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Here we go, final round of the Season Six Awards.  These categories are a little looser for the most part, but every bit as fun!  Let's see what won some kudos...

But first, miss Part One?  How about Part Two?  You might want to read those first.

Worst Use of a Totally Freaking Awesome Sci-Fi Icon

Getting Mitch Pileggi to come back as Grandpa Campbell was certainly an inspired idea.  But wait, isn’t his character dead?  Right, like that’s ever stopped Sam and Dean from coming back.  So once that implausibility is out of the way, it’s a case of the badass hunting Grandpa we got to know in “In The Beginning” fighting side by side with his loyal grandsons, right?  
Erm...not quite.  I suppose if I were in the writer’s room meetings, I definitely wouldn’t have gone with “Make him morally ambiguous, then turn him on his own grandsons because he’s too shallow to not judge them both based on the deplorable actions of soulless Sam.”  Then before we get any kind of answers or character redemption, Sam blows him away in one quick shot and that’s the end.  
Yeah.  Why even bring him back?  He didn’t even make a very interesting red herring.  We were too confused by his actions to really embrace anything Samuel brought to the table.  Which in the end, was nothing.  
But that certainly isn’t the fault of the man who has thrilled me with his acting since the days of the X-Files.  You deserved better Mitch.  You deserved better.  

Best Behind The Scenes Story

The story as told by Jared as Asylum 6:  
“He (Misha) was talking a bunch of trash about scrabble, where there’s a phone game called Words and Friends.  It’s basically scrabble for free on your iphone, Android stuff like that.  I love the game and I’m playing it all the time on the set because I have friends in Texas and my family, blah blah.  He was like ‘What are you doing?‘  I was ‘I’m  playing scrabble, it’s called Words and Friends.‘  And he’s like ‘Ah, do you want to play?‘  ‘Sure‘ so we played and I won.  I won by 11 points or something.  He was so mad he’s, ‘Let’s make it interesting.‘  I was like ‘Let’s make it interesting.‘  Ten bucks a point to the winner.  I was like ‘okay.’
Usually games end in 5, 15 you know so I was like ‘Man, you’re gonna to owe me $150 bucks.  You’re going to owe me a lot of money,’ because I’m talking trash.  So we start playing.  We shake on it and we agree to it whatever he sees.  We start playing and immediately I get a word that was worth 160 points.  So he’s now losing by 140 points times $10 a point.  I was like “Misha, we can call this a walk” but he’s too stubborn.  He’s like ‘No, don’t talk to me.’  He keeps on going and I get another word worth 180 points.  He’s like, ‘How is this guy that didn’t go to high school, this gargantuan moose man, beating me in scrabble and spelling?'  He didn’t know that I was an academic myself.  
The point of the story is the game’s over and I win by 205 points.  I’m like, “Misha, look man, we’re buddies, you don’t have to pay me.  If it was 50 bucks I’d make you pay me but it’s $2000.  You’ve got a wife, a kid, I don’t want this money.  He’s like ‘No you get this money get out of my face.’  He started getting all persnickety about it.  I was like ‘Alright, if you’re going to be that way about it, give me my money.  I was planning all along to give that money to his charity.  He didn’t know that because I didn’t tell him.  I kept on talking trash ‘Give me my money, give me my money, give me my money.’  
He didn’t give me my money for a long, long time.  I didn’t know why but I was like,  ‘Misha, how long does it take you to go to a bank?  Where’s my money?  You’re a big movie star that’s in movies and TV shows, your fancy cars, you’ve got your nice clothes...’  I was just talking trash.  Finally I’m on the set and everyone’s acting a little strange.  It’s been about a month or two months.  I’m, ‘Why is everyone looking at me funny?  My fly, my face...’  Finally it’s in between takes and I go out to my trailer and open my door and there’s over $2000 in change.  My dog, my shepherd Sadie, she won’t come to the door because she won’t step on the coins.  She’s kind of like, ‘bark’ and she won’t come to the door.  I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’
I think there were over 100,000 coins.  There were 78,000 pennies.  It turns out the reason it took so long is he had to drive to 8 banks asking for (change).  So, I had spent an hour cleaning it up with a shovel.  I got a shovel from the set and started putting it into buckets.  It was 200 lbs of change.  I put it into 3 buckets and when he was on the set I took his keys and unlocked his car and poured one of the buckets into his car.  I wrote ‘Dear Misha, Thanks for paying your debt, now if you would be so kind, please make this donation payable to (your charity), I think it’s about $700.’  And I signed it.  
It was all over his car and he didn’t clean it.  For the next two weeks he’d was driving around.  He said that every time that we would stop the change would go ‘Woosh‘ and every time he’d go it would go ‘Woosh’ and then one of the quarters had fallen into his seat belt (latch). I felt kind of badly about that because he has a kid.  We ended up getting a shop vac and cleaning his car out for him.  We donated that money to his charity and the rest to a ride for cancer that our First A.D participates in.  It played out pretty nicely.”

Not sure about you, but I think this beats last year’s pumpkin underwear story by a mile!        
Here’s the tale on Youtube for those that want to hear Jared tell it.  It’s hilarious!



Most Batshit Crazy Plot of the Season (Perhaps Series)
I know what you’re thinking, the entire “The French Mistake” episode.  Yeah, but that was an alternative universe and given the angel storyline, it’s plausible.  If I’m voting, it’s Fairies.  
Let’s follow the WILDLY bouncing ball.  People are disappearing in a small town.  Aliens are responsible.  The freakshow rides into town, and so does Sam and Dean.  

“If you want to add glitter to that glue you’re sniffing, that’s fine, but don’t dump your whackadoo all over us, we’d rather not step in it.  The only thing you’re missing is a couple dozen cats sister.”  
Dean investigates the field alone while Sam tails a suspect.  Dean calls Sam just in time to be chased down by the bright lights of an...alien starship?
Sam:  Close encounter?  First?  Second?
Sam:  Better run man.  I think the fourth kind is a butt thing.

Sam investigates Dean’s disappearance (after taking time to finish his beer and check out waitresses) and finds the alien watchers' compound.  The doctor on Star Trek Voyager presents him all sorts of sightings evidence, but no real clue on how to track down and hunt one.  
Sam:  So they’re real.
Wayne:  Like I said, the truth is out there.
Sam:  How do I get them?  You hunt ETs, I need to know how to get them.
Wayne:  You and me both (hands him papers).
Sam:  My brother was abducted.
Sparrow:  Your brother was abducted.  Oh my God!
Sam:  It’s fine, I’ve had time to adjust.
Sparrow:  Did it happen when you were kids?
Sam:  No, half an hour ago.
(Sam goes back to the paper)
Sam:  So you’ve been hunting UFO’s for three decades now and you have zero data and no workable leads.  Have you considered the possibility that you suck at hunting UFO’s?
Dean does return though, firing his gun and waving his knife.  He goes back to the motel room and...Sam is in bed with Sparrow the hippie chick.  

After being overjoyed by Dean’s return, she has to ask what it was like.  
Dean:  They were grabby, incandescent douchebags.  Goodnight.
Sparrow:   Too soon.  

Once Dean’s calmed down a bit, he tells Sam the story. 
Dean:  Well God help me, there was a bright white light...
Sam (putting his hand on Dean’s knee):  It’s okay, safe room.
Dean:  And suddenly, I was in a different place, and there were these beings, and they were too bright to look at, but I could feel them pulling me toward this...table.
Sam:  Probing table!
Dean:  Don’t say that out loud.
Sam:  Right, so what did you do?
Dean:  I went crazy.  I started hacking and slashing, firing, they actually seemed surprised.  (He shows a proud smile).  I don’t think anyone’s actually done that before.  I had a close encounter Sam, and I won.  
Sam:  You should take a shower.
Dean:  I should take a shower.  
Naturally, this all results in Dean giving soulless Sam a lesson about how not to act when his brother disappears.  

Sam:  OK, look, brings up a question, so, say you got a soul, you're on a case, and your brother gets abducted by aliens.
Dean:  You do everything you can to get him back.  
Sam:  You do.  But what about when there are no more leads for the night--are you just supposed to sit there in the dark and suffer? Even when there's nothing that can be done at that moment?
Dean:  YES.  You sit in the dark and you feel the loss.
Sam:  Yes, but couldn't I do all that AND have sex with the hippie chick?--it'd be in the dark.
Dean:  NO!  You'd be suffering, and you can't just turn that off for the night!
Sam: (Waitress comes over with the check and gets a come-hither look from Sam.  Dean frowns at him). Why not?
Dean:  Because if you had a soul, your soul wouldn't let you. 
Sam:  So are you saying, having a soul equals suffering.
Dean:  Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying.
Sam:  The million times you almost called Lisa, so you're saying suffering is a GOOD thing.
Dean:  I'm saying it's the only game in town.  

Even in the safe haven of the motel room, Dean is not safe from the bright lights finding him again.  A hilarious attack by a kung fu pixie and Dean's use of the microwave as a weapon, all to David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” proves the culprit is not little green men.  

Sam:  What the hell was it? 
Dean:  It was a little naked lady, OK? A glowing, hot naked lady, nipple, and, she hit me (sulks).
Sam:  I'm not supposed to laugh, right?
(Dean annoyed reaction says yes) 
Sam:  Shot in the dark here but did this little lady have wings?
Dean:  What the hell made you say that?
Sam:  She did, didn't she?  One of the fringier theories I came across, what crazy crystal lady was yammering about, what if these abductions have nothing to do with UFO's? Say these encounters have been going on for centuries--extra-terrestrials with ultra-terrestrials? People nowadays say space aliens, but they used to call them (shows latpop to Dean).  
Dean:  Smurfs?
Sam:  Fairies.  
Dean:  Come on.
Sam:  There's a straight line between ET's and fairies.  Glowing lights, abductions, it's all the same UFO stuff, just under a different skin.
Dean:  You seriously think the secret with the UFO's is--
Sam:  You were the one who pizza rolled Tinkerbell.  I'm just doin' the math.

So, it all comes back full circle to crazy cat lady from the beginning.  Sam and Dean settle into her calico mobile home with their fairy size cups of tea and listen to the expert speak.  


Dean:  Why are the fairies abducting people?
Marion:  There is much theory and little fact.  We know they only take first-born sons, just like Rumpelstiltskin did.  Personally, I think they're taken to Avalon to service Oberon, King of the Fairies.
Sam:  Dean, do you service Oberon, King of the Fairies?
(Ignores Sam disdainfully) Dean: Let's say fairies are real--what can we do about them? How can we FORCEFULLY interact with them?
Marion:  To win a fairy's favor, leave a bowl of fresh cream. 
Dean:  MORE forcefully? 
Marion:  All fairies hate iron. The Dark fairy burns when touched with silver.  Spill sugar or salt in front of them; no matter how powerful, the fairy must stoop to count each grain. 
Dean:  Well alrighty.  That's. . .wow, a lot to absorb.
Marion smiles. Dean thanks her. She urges them to finish their tea. 
Dean (looking around the decor):  I love the feel. 
Sam:  It's like Sedona AZ crapped in here.
Dean:  Pewterific.
Sam:  Do you have bigger cups?
So how does it progress from there?  Sam and Dean figure out the watchmaker brought the fairies to town to save his business, there are fairies working in the workshop, and alien dude is really a leprechaun orchestrating the takeover of the town.  But none of that matters to the crowning pile of nuts on this mega sundae of bat shit crazy.   Dean inadvertently attacks a midget thinking he’s a fairy chasing him, and the guy turns out to be the town DA.  As Sam and the watchmaker watches the cops haul a hysterical Dean away, he shouts to his brother his deep words of warning. 


Even Ben Edlund didn’t anticipate the scores of gay people reading this quote on Twitter and thinking it was an anti-gay slur!  By the time Sam defeats the all powerful leprechaun just by emptying a salt round onto the floor, "Clap Your Hands If You Believe" without a doubt is the most bat shit crazy sequence of events ever to be done on this show.  To think we didn't believe "Changing Channels" could be topped.  



Best “One Tortured Look Tells the Entire Heart Crushing Story” Moment

I know there are many of you shouting Dean at the end of “Let It Bleed” after Lisa and Ben’s memory wipe, but to be honest, I was too disturbed by the whole act of what he had Castiel do to feel the true emotional impact of that part.  
It is however a Dean/Lisa scene that twisted my heart into one sorry pretzel.  It comes from “You Can’t Handle the Truth” when Dean gets the long anticipated call back from Lisa at the wrong time.  Thanks to triggering a truth spell from Veritas, Lisa must do far more than tell the truth.  She’s forced to be brutally honest during a heated moment.  Poor Dean.  That conversation would have been bad enough if Lisa was gentle.  Her harsh delivery though, ouch.  Dean took it like a man, but it oh so devastated him.  Me too.  

Honorable Mention 

Sam, “LIke A Virgin.”  Sam knew that Dean wasn’t being straight with him after supposedly coming back from Hell after a year and a half.  He isn’t one to let things go.  Still, after tricking Castiel into believing he knew everything, only a socially unaware angel didn’t pick up on Sam’s heart dropping into his stomach when he found out he was really topside and soulless for the last year.  Oh Sammy.  Please believe that in your case, ignorance is bliss.  Nah, we knew it wouldn’t stick.    



Best Appearance of a Character from Previous Seasons To Get Killed Off Rather Hastily Because He/She Was Stupid Enough To Survive

Lenore, aka the friendly animal blood drinking vampire from season two's "Bloodlust." In a season loaded with body counts, did anyone think her reappearance would be met with hugs and reminiscing about the old days?  "Hey Sam, remember the time we knocked you out, kidnapped you, threw a bag over your head, tied you up and threatened you with fangs?  Good times..."  Nope, like everyone else she was toast the second she met the Winchesters and it finally caught up with her.  That’s just law with this show.  All I hope is death by angel grip is a peaceful way to go.  Yeah, I know what show I'm watching.  

Honorable mention - Rufus.  He’s only honorable mention because he at least got two great episodes with “Weekend at Bobby’s” and “And Then There Were None” before biting it.  Unnecessarily.  Like everyone else.   


Best Destruction Of An Unwanted Piece of Plastic


(Like a Picasso, some works of beauty just don't need words).  




Best Shoutout To A Domestic Goddess

I’ve only given this award one other year, when Sam Winchester was caught washing those “gigantic darks” in a laundromat while Dean taunts him with Chuck’s script. 
This time, it’s cliche, it’s over done, in Sam and Dean’s case, IT’S HILARIOUS!  Yes, soulless Sam, now you know how every single trip to the grocery store for the last 13 years has been for me.  We’re all child abusers.  :)  

Oh, but it doesn’t end there.  What in the world did you do the last year Dean?  Watch how he skillfully changes a diaper and soothes little Bobby John to sleep, to “Smoke on the Water” nonetheless.  Even soulless Sam is floored.  Yes, that was the sound of all my lady parts exploding and wilting into nothing.  That is the perfect man.  Any of the baggage that comes with him doesn't matter.  



Best (or perhaps Worst) Fortune Cookie Advice from a Winchester

You’re death for a day.  You don’t know how to explain to meaning of life to a man passing on.  Why not pull from one of the most profound yet cliched songs in Classic Rock?  It worked on Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure!
“Everything is dust in the wind.”
“That’s IT?  A Kansas song?”  

What a way to go!


Best “He did what in a bathroom?” Moment

 It’s another two-worder.  

“Cuff me.” 
This is the only thing I’m going to miss about soulless Sam BTW.  Apparently sex drive is drastically decreased with a soul.  It explains a lot.  It's also a damned shame.  


Best Fanfiction Cliche to Find Itself In An Actual Episode

It's not Wincest, or Destiel for that matter (though they came close to the latter at the end of the season).  No, it so simple, but I swear I've only seen it before in Fanfiction.  

All four of our heroes eating in a diner together.  And Bobby is using an iPad!  I swear I had to do a double take and make sure I was actually watching the show and not picturing a wildest fantasy.  Well done show!

Most Gruesome Villain Death
Define “villain”.  You see, this show is about grey lines.  So in a sense a villain can be an antihero too.  So how do I decide between the two?  How about I give one award to each.  
Christian Campbell was an asshole from the second his smug face appeared on the screen, but you know what, that ended up making his death all that more satisfying.  Sure we found out he was possessed by a demon, but did we really care?  

(Meg laughs)
Christian:  What are you laughing at?
(Knife pierces his chest)
 Meg:  Dean Winchester is behind you, meat sac. 

That was awesome!
On the other end, we have the Antihero.  Samuel Campbell may have been brought back for no good reason, but this time, he had to die twice to be killed!  Sam plugs him for death #1, but we find out the hard (and fun way) that only killed the host, not the symbiant inside (if you don’t understand, watch Deep Space Nine).  The cranial drill goes through the skull of the supposed dead man, eyes pop open and Bobby and Rufus go flying.  So freaking cool!  By the time Sam and Dean bust through the barrier Not!Gramps put through the door, symbiant and host are zapped by short circuit in the drill wire.  Thank God Bobby went dumpster diving!  Visually, that was all kinds of cool.    


Best Showdown Between Man and Stupid Inanimate Object
Dean vs. rock.  Dean may have eventually gotten the sword thanks to modern day plastic explosives, but I still think the rock came out ahead.  You decide.  Dr. Visyak probably hasn’t laughed this much in 900 years!  I bet she knows King Arthur didn’t do very well either.  He certainly didn’t have the explosives Dean did.  


Best Dean Winchester “You better drop dead now because this stare means I’m going to fucking kill you in a horrible way” Moment.
Duh, “Caged Heat.”  Still, even though we know the outcome, admit it gives you chills thinking about if it turned out Dean’s way.  

Dean:  I’ll tell you who I am.  I’m the guy you never want to see again.  And I’ll make it out of here, trust me.  The next time you see me, I’ll be there to kill you.
Samuel:  Don’t think there’s gonna to be a next time.
Dean:  Whatever gets you through the night.  
Yikes!!!  Hold me.  

Best Impersonation
The Impala gets to play Christine again!  She hasn’t flexed those muscles since the Pilot.  She certainly gets to give Dean a bigger run for his money this time.  However, it does get the innocent victim of the week killed.  Oops!  Somehow, we didn’t hold it against her.


Best Romance Thwarted by Celine Dion Having a Career
Sometimes life just isn’t fair.  

Best Season Ever For a Screwball Writer/Producer
I’ve got a proposal for season seven.  Let’s have Ben Edlund write about 18 episodes and Dabb and Loflin can get the other four.

I mean, what a year for this man.  In the press room at Comic Con last July Eric Kripke came to our table just ecstatic over a conversation he had with Ben Edlund earlier in the week over fairies.  The idea was just getting pitched, but they knew then before the details were hashed out something wildly entertaining was coming out of that.  Next thing you know, one of the craziest damn things ever to air on Supernatural was born, and this comes from a looooonnnng line of crazy.  
Oh, but he wasn't even close to done.  Here's a pitch, Sam and Dean jump into an alternate reality as Jared and Jensen.  WHAT???  It’s stupid, it’ll never fly!  Oh wait, Edlund’s doing it?   Okay...I’m listening.  When you cement that kind of a reputation, you’ve certainly made your mark in this business.  The French Mistake from a pure parody standpoint is one of the most ingenious things ever done.  On any show.  The fact that this alternate reality is a shallow, unrealistic version of what exists today except for a few inside references that hit a bit too close to home (Jensen is living at Jared’s house!), and then throw in a few funny jabs at our neighbors to the north (because it’s all pure love), plus somehow make this a plausible angel story, well, you just can't marvel enough over what resulted.  I’ll NEVER be able to say enough.  I swear next time I meet Mr. Edlund, I’m giving him a maple leaf as a gift for his genius.  
But it didn’t end there!  Ben Edlund has always taken the angel storyline and dressed it up with a few thousand exclamation points, but artistically, despite all the screwball and offbeat scripts, he hit his masterpiece with a dramatic, sympathetic story of how Castiel innocently strayed after the apocalypse and started a Civil War in Heaven.  How after letting Dean go on with his domestic life made a pact with Crowley to get the souls in Purgatory.  Not only did Edlund write this amazing script, but he took on the directing too.  What do you know, it was the best directed episode of the season, as well as written.  Masterful storytelling of this caliber is rare in any show, let alone a low budget Sci-Fi show like Supernatural.  
Thank you Ben Edlund.  Your creative genius brought brilliance to what was an otherwise uneven season six.  
Okay, that’s it for the season six awards.  I think I’ve stretched these categories thin enough.  So, were there any that I missed?  Feel free to make up your own awards and share them in the comments.  

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# Melanie 2011-06-20 23:55
Awesome, Alice. I love, love loved the batshitcrazines s that was Clap Your Hands If You Believe.

"It'd be in the dark.' Cracks me up everytime I think about it. (Its why I have a fairy as my icon here :) )

All of it, such a lot of fun.
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-06-20 23:57
Clap Your. Hands. If. You. Believe.

Nuff Said.

I really really wish I could get the chance to meet Ben Edlund. He's my new writing hero and I adore his episodes the most probably out of any of the writers on the show. It's amazing the things he does with both comedy and drama, the daring leaps he'll make and dives off of cliffs that would seem only to have one ending: disaster. And yet, they don't do that. They fly and amaze and entertain in ways that no one would ever expect.

Incredible all around.

Oh, and I am so glad I'm not the only one that gets chills whenever Dean threatens to kill someone. The way he does it, damn, I so would NOT want to be on the end of one of those threats. I think even Samuel knew he was in deep. You're talking about a guy who has faced down everything from Angels to the YED to Lucifer---and lived (okay so he died a lot, but STILL). You really think he's not gonna get out of that place and make good on his threat? Really? Go ask his previous kills----oh wait, you can't!

Good finish to the awards either way.
# rmoats8621 2011-06-21 00:40
Wow! Great job on the awards. I agree with all except maybe an award for first time directing.? Jensen did a fine job directing "Weekend at Bobby's". I don't think I saw where you mentioned that, but I could be mistaken.

As for Ben Edlund, you're so right! I saw him at PaleyFest and I was so captivated by him. He seems to me to be a very fascinating man and a true asset to the show. However, I wouldn't want to get rid of Robert Singer's and Eric Kripke's influence on some of those scripts. I really liked "Appointment in Samara" which Singer co-wrote with Gamble.

Hopefully, they'll be able to get a few new writers in that will have some idea of what the show is about without throwing it into such a crazy loop like this past year. Ben Acker seems to be promising new writer to the show. I look forward to hearing what they all have to say about Season 7 at Comic-Con this year.
# Sylvie 2011-06-21 08:59
Thanks Alice, these awards were super. I too love Ben Edlund, he's my kinda of guy, crazy but sane. "Clap If You Believe" was pure entertainment, I love that episode, I chortle everytime I watch it.

I do miss some of the old writers though. Like Cathryn Humphries, Julie Siege and Raelle Tucker (I think she writes for True Blood now). They brought a lot of emotion to the show. It would be nice if one or two of them could write next season. What do all of you think?

Thanks again for the entertainment value. It makes time at work go down so much easier (inventory time in the library, very boring). Actually I should be working right now, but hey, I have my priorities!
# Julie 2011-06-21 10:04
Thanks Alice,
One of the few positives at the end of every season is that at least we have your awards to look forward to.
This year`s did not disappoint, I have loved reading all of them. I would like to add another honourable mention in the `Tortured look telling the entire heart crushing story` moment, for me this came in The Man Who Would Be King at the moment when Cas mentioned Superman and Dean crumbled realising the truth, he does not even have to speak to reduce me to tears now!
I especially loved your recap of the `fairy` episode, if anyone asks me why I love this show so much I might just say `Read This`! It`s a perfect ad for everything wonderful about it.
The final one is the one which I most approve of! I think that Ben Edlund is a genius, mad but a genius, and I could not agree more with your proposal. How can someone produce the insanity of said `Fairies` and `The French Mistake` and also incredible heart wrenching stuff like `TMWWBK` and of course `Abandon All Hope`? The saddest and most poignant thing I have ever seen on any screen, TV or Movie
Look forward to Season 7`s.
Oh and thank you for the recognition of `the Death Stare` :-)
# Sylvie 2011-06-21 11:22
Jensen Ackles is such a genius at showing feeling with just an expression. And the "I will kill you stare", gives me chills.
# Ellie 2011-06-21 11:59
nO thanks to Ben Edlund writing 16 episodes. I could tolreate two . We will have to agree to disagree on Mr Edlund although I loved Clap your Hands .

And I do agre about Samuel lost potential there I think.
Tim the Enchanter
# Tim the Enchanter 2011-06-21 16:27
Heh. Heh. Heh.

For a season that was so dark (and at times utterly depressing) overall, there were some amazingly funny episodes/moment s in it. I think that while the acting scene in The French Mistake is wet your pants hilarious, overall Clap Your Hands If You Believe is much funnier. You don’t need the inside jokes to be able to appreciate it and both Sam and Dean are brilliant in it; Dean’s frustration with Sam is hilarious (you can nearly see him counting to three any time Sam does/says something disagreeable), Sams lack of anything resembling a restraint/sensi tivity button. He’s like a small, innocent child. Love it.

Am I the only one who liked the plastic piece of crap? It was new and shiny, it vociferously endorsed passenger safety and it had a Sammy butt groove. I mean, what more do people want out of a car?

You know, who needs an Emmy or a Golden Globe when you’ve won the award for ‘You better drop dead now because this stare means I’m going to fucking kill you in a horrible way” or ‘Best Bathroom Moment’ (and what a moment!)

Thanks Alice
# Jasminka 2011-06-21 16:38
Woman, coming back from a gruesome day at work, this was exactly what I needed to cheer up!

Thank you ever so much for this soul-saver! Love, Jas

Fight the Fairies!!! I want that t-shirt... (I know, I might just have a fetish about t-shirts... perhaps because I look dreadful in them?)
Pragmatic Dreamer
# Pragmatic Dreamer 2011-06-21 23:11

These awards were fabulous! I bow again to your greatness!

Things I really enjoyed:

1. Celine Dion's Career thwarting a perfect romance.. Heartbreaking!

2. Giving Ben Edlund a Maple Leaf as a thank you gift. The man is freaking brilliant! Although, I suspect he's very hard to have a straight-line conversation with, and he would be murder to interview.

3. Best Dean Tortured Moment.. Totally agree with your pick, because this is the moment when Dean realized the idea of combining family and hunting was never going to work. You could hear his heart breaking. And you could feel the gut punch as his self-esteem took another
body blow.

4. Dean's Badass Moment to Samuel... Yesssss. (What is it about a man making death threats that is so "deadly", excuse the pun.. Must be something evolutionary, or the smouldering eyes, she mutters to herself.)

5. Daddy Dean... My lady parts were sobbing quietly in a corner, begging "Just one more baby, please????"

6. Clap Your Hands If You Believe.. I have tried to explain this episode to friends, but to no avail. Although Fight The Fairies is occasionally a chant around my house! But I have the T-shirt design... Tinkerbell in the circle with the line through it, and perhaps there's a strategically placed microwave, and below that graphic - Fight The Fairies!

I'd like to thank the Alice Academy for these awards. They're trophy-worthy themselves!
# Sylvie 2011-06-22 11:24
I would so buy that t-shirt!
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-06-22 13:51
I quote this episode all the time. I would so wear that t-shirt.
# nancyL 2011-06-22 19:29
Alice, a great finish to a great season.

I agree, why exactly did Crowley and/or Castiel bring back Gramps and the cousins? Was it because Cas didn't want to bother a 'retired' Dean? We may never know.

Just how old are Jared and Misha???? Twelve? I feel sorry for Sadie. :-)

I am sorry Alice, but the only part of 'Clap' that I liked, was microwave oven vs fairy.

BEST DESTRUCTION OF AN UNWANTED PIECE OF CRAP (sorry) PLASTIC. Love the picture. :lol: :lol: :lol:

'Smoke on the water' lullaby, a prelude to the 'unretiring' of the Impala. :D

What is the saying: 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'. Meg's actually happy to see Dean.

Here's a story for Ben to write for season 7; two actors, by the name of Jared and Jensen, find themselves in the home of hunter Bobby Singer. He wants to know who these two 'idjits' are and where are the Winchester brothers? :lol:

Thanks Alice, for making the hellatus a bit less painful.