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Welcome again to Memorable Moments of "Supernatural" Past. For season three  I chose Jus In Bello. This very action packed episode was the last episode aired before the Writers went on strike.                

Best Broment

Sam  patching up Dean after being shot by a possessed Agent Groves.  

vlcsnap 00059

Brother's in Unison

Sam and Dean showing their Tattoos. ( vlcsnap 00092)

vlcsnap 00092

And slumping down the wall after being released from the demon spell. 

vlcsnap 00129

Best Sam Moment

Sam sitting back barley listening to Henriksen's until he makes a nasty comment about their father. 

vlcsnap 00030

He then sits up beside Dean, making it clear you don't mess with his family. 

vlcsnap 00034

Best Dean Moment

Dean and Henriksen's conversation about the real world. 

vlcsnap 00102

 Henriksen: So turns out demons are real.

Dean: FYI ghost are real too. So are werewolves, vampires, changelings, evil clowns that eat people ...

Henriksen: Okay then.

Dean: If it makes you feel any better, Bigfoot's a hoax.

Henriksen: It doesn't.

vlcsnap 00133

Coolest Moment

Sam recording the exorcism on the recorder to trap and exorcise the demons.  

vlcsnap 00127

Most Chilling Moment

Seeing a sweet little girl, become the demon Lilith.   

vlcsnap 00138

Saddest Moment

vlcsnap 00141

Dean and ......   

...Sam's reaction after finding out that all the Officers including Henriksen had been killed.  

Funniest Moment

Henriksen recovering from being possessed and realizing 'I... I Shot the Sheriff'

vlcsnap 00077

And Dean responding with ' But you didn't shoot the Deputy'.... this of course led to ....

vlcsnap 00078

Best Bitch Face Moment

Sam responding to Dean's comment.

vlcsnap 00079

Best CGI/VFX scene

The many demon's smoke approaching......   

vlcsnap 00087

and attacking the Police Station. 

vlcsnap 00090

Best Camera Shot

The shot of Henriksen's head in the toilet with the rosary/crucifix floating around him.

vlcsnap 00075

Best Angle Shot

The over view of Henriksen shooting the Deputy.  

vlcsnap 00073

Best Guest Actor Scene(s)

vlcsnap 00011

Henriksen (Charles Malik Whitfield)  entering the Motel room and looking down at the brothers after they had been busted by the FBI. "Hi Guys, it's been awhile'.  

vlcsnap 00009

Sam and ..... (vlcsnap 00009)

vlcsnap 00010

Dean both looking up at Henriksen, knowing they are screwed. 

I hope you enjoyed my "Memorable Moments" review for Jus In Bello. Please share what your picks would be for these categories, or offer categories of your own!