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Ever hear a song that immediately makes you think of a person or a moment in your life, or a scene in a movie or television show...say a show like Supernatural? I put together a list of songs that alway bring to mind certain scenes and episodes whenever I hear them. In this installment of "Sound of Music", I would like to share with you the songs and corresponding episodes from the first half of season 2 that have stood out the most for me.  

AC/DC - "Back In Black"

After the opening scene and the Title Card, the song starts as we are giving a view of an empty road...

... then the newly repaired Impala roars down the road!

We then get a very happy Dean behind the wheel.

"Woo! Listen to her purr. You ever heard anything so sweet?"

"You know if you two wanna get a room, just let me know Dean."

"Oh don't listen to him baby. He doesn't understand us."

Sam scoffs "You're in a good mood"

"Why shouldn't I be?"

"No reason."

"I got my car. Got a case. Things are looking up."

"Wow! Give you a couple of severed heads and a pile of dead cows and you're mister sunshine."

"How far to Red Lodge?"

"About another 300 miles."


Dean then puts the petal to the metal and we get the back view of the Impala as they drive away. The music continues nice and loud.

"Simon Said"

This episode used two songs that always makes me think of this show when I hear them.

First is....

REO Speedwagon - "Can’t Fight this Feeling"

Jo puts on this song on the Jukebox.

Dean first scoffs

Jo: What?

"Reo Speedwagon?"

"Damn right REO. Kevin Cronin sings it from the heart."

"He sings it from the hair. There's a difference."

Later we have Dean singing the song while driving.

As he gets right into it, Sam finally has to comment.

"You're kidding right?"

"I heard the song somewhere, can't get it out of my head."

I giggle every time I hear that song!

The second song is

Spinal Tap - "Stonehedge"

Sam and Dean are looking for Andy so they go to his last place of employment.

They are told where they can find him:

"Look if you wanna find him try Orchard street. Just look for a van with a Barbarian Queen painted on the side."

"Barbarian Queen?"

"She's riding a polar bear. It's kind of hard to miss."

The music starts with views of the Barbarian Queen. 

"No Exit"
Foreigner - "Cold as Ice"

Every-time I hear this song it brings a smile to my face. Although they only played one line of the song, it was memorable.  

Jo had run off to work a case with Sam and Dean.

Ellen finds out where they are and comes for Jo. She is pissed.

The scene opens with the Impala driving along a dark road.

The camera then focuses on Dean driving.

Then the camera moves onto the back and we see  Jo .....

...and then Sam.

The camera then spans on a very stern faced Ellen sitting in the front seat.

While driving them back to the Roadhouse Dean tries to make small talk.

"Boy you really weren't kidding about flying out, were you?"

Ellen remains unresponsive. Dean then suggest they listen to some music.

The lyrics "She's as cold as ice..." plays out. Ellen immediately turns it off.

While Jo looks over at Sam,  Dean notes "this is gonna be a long drive."  Priceless!

"Crossroad Blues"
Robert Johnson - "Crossroad Blues"

I love that they were able to work in Robert Johnson's songs. I love the Blues.

During the second flashback...

in Rosedale, Mississippi 1930... Cross Road Blues is playing....

...we see the same man from the opening scene placing a little sack into the ground.

He stands up and a woman appears behind him.

Robert: Holy...

Demon: Holy?( her eyes go red) Guess again.

Robert: I wanna play guitar. I want you to make me the best bluesman ever lived.

Demon: If that's what you want

Robert: So how do we shake on it?

The demon shakes her head and proceeds to kiss him on the lips.

She then disappears, leaving him standing in the middle of the crossroad.

I do have to give honourable mention to Christopher Lennertz's score in the opening scene where the Robert Johnson character is playing on stage. It  was amazing. 

Jefferson Airplane – "White Rabbit"

In the opening scene we see a mini tape recorder on a table and a man telling Scott not to be afraid, that he could tell him anything. The camera moves to a business card indicating Scott is with a Doctor.

The camera then moves towards a young man sitting on a couch, which we assume is Scott.

As he starts to tell the doctor about his problem, the music slowly starts in as background.

The music continues while Scott talks to his psychologist about his abilities and the yellow-eyed man.

The music then gets louder as we see Scott now walking along a pathway to his car.

Once  he reaches his car and he sees a figure standing behind from the reflection in the car window.

As he turns to face the stranger, the stranger pulls a knife and stabs Scott. 

Well that's what I have for the first half of season two. I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any favorite musical moments that I haven’t mentioned,  please share with us! Part 2, which covers the second half of season 2, coming soon!


# cheryl42 2015-01-08 21:21
Back in Black, Stonehenge, White Rabbit....for the first half that about covers it for me. Thanks for the pictures.....Th at and the musical memories.