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Everyone knows the weak spot of the season, so I'll mention Bela and Ruby and make it quick. I don't think Ruby is all that bad and serves her purpose. However, the true recurring character of this show is Bobby, and for Bela and Ruby to get billing and more screen time over him didn't sit right with me. There's too much of them too fast, and it felt forced when looking at the season as a whole. Another weak spot only applies to those that had high expectations of seeing a full blown demon war this season. I guess they don't work that way.

I close out the retrospective with a random (and far from comprehensive) list of important lessons we learned from season three:

Dean would make the perfect dad, far better than his.

Never get on the bad side of Sam when razor wire is nearby.

Don't introduce an annoying character who teases the Winchesters like a bully and constantly steals their lunch money. It doesn't sit well with fans.

Watch out for Dean on his lucky day, for he has delusions of grandeur.

Don't mess with the phone company.

Killing Dean over and over again is actually fun.

The best way to horrify fans is through the use of basic kitchen utensils and eye sockets.

Winchesters in chains... sorry, I forgot my point.

Don't kill bunnies around Dean. He's a little sensitive about that.

Don't invite Sam into your dreams. He's a little violent.

Gay love can pierce through the veil of death and save the day.

Pliers and fingernails should never meet.

Family don't end with blood. You tell ‘em Bobby!

AMC Gremlins are the anti-Impalas.

Christmas is evil.

Fairy tales are evil.

Children are evil.

Birthday parties… oh, you get the point.

There ain't no happy ending.

And finally, Bon Jovi rocks, on occasion.

Considering this was my first live season for this show, I haven't been more thrilled with a series since season two of The West Wing. As much as I enjoyed season three though, I'm ready to throw it behind me and move on. Bring on season four!

In the meantime, to pass the time until next Thursday, share some of your fondest memories of season three. For example, share a favorite quote. Mine is, "If you fudging touch me again, I'll fudging kill ya!" Ah, good times. Or share what you learned from it. Let's send off season three with a bang!