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Supernatural Season Two
Hits and Misses: Part One

Greetings!   So, these pieces seem to spark some intense discussion (which is awesome - some great thoughts and ideas in the comments on the last two installments) and I just wanted to clarify a few things before going into the rest of them. When I refer to a missed opportunity in relation to a particular episode, it's not necessarily that I don't like the episode, just that I have a wish-list item that I would have loved explored. TV has limits of budget and time so they can't fulfill all the what-if or flashback or back-story possibilities, but a girl can dream can't she? So, in essence, these lists are a mix of what I think truly didn't work and what I wish could have happened/been shown.

Secondly, and I should have stated this before but when I consider a season's Hits or Misses, I'm looking at the particular season in a sort of vacuum. By which I mean I'll look at in terms of what came before, but not necessarily what came afterwards. For example, in season one I said it was a miss that Dean didn't sort things out with John. However, in season two there is some"¦resolution (for lack of a better term) of this between John and Dean. This doesn't negate that in terms of season one on its own this was a miss for me. This was a sort of defacto rule established in my first article looking at the front half of season seven - because obviously (at the time of writing) I didn't know what the second half of the season would address. I don't know if that makes sense or not, but there it is.

Finally, in part two I'll include the list of more unanimously accepts Hits or Misses that I didn't put on the list. I didn't forget about them, just ran out of room! That said, I found it incredibly difficult to find a proportionate number of misses for all the hits in season two. It's such a solid season, so some of the misses are small things that, like with season one, may come across as nit-picky and I will mark these as such.

Okay, now that the housekeeping bits are out of the way, here are the Hits and Misses of season two, part one:

Hit: Ellen, Ash and the Roadhouse

There is probably little need to go into why Ellen rocked: she was a kick ass hunter chick who knew exactly how to handle the boys, whether it be a tough love or a tougher love approach. Ellen's introduction to the show was awesome - "˜nough said.
Ash, part of the Roadhouse crew was an equally great addition to the show. For starters, Ash was a fun character who fit well (as did the entire Roadhouse for the most part) within the middle-America, blue collar styling's of Supernatural but in an intelligent way. Secondly, as a genius with technology and machines, Ash allowed some of the research, etc. to take place off camera/behind the scenes, narrowing the necessary exposition.

Finally, the Roadhouse itself as a place was a hit. This apparent middle-of-nowhere bar gave the boys a touchstone that they'd sort of lost in the wake of their father's death. It also let the audience get a peek inside the hunter world and begin to understand that it's maybe more expansive than we initially thought.

Overall - the Roadhouse and the people connected to it were a hit.

Miss: Jo, in the beginning

While there is no question that I love Ellen and have felt that way from the beginning, Jo drove me crazy, at least in the beginning. I appreciate that Jo was supposed to represent a more naive world view on hunting and all things encompassed therein. She was young, impulsive and had enough information about those go-bump creatures to be reckless rather than a fully effective hunter like her mother. In my opinion, however, Jo was never fully developed as this green, hasty character and instead came across more petulant child who puts people around her in danger more often than anything else. This isn't to say Jo doesn't realize a more well-rounded character down the road, but for the purposes of this list and season two, Jo is always a miss for me.

Hit: Zombies and Graveyards, Oh My!

CSPWDT is a favourite episode of mine because it has tight delivery of the MOTW story as well as the one-shot characters. Forget vengeful spirit, we've got a revenge hungry zombie on the loose taking retribution against all who wronged her in life (and then some). Additionally (and more on this later) the subplot between Sam and Dean, where Dean is denying his feelings and lashing out at strangers and Sam is so focused on Dean that he would've missed the case entirely. From beginning to end, this is a fantastic episode and an all around hit.

 Miss: Clowning Around

Everybody Loves a Clown is one of my least favourite Supernatural episodes. Like some of the episodes that I dislike, there are strong pieces to the episode, but on a whole it just doesn't work for me. The "creature of the week" comes across as weakly conceived, in my opinion. Sure, the running gag of Sam's fear of clowns offers some amusement but for most of the time while the boys are at the circus, I find myself willing the episode to go fast and end. I can't even put my finger on what exactly it is about this episode, except large parts of it just don't feel Supernatural to me: the Rakshasa comes across as too clever, getting the drop on the boys a few times, and overall the evil clown thing tries too hard to be scary and smart and instead, at least to my mind, falls short. Thus, evil clowns at the circus are a miss for me.

Hit: Gordon and Lenore

Supernatural likes to play with the fixed views on good and evil. We've certainly had evil people in the past (The Benders), but these two characters demonstrate how someone can look good and appear to be fighting the good fight (Gordon) all while being six shades of crazy; and on the flip side, something that has been thought innately evil without hope of redemption (Lenore) can change. This is one of the episodes of Supernatural that challenges the way people think, even the way their own characters think, and have everyone maybe viewing the world a bit differently by the end.

Additionally, these characters are very well laid out. Gordon, for all intents and purposes, seems like a great, if eager, hunter whom Dean strikes a bond with. What becomes apparent by the end is how black and white in his world view Gordon is and just how dangerous that makes him. Lenore, on the other hand, strongly conveys her struggle with trying to remain on the right path and not succumb to her base instincts, rising above instead to keep the human in her alive and well. And by the end, despite all temptations, Lenore is successful where Gordon's crazy is amped up to eleven. For solid characters and some thoughtful reflection on the world and human condition at large, Bloodlust, Lenore and Gordon are a hit.

Miss: Detective Sheridan a.k.a. Flashing Neon "I'm Evil" Sign (Nitpick Alert!)

The Usual Suspects is one of my all time favourite SPN episodes: it's funny, it has an interesting storyline, and for once the MOTW is not the supernatural being. All of that aside, there is something about the lead detective, Peter Sheridan, that bugs me.  For me this character is FAKE. Maybe this was a creative choice on the part of the actor, given that Sheridan is supposed to be hiding his real self throughout the episode (you know, the murdering bastard part of himself). I find myself wondering why all the other detectives, particularly Diana Ballard, don't click in earlier that he is unstable and very clearly a liar. Sheridan just wants it too bad for the whole episode, and not in the "he killed my friend and I need justice" way. Maybe I could have bought that the other cops wouldn't know something was wrong with Sheridan if not for one oversell: that he volunteers to transport the prisoner - by himself- late at night. First of all, I can't believe police protocol would allow for this, not the least of which includes liability on the part of the police. Second, why would this prisoner be transported at heaven-knows-what-time at night? Sorry, but these things take time and paperwork to process. This is a pretty minor issue with an otherwise rock solid episode (hence the NP alert) but it is a miss in my book nonetheless.

Hit: Grieving

Sam and Dean are suffering the loss of their father as we open season two, and in this writer's opinion, their grief is tangible, convincing and wholly in character. For Sam, he's upfront about his feelings and wants to talk about them. Sam visits Mary's headstone, he tries to call Dean on his masked emotions and deals with everything in a largely Sammy Winchester way. For his part, Dean keeps a tight lid on his feelings for a good long while, and because of this we get the momentary lapses of control where his anger and grief take hold. In these moments, we see Dean lash out at Sam and the Impala; we see him pouring everything into a case (even more than usual) and take his anger out even on strangers (see: Angela's dad - CSPWDT). Finally, Dean breaks down on the side of the road and confesses his feelings to Sam, both of them teary-eyed and visibly upset. Yes, the grieving this season is spot on and a definite hit.

Miss: No Exit

Remember when I said Jo bugged me and, in my opinion, she was more of a whiny adolescent who put everyone in danger with her limited knowledge and impulsive attitudes? Yeah, well, this episode offers up shining examples of that behaviour. I'm not going to go any further into the Jo stuff here, as that'd be redundant and the episode has many other rich areas to mine for purposes of this Miss classification, just know that I really hated anything and everything that involved Jo in this episode.

Furthermore, I hate the bad guy in this one. The near misses and partial sightings of this "super scary" ghost just don't feel frightening so much as bad horror movie calibre to me. Also, the ghost serial killer combo failed, in my opinion. It was meant to up the ante in terms of the intelligence and danger level of the bad guy but it read to me more like a way to break the rules without really putting much thought into it: "we'll call it a super powerful ghost, so the usual limits, etc don't really work and also we'll call him a serial killer so he's extra creepy by caressing victims and such" - umm, yeah, this did nothing for me.

Finally, the last thing that was a real miss in this episode for me was the reveal about Jo's dad and John Winchester. Hate to say this again, but it felt like contrived drama more than anything else - there was no real and true purpose for this so-called twist and reveal.

No Exit was no hit - one of the few full-scale misses of season two, if you ask me.

Hit: Heart

What didn't this episode have? Drama, heady emotion, tragedy and strong characterization - all carved out in a short 42 minute span. This episode achieved what many made-for-TV movies strive for and miss - it made us care about Madison and get invested in her relationship with Sam in a very narrow window of time. Madison was a strong character, and because Sam loved her had such strong feelings for her and their situation, so did we - and this made the ending all the more heartbreaking. Add to that the brotherly moments, combined with the underlining knowledge that one day it may come down to Sam on the receiving end of that bullet, and this episode is positively Shakespearean. Brilliant episode, title card to end credits.

Miss: the powers - why do they have different ones?


This may or may not be a nitpick alert - you decide for yourself. Personally, I'm of the opinion the power storyline was kind of fumbled all around and was glad when it dropped off. Perhaps, unlike the majority, I really didn't like any of the other "special kids" and so my opinions on this plot point and everything encompassed therein likely stem from that dislike. These characters were never well-developed, to my view, and I was never really clear why they all had DIFFERENT abilities. Or was it the case that they all had the same, just hadn't figured out how to work the controls? This is one case that might have benefited from exposition just a tad or a less convoluted, cramped story design. There was a lot of mystery about these magic abilities and not in a good way - so Azazel's kids? Big miss in my book.

Hit: Meg Possesses Sam


This can't really be a surprise, as I think for the most part people really enjoyed this episode. Jared Padalecki was a good actor to this point, though still coming into his own. This performance ratcheted him up to A-list calibre in my book (he's consistently elevated this bar and continues to do so today). There was no question that this was Meg not Sam Winchester. The cold and unadulterated malevolence with which Jared depicts possessed Sam in this episode still gives me chills, even years after the fact. So that's the acting side of this Hit. From a plot point, it was also fantastic. This was unexpected, played on the unknown with regard to John's warning to Sam and the fears of Dean (and the audience) that Sam might "turn" into something wicked to be stopped. For the dramatic twists and supreme acting, the possession of Sam Winchester is unquestionably a hit.

Miss: Dean giving up the Impala - nitpick alert!


Okay, in truth there is no real, legitimate rhyme or reason for this one. I just absolutely loathe that Dean gives up the keys. I don't care how many magic Jedi hand sweeps he's subjected to, Dean Winchester should NEVER hand the keys over to a stranger. No way, no how. Doesn't jive for me. MISS!

Hit: Tessa


Tessa is our first real exposure to a reaper in Supernatural. Before her appearance, the silent and vengeful reaper in Faith was it. Tessa's character is interesting and well conjured: she starts off as an apparent person in need of help and gets close to Dean from that angle. By the time she reveals her true identity, she knows exactly what she needs to say and do to convince Dean that lingering on the astral plane is not for him. Tessa's approach is gentle yet authoritative and convincing - exactly right for someone who needs to convince Dean of anything. If not for YED interference, she'd have sold Dean on the afterlife and for that, Tessa is an undeniable hit.


So that's it for season two misses, part one. Stay tuned for part two coming in the next couple weeks!



# MisterGlass 2012-06-22 20:37
Thanks Elle, this is a good list. I'm anxious to jump in with my own Season 2 hits that aren't on here, but I'm guessing they are in part two, so I'll hold off until I see it.

Jo really was the big missed opportunity here. She was never a good love interest for Dean; their interactions on that score always felt awkward to me, and I wished they had skipped some of her attempts to get his attention to give her more character time. I do think that in her last episode of the season, "Born Under a Bad Sign", she was starting to become the wonderful character she ended up being in Season 5. I wish we had more time to enjoy her when she was a real hunter.

I have to say though, as female characters go, this is the strongest season to me. Ellen, Tessa (creature I know, but she manifests as female, and I'm counting it), Madison, Lenore, Detective Ballard, and Mary (in WIAWSNB). Even the crossroad demons had style. There is no other female character that has been introduced since then that I have had the same respect for other than Sheriff Jody Mills. Not trying to bash Bela, Anna, Ruby, or Lilith here, I just feel that in season two there was the closest we'll have to an abundance of good female characters.

Looking forward to the second half!
# elle 2012-06-22 23:25

Thanks for reading! I'll look forward to your hits list - it was so difficult for me to narrow down season two to a doable list of successes as it's a really tight season. I agree - as female characters go, season two was rich with great ones.
# Lynx 2012-06-22 21:06
Great list Elle. I have to agree with Everybody Loves a Clown being a miss. It's on my least favourite list too. Can't wait for part 2.

Just curious, are you going to do a Hits and misses list for the second half of season 7?
# elle 2012-06-22 23:08
Hi Lynx,
I am going to do the second half of season 7 - probably toward the end of the summer. I thought I'd work through season 2-6 over the hellatus and then wrap up with the second half of season 7.
# Lynx 2012-06-23 00:08
I'll look forward to them all!
# LEAH D 2012-06-22 21:35
It is always fun to look back at the earlier (and better) seasons.
I agree with most of your hits and misses with 2 exceptions. I kinda loved Dean getting mind bent out of his car keys. The look on his face was priceless as the Impala rolled off.
The second thing is an admitted nitpick. Even though I throughly enjoyed "Heart", I did not for a second think Sam loved Madison. Smitten, yes, and he desperately tried to save her but I think his strong emotions had more to do with other things than him loving her. Sam is a kind soul and saw the possibilities and he truly liked her alot and hated having to kill her. However he only knew her for a short period, surely not enough time for love to develop? I know others have said this before me but I have to agree.

Thanks for the nostalgic look back at one of my favorite seasons!
# MisterGlass 2012-06-22 21:42
I agree that Sam couldn't truly love Madison yet, but the possibility was definitely there. She was the first woman since Jess with whom he really had something, and having to kill her must have brought back Jess's death, making it doubly horrible.
# LEAH D 2012-06-22 22:18
Very true.
# Bevie 2012-06-23 14:07
I believe he had a big something with Sarah Blake from season one. She was a great female character.

Remember? "Sam, marry that girl!"
# rmoats8621 2012-06-24 03:10
I agree. I think that Sam and Sarah from season one had great chemistry. If they'd had a little more time together, I think they would have connected both physically and emotionally. Dean was all for it! Personally, I would love for the show to go back and explore this relationship.
# percysowner 2012-06-22 23:13
I agree that Sam didn't love Madison. He could have perhaps in time, but I felt that he related to her and liked her, but didn't love her. As much as I loved Heart, I thought there was a slight miss in it. I always wished that instead of Madison, Sarah Blake from Provenance had moved to San Francisco and she had called Sam and Dean when she realized that something supernatural was going on. She would have been the one infected. I think that with the connection she had formed with Sam in season one and with the fact that she was a fairly popular female character, Heart would have been stronger having her be the werewolf.
# kaj 2012-06-24 00:08
Yep. I think so too. It's too melodramatic for Madison. Now, Sarah Blake would be a big Hit.

What makes it feels off is Dean and Sam has to do the Rock Paper Scissors thing to stay the night with her. Huh? I know it's fun to see them banter but I can imagine if it's Sarah, Dean would be like, "Well, I'll leave Sam here to guard you and I'll watch the guy." Then, Sam awkwardly, shyly perhaps, halfheartedly bitchfacing at Dean and Dean giving his Big Brother tips for sex and the like that mortified Sam.

It'll be really really cute because the Sarah character has already developed in S1 and she's the girl Dean approved of to be with Sam. Also it'll be believable if Sam connect to her more than he is with Madison. Madison is a miss for me.
# elle 2012-06-22 23:24
Thanks for your comments!

I agree - Sam didn't love her - just had intense feelings likely amped up by the circumstances. I've corrected my choice of wording above.

Thank you for reading!
# KELLY 2012-06-23 01:12
I didn’t absolutely love any of the Roadhouse characters to begin with. Their entrance felt forced to me. And they weren’t bothering with any kind of subtlety with LOVE INTEREST FOR DEAN. But Ellen and Ash quickly won me over. Jo was a little harder. I liked how she was written in Simon Says and then the next episode was No Exit, which she did come off a little immature, again no subtlety in the writing. But I really liked her in Born Under A Bad Sign.

The clown case was definitely a miss for me (except for Sam’s clown moments), but the brother moments are a HUGE hit with me. The totally make up for the less than wow worthy plot.

Nothing is a miss about Bloodlust. Fantastic episode. Return of baby, one of the best bad guys(I love to hate Gordon), monsters who aren’t and great brother moments including, “Only he gets to call me that” when Gordon called him Sammy. Love Bloodlust.
CSPWDT was great too. I can’t think of any misses, but again love the bro mo most.

And I loved Simon Says, I think that was Edlund’s first episode, and this was probably the first episode that made my completely laugh out loud several times. Loved Andy. And I thought that scene where Dean gives the car to Andy was hilarious.

No Exit –Big Miss worst of the season for me.

I didn’t love Usual Suspects the first times I saw it, but then the more I watched it the better I like it. Now I really love it. But I agree that guy was a miss.

Heart for me boils down to 2 things. HOT sex scene. HIT DING DING DING. And that total gut wrenching scene at the end. Sam was just a mess. Not only having to kill her but becoming increasing fearful about what he was going to become and the look on Dean’s face while he watches just destroys me.

Born Under A Bad Sign. Complete hit in every way. Yeah, Jensen was showing Jared up a bit in season 1, but by this episode, he was full on bad ass. That sing-songy “My daddy shot your daddy in the head” freaking creepy.

Now I disagree on the power kids, at least to some extent. I totally adored Andy. I hated when he got killed. I really like Ava too until she turned evil.
# PaintedWolf 2012-06-25 04:10
Funnily enough, Kelly, the Roadhouse was a bit of a forced entrance. I remember reading that while they were still in pre-production for Season 2, Kripke and the team got a note from the higher-ups, saying that they wanted the boys to have a sort of stop-off where they could interact with other hunters and possibly introduce some new characters.
If I remember correctly, Kripke was against the idea until someone, Bob Singer I think, suggested they make it like the Star Wars cantina.
Man, I know way too much about this show :-*
# Gwen 2012-06-23 04:58
I wasn't a fan of The Roadhouse characters at all but I did change my mind about Ellen in Hunted. I loved her from then on. But in ELAC they were all a miss for me.

I did love the rest of ELAC though. It's still one of my favourite episodes. I loved the whole bit about the clowns and Sam's fear of them and the brotherly moments were wonderful. All the pain and hurt and grief...those poor boys ripped my heart to shreds in this episode.

Grieving was a hit and a miss for me. I think that the grieving for both boys was excellently written in ELAC but not quite so excellent after that.

Gordon and Lenore - yes, huge hit for me too. Bloodlust is a huge hit all round; loved Sam telling Gordon that only Dean gets to call him 'Sammy' and Dean's little smile when he hears this. One of my favourite scenes ever. :lol:

No Exit. Huge miss. Worst episode of S2 for me.

Heart. Huge hit. Those last few scenes...Sam running to find his big brother at the hotel, then the tears, the music, Dean being so wonderfully big brotherly...oh dear, I get all wobbly just thinking about it.

The powers. Hit and Miss for me. I liked the 'special kids', especially Andy and Ava but I agree with you, I think the whole storyline was fumbled.

BUABS. Wow. Just wow. Another huge hit.

Dean giving up the Impala. I didn't mind this. It kind of made me laugh. The look on his face was priceless.

Thanks so much for this. I do so love looking back on earlier seasons, especially 1-3 which have always been my favourites.
# hedi 2012-06-23 06:44
wow great list Elle! actually i'm re-watching season 2 from the start now and it was great to read your opinions on episodes that i recently watched!

i gotta say , i am damn agree with you on Jo character. i think she was never a good choice to be with dean and everything and "no exit" episode was one of the worst of the season,nothing in it was good and that thing about John was just to break him down more for dean , right?! and that was just terrible! and i've got to add that although its my idea , but i truly don't like Alona's acting at all. she is not a proper actress.

i have to say about Heart that yes , its not that easy to LOVE someone so quick but i think Sam did have a thing for her because he felt like , Madison is very alike him , having some kind of demon inside her just like himself. so thats why he felt more about her.

totally agree on Tessa, she was a great character!

looking forward to your next half of the season. by the way , you said you did a list like this for season 7 's first half , can i ask where is it?!
# alysha 2012-06-23 07:04
As for the powers, i saw them as the first manifestation the psychic would have and then slowly they would be open to all the angelic powers. Yes, angelic, because as the powers grew, think Sam in season four, the vessel was becoming more ready for Lucifer.
# Ginger 2012-06-23 08:09
I loved the Roadhouse, but my opinion of Jo never improved beyond this episode. Her introduction screamed love interest and her character screamed immature, entitled brat flirting with the big, bad hunter, and that impression was furthered in No Exit. Can't stand that episode.

I did love Ellen and Ash from the very beginning, and I think the missed opportunities was in not using Ellen more in a limited surrogate mother way and not exploring the connection that Dean and Ash seemed to have in that episode.

I also thought Everyone Loves A Clown was an excellent episode. IMO, the balance of exploring both Sam and Dean's grief was perfect. Sam reached some resolution with his relationship with John, but he also was showing deep concern for Dean, while Dean was absolutely devastated. This episode, for me, was a tribute to Sam's character.

I really liked Heart, too. This was the first episode where Sam identified with the monster and thought if he could save Madison, then there was some hope for him (something further explored in Metamorphosis). The difference between Madison and Jo, though, was that Madison's character acted like a mature woman.

In both ELAC and Heart Sam's character wasn't shown to bejust whining and worried about his demon blood -- something that started getting on my nerves by the end of S2 because the writers overdid it . In these two episodes, though, Sam was being proactive, the brothers were together and caring about each other, and they were working together.

I loved Andy and didn't mind the scene were Dean gave up the Impala. I thought it was handled well, with Andy returning it unharmed and the keys in it. And who can forget, "We're not the droids you're looking for."

I was glad they killed off all the psychic kids and dropped that storyline in favor of the 'boy king,' and can Dean save Sam from his 'destiny.' I thought that was a much more interesting storyline to take.
# Melanie 2012-06-23 13:56
For me, the whole Roadhouse was a huge 'miss' -- I was so happy when it burned down. I was only sorry that the Harvelles weren't home when it happened.
The sparing use of the three characters in later seasons and the truly poignant deaths of Ellen & Jo were much better than ANY of their appearances in S2. Except the scenes in "Born Under A Bad Sign" where Sam!Meg tells Jo that Dean thinks of her like a little sister - and "My Daddy shot your Daddy in the head." Those are still my favorites.
# Bevie 2012-06-23 13:59
As with your first season hits and misses, I again enthiusiastical ly agree with your hits in this part 1. But I thoroughly disagree with your misses and the only nit pick I might agree with are the different abilities of the psychic kids.

According to Ruby, Sam never needed the blood (in the future) and yet he needed to drink gallons to overcome Lucifer. Didn't make any sense to me that Andy and the others developed their powers without said blood drinking.
As it was said, the powers clicked on in the brain faster and faster and all the kids we saw were way ahead of Sammy at the same age. That was my only nit pick with season 2. I guess Sam wasn't trying very hard?

Personally I loved Jo from the start and as I watch my episodes in order over and over, I grew to love No Exit for the Dean & Jo exchanges and the obvious crush Jo had on Dean. She had great taste I must say. (Missing Ellen and Jo so very very much)

Always loved Everybody Loves a Clown from the first viewing. Enjoyed the carnival surroundings and the teasing re clowns from Dean and the angst between the brothers re their Dad's passing. Love the long walk down the country road. Loved Sam's expression as the little person clown approaches him. :D

I too loved Andy, and Dean giving up the Impala to him showed us how powerful Andy's powers were, and how he was a good person to not abuse them like his nasty brother did. Loved when he made Dean tell the truth while Sam is having a hairy fit trying to shut him up. And "These aren't the droids you're looking for" was a hoot! Wish they hadn't killed off Andy at the end of the season. Another waste of a great character. :sad:

I do have trouble even nit picking from the pilot to Lazarus Rising, but after that - - -

The first 3 seasons grouped together are just wondrous television entertainment and I loved it and love it more every time I rewatch. Up until Dean goes to hell, there is a hope for the future and a certain light heartedness in between the angst and the misery that are mostly missing beginning in season 4 and the dependence and emotion and love between the brothers was front and centre. Also they managed to defeat nearly all the baddies and had that accomplishment to keep them going and give them hope.. Even though that has disappeared, I am still hooked on this show and always will be until the end. I just wish they could win a few more and be a little more close than lately.
# kaj 2012-06-24 00:49
I think I agree with S2 the theory on the mechanism of the power. It's Ruby that I don't agree with. I hate her before, I hate her now. I hate her with a passion and because she's demon I always suspicious of anything that comes out of her mouth.

According to Ruby, Sam never needed the blood (in the future) and yet he needed to drink gallons to overcome Lucifer.
she's lying and she's the one that doesn't make sense to me. And because Castiel amended the fact by saying that Lucifer's then vessel drink gallons of it also doesn't make sense. Who wrote the episode anyway? didn't they watch the previous season's episode for reference? It's like S4 and S5 are spin offs from the 3 previous Seasons.

Didn't make any sense to me that Andy and the others developed their powers without said blood drinking.
To me, this is the one that makes sense.

I still think Sam can end Lilith with the power of his own but Ruby told him to drain the nurse just cause. Because she is a demon. Demons mission is to drag as much as human's soul to hell by tempting them to do evil. Sam's action in draining and killing the nurse is always a plus in Ruby's report book. To be able to make human to do bad things is always a plus for a demon.

-Tempting Sam Winchester to drain from innocent, although possessed, nurse. A+ for Ruby
-Manipulating him with deceit and lies to trust a demon over his own brother. A++ for Ruby
-Gaining trust of the brother, aka Michael's vessel, Another A+ for Ruby.

When she died, Ruby's report book is full of straight A's and she would ascend to a higher demon class if only she's not dead. Perhaps she could graduate and become a professor of deceit in Demon university.

Demons whisper to our ears that what we did is good that we're helping ppl, at first, just like what Ruby said to Sam, but once we begin to trust them they start the lies and we won't know the difference because we're already hooked. i guess the moral here is Never Trust Demons even if They Appear to be nice. Their true mission is to drag us to hell.

Yes, I agree Sam never need the demon blood to get more powerful. He never train on his power and never uses it. Perhaps he was just afraid of Dean's view of him. Sam values Dean's opinion the most. He never wants Dean to look at him and think of him as monster. It's the thing that consistent to S7.

When demon posses people they can use their demonic power just fine because their blood are already suffused with demon blood. Remember Croatoan? the sulfur in the blood of the possessed? Alistair changed vessel at least twice and he never has problem in using his power. So, since Lucifer is an angel and angel vessel never need to drink angel's blood or any blood to be able to house and angel and use angelic power the theory that Sam has to drink Demon blood to house Lucifer doesn't make sense. Most of S4 don't make sense to me.

Jimmy Novak never has to drink anything to be Castiel's vessel. He only has to give Cas his permission.
# Amy 2012-06-23 15:29
Born Under a Bad Sign. Scary, terrifying, evil Meg. And jared sold it ad made me fear what this demon could do...what he motives might be. In the present if Sam were to be possessed by Meg he'd spend the hour whining about demons being secnd class citizens. Bleck.

Gordon was a huge huge Hit for me and I fervently hope he finds a way out of purgatory. Doors gonna be opening soon maybe he can pull a JW. :)

Jo....stupid, bratty, immature .... Uggggg. Ellen and Ash are hits. The end of the Roadhouse signifies the point where the writers quite writing the show as blood collar and centering on Humanity fighting for their kind in favor of Supernatural and making the monsters heroes/brothers/family/

what happened to humanity fighting for humnaity with shades of grey?

heart Hit. Intense situations create intense emotions. :).

Andy mindforcing Dean to give up the keys. Too bad he didn't drive her off a cliff. Can't stand that car.
# rmoats8621 2012-06-24 03:21
Andy mindforcing Dean to give up the keys. Too bad he didn't drive her off a cliff. Can't stand that car.
Totally disagree with this....I love the Impala aka Dean's baby, but then again, I'm a Chevy girl!
# kaj 2012-06-24 00:35
The psychic children is a too crowded plot for second season. It's like the writers throw it there and left it go no where. Now, If Supernatural has a spin off, it'll be good to pick up this thread. I've watched Supernatural Animation and the writers there give much more thought to the plot. It's good if it's written like that.

I absolutely like the idea of psychic children. Kinda like Heroes. To me there's nothing odd with them having different powers. Azazel was picking out children who already has potential for psychic powers. No matter what the power they have, all are different making it interesting, because only children with that power has the stamina and strength to house Lucifer inside their body.

So, to me, Sam's psychic powers are natural even wthout the Demon blood. the reason for Azazels blood is :
1. To tie them to him. So that Azazel knows where all his children are at all time. He's watching them. Remember when Lucifer reveals that Sam's been surrounded by Demons since he was in Junior school. Even the girl he went to prom with was a demon. Sam's being watched. The Demon blood in his system is a honing device for Azazel.

2. For Azazel to be able to manipulate him. bad things like drugs has addictive capacity. When you are under its influence you are vulnerable to bad suggestion. Azazel had invaded the children's dreams. Being a Demon he manipulate them with deceit. Including Sam but since Sam is stronger than all of the children and because he hasn't drink Demon blood ever since the first drop, he is able to refuse him, barely. With Ruby, he is all down. Not listening to reason and distancing yourself to your family. Drugs do that to real people too.

3. Why? Because IMHO, The only one who knows about the identity of the perfect vessel is The Archangels and God. Lucifer knows but he's in cage. Azazel must do a certain ritual at a certain place an on certain time, just to be able to talk with him. Lucifer knows who is his perfect vessel but he cannot tell Azazel who he is. Lucifer will know if he sees Sam. It's like knowing but cannot tell. So, he told Azazel to do scouting duty. Collecting the potential vessel, the special children with supernatural power potential. Remember Croatoan? Meg was reporting to Azazel that it was a test for Sam. Azazel has a suspicion that Sam was The Vessel but he can't have it wrong of the plan will flounder. I bet he also put the other children under some kind of test just to see if they are The One.

The angles especially Michael already knows who the vessels are. They basically laughing their ass off seeing the Demons working their ass off combing the world's population for the One Vessel. Lucifer knows but he can't tell. Not until Dean break the seal that they realize that the Demon has found it too.

i can see the hidden plot of season 2 but yes, cramming the psychic children plot in only a season is too crowded. Perhaps if they expand it into 2 seasons it'll be clearer. It has potential to be a good plot. ..
# PaintedWolf 2012-06-25 03:58
Hi Elle, great list!
Season 2 is still one of my favourite seasons, actually the one I think I've watched the most. Plus, it also has my still all time favourite episode in it-Born Under A Bad Sign.
Looking forward to part two...
# kerinda 2012-07-06 11:39
season 2 was by far the best season ever and 2 eps made me fall in love with the show and jared. born under a bad sign is the best jared was so great in this. playing evil is hard and I love the good guy goes badass its hot it so got me to remind of the 1st season in buffy and the ep that xander got alittle evil big buffy fan and to see a good guy get alitte evil is a turn on. The next is heart I cry everytime at the end sam truly cared about her and wanted to save her because they was both alike they could not control whats inside them and to think he could not save her how can he save himself.