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Welcome to season three of the haiku episode guide! This one is shorter than all the others, since the season was truncated by the writers' strike that year. Things would have been VERY different, but for that: according to Kripke, his original plan never had Dean going to Hell, relying instead on Sam using his demon-given powers to free Dean from his deal. Kripke's original plan never included angels, either. Even not knowing that, how would YOU have briefly summarized each of this season's episodes?

The Magnificent Seven

vlcsnap 00052

Seven Deadly Sins:

Hunters become the hunted,

Facing hell’s freed horde.

The Kids Are Alright


Changeling kids drink moms.

Dean rues not being a dad.

Ruby’s a demon!

Bad Day At Black Rock


John’s cursed rabbit’s foot

Tempts and snares a clever thief:

Will it doom his sons?

Sin City


Demonic lovers

Play on human temptations.

Sam kills with the Colt.

Bedtime Stories

vlcsnap 00028

Comatose Snow White

Cries out through fairy tale deaths.

Sam kills a dead deal.

Red Sky At Morning


Ghost ship’s dead sailor

Drowns those who’ve killed close kindred:

Why would Bela die?

Fresh Blood

vlcsnap 00097

Gordon, hunting Sam,

Becomes what he hates the most.

Dean answers Sam’s plea.

A Very Supernatural Christmas

vlcsnap 00182

Pagan deities

Eat meadowsweet wreath buyers.

Sam gives Dean Christmas.