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And now for the episode that never fails to make me sing a bad Celine Dion song repeatedly until I want to scream, it's "My Heart Will Go On."  Alice kept up her end of our article-writing bargain this week with her excellent review of "Mannequin 3," so I couldn't be the slacker and not do my part!  Anyway, "My Heart Will Go On" was directed by Phil Sgriccia, a man who, at this point, really needs no introduction.  So let's get to the pretty, shall we?


I really like here how the broken glass of the jar mirrors the shattered-glass opening for season 6.  And the glass shards mixed in with all the nails make really interesting patterns of contrast on the floor.  Not something I'd want to clean up, but I like looking at it!


This is a little morbid, what with the body lying there all blood-splattered and headless in the background, but it's such a cool shot!  I really like that the focus here is on the foreground and the missing bottle and there's just very casually a dead person in the background there.  Most shows would be all close-up on that, like, "Look how shocking our dead body is!"  On "Supernatural," a decapitated person is far less important than a visual clue showing us something is up.


Of course I love this shot, with Bobby's random crap everywhere and the side of the Impala just barely in view.  Except, psych!  That's totally not the Impala!  It's the horrible Halloween Mustang, scourge of the scrapyard, harbinger of vehicular doom.  It's a great fakeout shot, though, so well played, Mr. Sgriccia.


This shot just breaks my heart.  Ellen!  Oh, I want Ellen back for real!  This is such a married couple moment right here with Bobby just staring off into the middle distance and Ellen looking so concerned.  Kind of makes me wish they really had gotten together and that she and Jo didn't die.  Bobby and Ellen would have been good for each other.


Epic flashlight-fu right here.  I think one episode this season should be mostly in the dark and the only lighting allowed are flashlights.  Can you imagine how long that visual review would be?


I love this travel agency.  Clearly, it is the worst travel agency ever.  The posters on the wall are hysterically bad.  I mean, "Visit Cuba: America's #1 Holiday Destination" is such a farce because Americans can't travel to Cuba.  It's not illegal just to go there, but it is illegal for U.S. citizens to have transactions there, such as spending money or receiving gifts, according to Wikipedia.  So there's no practical way to actually go to Cuba and not do something illegal.  And don't even get me started on how wrong it is to say Detroit is America's number-one city!  Not even people from Detroit who love the place dearly will say that!  The only way this place could be any worse is if they had a poster saying "Visit North Korea! Now With .025% Less Famine and Oppression!"  Update: I just checked the Super-Wiki page for this episode, and it's possible that these are subtle clues about what changed in the U.S. if the Titanic didn't sink.  Well, that went right over my head!  Subtle clues, you are very subtle.


I want to know who's in charge of the paper-based props on this show and give them a high five or something because the books the prop department comes up with are just stunningly gorgeous.  I could probably make a Top 10 list of the best books this show has had.  The attention to detail in them is amazing.  It makes my fingers itch to hold them.  They probably have that awesome old-book smell, too.


This is such a cool shot.  It looks like Sam is a ghost or some sort of spirit projection!  Dean's in the background, only seen through the window, and it looks like Sam is in the window or...I don't even know what's going on.  It just looks amazing and so strange.


I like this shot for two reasons.  One, it's just such a classic shot of Sam and Dean being Sam and Dean.  The only way it could be more classic is if Dean was eating something.  Two, this hotel has such an amaing amount of different geometric aspects to it.  I mean, you've got the triangles on the wall with the rectangles underneath that and the squares on the floor below everything.  And that's complemented by the intricate damask-like patterns of the wallpaper and the bedspread.  It's a pattern feast!


I'm sure I've mentioned before how much I love profile shots, but I like this one even more because it's a partial profile.  All you really focus on when you see this shot are Dean's eyes, and that's all you need because Jensen is fantastic at ocular emoting.  The whole cast is, really, which is helpful when it's sometimes the only emoting that happens.


This is a fun little thing the crew did here, putting Balthazar into that picture of the Titanic crew.  I liked all the little touches like this in the episode.  It almost looks like Balthy really was on the Titanic with all those guys!


Except those guys weren't on the Titanic!  Yes, in an amazing feat of Photoshop trickery, the crew took this photo of the captain and officers of the Carpathia and photoshopped Balthazar and the Titanic captain in!  They also took out the gentleman in the top row, second from the left.  Fun facts: Carpathia was the ship that made its way through the ice fields on the night of the Titanic sinking, rescuing 705 survivors.  Margaret Brown, known as "The Unsinkable Molly Brown," gave that cup to Captain Arthur Henry Rostron in thanks for the rescue.  I don't know if it was deliberate, using a Carpathia picture this way as a tribute, but it's a really neat touch, so I will say yes, it was deliberate.  Well done, "Supernatural" crew.

There's your history lesson for this review.  See?  It's not ALL about the pretty!  (But it is mostly.)


I really like this shot of Bobby's house.  It looks almost warm and inviting, like the light is filtered through a soft filter, making it hazy and sweet and not at all like Bobby's house usually is.  It's unchanged and yet it's so different.


Oh, Bobby.  This is gorgeous, with Bobby just sitting at his desk with all his books around him.  The filtered light through the blinds is so cool.  And I like how the warm lighting is framed by the door, and then outside the doorway it's all filtered and blue and cool, not warm like the other room.  Very nice contrast.


Oh, Bobby.  Oh, Ellen.  Clearly, my heart will not go on because it is broken.  I really hope Jim Beaver or Samantha Ferris got to keep this picture because it's so lovely.  They were fantastic in all their scenes together in this episode, weren't they?

And there we have it.  And yes, I'm still singing that damn theme song in my head.  Celine Dion, get out of my head!  My top three favorites this time are 15, 8, and 7.  What are your favorites?  Seriously, how cool is it that they used a Carpathia crew picture?  And how weird is it that the real-life captain kind of looks like he could be Sebastian Roche's brother?


# MisterGlass 2011-08-19 21:34
Great choices! Ellen is awesome, I too wish she and Bobby could have had this companionship. I didn't notice that wonderfully patterned hotel room!

Nice research on the Carpathia picture, I'm so impressed that the production team used it and that you spotted it! I just assumed it was a Titanic picture.
# Holmes 2011-08-19 22:55
Love the ones you picked! They're all very cool!

My favorites are 8, 9, 14, 5 and 15 (so heartbreaking :sad: )

Thank you, Arde, this is just great!!! :-)
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-08-19 23:16
I loved this. I'm a visual writer, and yet I wouldn't know where to begin on the visual stuff the way you do.

I really liked how you said the Halloween Mustang, that's hilarious. Give me the Impala. Please. (But then I'm madly in love with my 2001 Impala).

I didn't catch that Sam Ghost until you pointed it out, but that's way cool. I wonder if now that I have a big screen TV I'll notice more of this stuff. So far, up to Home I've noticed far more than ever before.
# Jasminka 2011-08-20 06:33
I love the deal you and Alice made! This is the kind of fruit coming from it I love to relish!

Your choices were stellar, Flamey, and I particularly loved the motel room pattern feast!

And the Titanic photo-shop. It feels to me I have read everything ever published on that horrific event, and now my friend's youngest son (10 years !!) is doing so, too. He can actually tell you how many tons of steel were used!
He will be thrilled when I show him this! And perhaps I'll slide being-a-superna tural-fan through his back door and make him our youngest follower... :lol:

Love, Jas
# nancyL 2011-08-20 16:32
Ardeospina, may I say that you are my hero. :lol:

First you dis the Charger, via your visual review of '3rd man'. May I remind everyone: #6, ' stupid the Charger is', and lucky number 13, 'Ding dong the witch is dead!'. All kinds of love I sent to you at the time.

Now your hatred is towards a Mustang that didn't even last the entire episode. Maybe Kripke wanted it for his first choice, but he was shown the error of his ways. Thank Chuck. :D
Poor Mustang, 'horrible Halloween Mustang, scourge of the scrapyard, harbinger of vehicular doom.'

Long Live the Impala. :lol:
But, I wish that she would be able to go one season finale without getting beaten up. Please Sera. :-|
# Sylvie 2011-08-21 11:28
This particular episode meant alot to me. Being from Montreal, I have a love-hate relationship to anything involving Céline Dion. I can't stand her music, I'm more of a Led Zeppelin fan, but I admire what she has done for herself, she does deserve it after all. But I laughed so hard at the joke that she was a washed up lounge singer from Québec!

Now, on to your beautiful review. I so loved that picture of ghost Sam, I had not noticed it before. It's so great that your eyes can catch these great shots, many kudos to you. And the photoshop of the picture from the Cartathia of all things. This is why we thank the crew behind SPN again and again, they are a very clever bunch. And Ellen and Bobby, a dream couple if ever there was one. I was so sad at the end that we had to lose her again.

Thanks yet again for the beautiful shots that you choose for these visual reviews.
# BagginsDVM 2011-08-23 23:25
#4, I really loved the idea of Bobby & Ellen together.

#7 for that beautiful handwriting.

Also, I loved the history lesson of the Titanic & Carpathia & how the pic was photoshopped!
# bilbosmom 2011-09-07 13:58
My goodness, Kathy Bates DOES look like Molly Brown!! Arde, these are great!