The Music, Season 2:
In My Time Of Dying
The recap comes to "Stranglehold", and since Carry On, Wayward Son hadn't yet become 'THE' music, it seems right. In fact, every season premier has been different, Season 3 opened to "Hell's Bells" by AC/DC and Season 4 to "You Shook Me All Night Long," again, by AC/DC (Note from Alice: "Hell's Bells" was WAY cooler). I'm cool with that, for it's the finales that I need the comfort of Carry On, Wayward Son.
"Stranglehold" by Ted Nugent


Yeah, you know it had to come sooner or later. I've always liked this song, and not just 'cause when I was in ninth grade (*dates self*) a fellow student slipped this cassette (yeah, they were cassettes then) into the A/V equipment prior to the teacher turning on a movie; on came the movie and out blasted Back in Black - it was cool 'teach' even let it play for a little bit and grinned ear to ear!
The line that always has me grinning and knowing that EK and crew believe this to be 'the girl's' song, "I got nine lives, cat's eyes."
"Back in Black" by AC/DC
Simon Said
This song just works here,too cool.
"Stonehenge" by Spinal Tap
Still the best use of music...ever.
"Renegade" by Styx
Houses of the Holy:
Similar to Faith this plays as the background for the boys' discussion about their mutual discoveries about angels and heaven and faith and prayer,it just works.
"Knocking on Heaven's Door" by Bob Dylan
Born Under a Bad Sign
For those of you who read my Season 1 music you may remember I said I'm not that much of a music aficionado,and I'm not. I can't name a single song for The Doors, although I'm sure I would know them if I heard them but I just like this. I also remember reading in an article in the SPN magazine that Kripke does not like a single song of The Doors, but the director and editors liked this song and thus they broached it to him and he went with it 'cause it DID work in the scene,way to go, Eric.
(Note from Alice: I'm including the entire scene. It's just too delicious. One of my all-time favorites. Sick of me saying that yet?) 
"The Crystal Ship" by The Doors
Tall Tales
"Lady in Red" by Chris De Burgh
(This clip is found at the article, Top Ten Funniest Moments #2)
Hollywood Babylon
Isn't this how we all envision it ending,maybe?
"Green Peppers" by Herb Alpert and Tijuana Brass
Folsom Prison Blues:
After Renegade, this is my favorite for this season.
"Rooster" by Alice in Chains
What is and What Should Never Be
"What a Wonderful World" by Joey Ramone


All Hell Breaks Loose II
It's tradition,and it must continue.
"Carry on, Wayward Son" by Kansas
So there you have it, the musical memories of the second season. Just to be daring I'm gonna rank my top five for Season 2
Number 5:       Stonehenge
Number 4:       Carry On, Wayward Son
Number 3:       Back in Black
Number 2:       Rooster
Number 1:       Renegade
Alice, did I miss any? Give Alice a huge, huge, awesomely huge big thanks 'cause all I gots to do is just write these little bits in here. Alice tracks down the clips, loads them up, syncs them in and does all the wizardry. Thank you, Alice.
Alice's Take
Again, a super awesome list elle2, but indeed you did forget a few. These aren't all of them, for with songs like "House of The Rising Sun" in "Roadkill," even though I like that song, didn't do much in the episode. Still, there's some notable ones.  
Musically, you aren't going to get stronger than the episode "Heart." That episode featured not one but THREE fantastic songs. First was "Down the Street" by The Stooges when Dean was tracking to so called psycho boyfriend.  Being a Detroit girl, it's an awesome song, and great use of it here. 
"Down The Street" by The Stooges
"Looking At You" by the Screaming Trees, aka the sex scene song, see gratuitous moments, #2.
This one is a ground breaker, and a huge one that reduce many to puddles of tears. It even made the meta on "Monster At The End Of This Book." Madison, after her and Sam's night of hot passion, is indeed a Werewolf and cannot be saved. She asks Sam to kill her. So, to add to the already overwrought drama, why not throw in Queensryche's "Silent Lucidity." Especially when the music stops exactly at the point the gun goes off, startling Dean. Kim Manners did that one and it showed. 
"Silent Lucidity" by Queensryche
This next one was a stunner too.  It came at the beginning of "Hunted" and featured the mind bending montage of yet another psychic kid and his chilling hang ups, all to "White Rabbit" while being hunted by Gordon Walker. Best use of the Jefferson Airplane ever.

"White Rabbit" by The Jefferson Airplane
Under the best comical moments, music plays a role in "No Exit." Dean turns on the radio after a tense situation where a pissed off Ellen is in the car after getting Jo. So, what better to come on than Foreigner's "Cold as Ice"? Music can be funny too, but then again "Lady in Red" proved that. 
"Cold As Ice," by Foreigner. 
Finally, another opening montage, this time building up the tension for Sam's "special children" showdown, and what's cool about this is the music blends into the opening scene, where Sam disappears in the diner after he and Dean quip about onions and pie. I don't really like Boston, which is why you aren't getting "Don't Look Back" from "All Hell Breaks Loose Part II," but the use of the song in this scene was cool. 
"Don't Look Back," by Boston.