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Malleus Maleficarum


Bombshell from fight with

Desperate housewitch “book club:”

Demons were human.

Dream A Little Dream Of Me

vlcsnap 00041

Deadly dreamer proves

Our ghosts, monsters, and demons

Are inside of us.

Mystery Spot


Tuesday’s nightmare trick:

Over and over again,

Watch your brother die.

Jus In Bello

vlcsnap 00092

What price victory?

When demons target the boys,

Allies pay the price.


vlcsnap 00098

Foolish amateurs

Videotape leap year ghosts;

Reality sucks.

Long Distance Call

SPN 0932

Desperate for hope,

Dean obeys his father’s voice:

Just crocotta lies.

Time Is On My Side


Immortal doctor

Tempts Sam with deal-breaking hope.

Bela meets her fate.

No Rest For The Wicked


No more deals, no time.

Sam shrugs off Lilith’s best shot;

Dean’s soul screams in Hell.

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