yes I do. (Tears are streaming down Sam's face. He puts out his hand for the gun) Please.

(Dean hands him the gun) Just wait here.

Sam walks back to the entrance of the room Madison is in. He gives Dean one last look with tears continuing to flow down his face and walks into the room.

Dean looks on as a single tear slips down his cheek.

A shot rings out, Dean flinches and the music stops. There is silence.

"What Is And What Should Never Be"
Joey Ramone - "What a Wonderful World"

I do love Nat King Cole's version of this but being Supernatural, Joey Ramone's version was probably more fitting. I loved Dean and Mary's moments together in this episode. Mary made Dean a sandwich, which is the best he has ever had.

After a discussion that Dean should be at work, he notices that the lawn needs to be cut.

Dean:  The lawn looks like it could use some mowing.

Mary: You want to mow the lawn?

Dean: You kidding me? I'd love to mow the lawn.

Mary: Knock yourself out.  Think you'd never mowed a lawn in your life.

Dean ponders that statement.

The song starts in as we see the lawn mower get started up and .....

Dean happily mows the lawn.

The song stops as dean is sitting on the steps of the porch drinking a beer, proud of his accomplishment .

Well that's what I have for Season Two. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any favorite songs or scenes that I haven’t mentioned, please share with us!