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Moments from Season Six that Make Me Smile, by Elle2

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I handle difficult situations and realize that as much as I like to think I am loyal to the core, truth be told, when the going gets rough, my first instinct is to toss in the towel and bury myself away in a cocoon so as not to get hurt in the future. I’ve been hurt in the past to the point it nearly crushed me and my defense has been to duck and cover to protect myself.  Well, Dean buries it deep and drinks, Sam used to just leave and not look back, I do a little of both, I bury the hurt and then walk away. 

I’ve heard it said that doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is the definition of insanity; well, obsessed fan I may be, insane I am not.  I thought long and hard about what drew me to Supernatural in the first place and realize that by the end of Season 6 that very thing was alive and well:  I’ll quote Bardicvoice from her recent review of The Man Who Knew Too Much which brought home the reality of where the show was and how there was no longer any reason for me to part ways with it, no matter who or what the big bad is in Season 7 or frankly anything else:

“I loved the concept of Sam having to reintegrate himself after Castiel brought down the protective wall in his mind, and being determined to do it no matter the cost because he couldn't choose to leave Dean alone. That was a brilliant culmination not just to the soulless Sam storyline, but to the brothers' estrangement in seasons four and five. The brother bond is solidly back in all its glory after having been tarnished, tested, and stressed to its breaking point, and that bodes VERY well for season seven, whatever else betides. 

Sam's courage in insisting on doing it anyway precisely because he couldn't leave Dean to face things alone just melted my heart, and emphatically declared the end of the rift between the brothers. We've always known that Dean was all about Sam; now anyone who doubted has demonstrable, incontrovertible proof that the reverse is also true.”

I walked away from Supernatural and nearly from TWFB because I felt I had no choice because I was determined not to go back down the road I had been many years before, when I was someone who had nothing good to say about a show but kept talking anyway.   What I failed to recognize though is that I could celebrate everything that I loved about the show, even if its current season left me cold or depressed or at times both; instead of focusing on what I didn’t like, I could focus on what I did.

I read Alice’s news article about where to send letters to communicate my thoughts on Supernatural and decided that I did want to do that.  I had it checked by someone I know and respect who I knew would tell me point blank if I was not being respectful as well as if I wasn’t being clear.  I’ve included the letter (which is en route at this moment) below in its entirety so you can read yourself how I came to reconcile my disappointment with Season 6 and my renewed interest in Season 7.  
Dear Ms. Gamble and all the Writers of Supernatural,
Thank you for your hard work and creativity.
I found this show during the writers’ strike as I was flipping through channels and there were these two guys sitting in a booth in a diner talking.   The dialogue was witty and the chemistry between the two struck just the right note for me for I am a fan of buddy shows.  The episode was Mystery Spot.  I had no idea what depth lay behind Dean’s comment to Sam, “I’m not going to die, at least not today.”  I had no idea who or what a Trickster was and why ‘Bobby’ morphed into one, much less who Bobby was.  All I knew is that I had just watched an episode with two strong males relating to each other in my favourite of all genres, the buddy show.  I watched the previews for the following Thursday and saw action, humor and overcoming of overwhelming odds with determination and grit.  
I was hooked after Jus In Bello aired.  The next several weeks afforded no new episodes but CW’s site had a couple for viewing and Amazon sent Seasons 1 and 2 quick.  By the time Ghostfacers aired I was as caught up as I could be.  By the way, I loved Ghostfacers then and I love it more now; brilliant.
I wish this letter was purely positive but it isn’t.  Hopefully I will strike a balance so that you have my feedback on what I love and what depressed me about Season 6, so much so that I almost put the show in my rear view mirror.  I stopped short of that, when I realized that while the bleakness and the constant losses -- Rufus comes to mind for he seemed to die for no good reason other than it being the time in the season when a beloved character dies – left me depressed after an episode aired, there was that one ray of hope that kept me coming back the next week:  Sam and Dean were back on track.
Season 6 could not have been an easy season for any of you, freed from the encumbrance of a five-season arc you had so many directions to choose from.  I applaud the courage you showed in opening up so many storylines in an effort to ‘turn the ship’ to a new course.  I hope in Season 7 you have an easier time of it having made the big turn and can again focus on smaller, more intimate, perhaps multi-episode arcs that are not quite so grand.  
I loved that Dean had a year with Lisa and Ben and dearly hope that the growth that character experienced isn’t lost simply because Lisa and Ben have been removed from the landscape.  I always knew those two characters were not long for the show and frankly did not want them to overstay their welcome; however, I dearly wish their memories had not been erased for that is so bleak for Dean that there is no bright spot in the world for him that is pure and clean.  I would love it if there was an opportunity to have a hunt in Lisa’s and Ben’s town, the brothers take care of business and yes, in the process Lisa and Ben encounter them, are saved by them and their memories are restored; unlikely to happen but it would be so much happier for Dean to have those two as a ‘win’ in his life rather than so much loss.  
I do hope, however, that the personal maturity Dean developed over the past five seasons and into Season 6 with Lisa and Ben will not be reset and Dean resorts to pornography and one-night stands.  In watching all the prior seasons there are plenty of moments when Dean ogles a girl but then it develops into something more adult, Layla in Faith is an example as is the wonderful Jaime from Monster Movie; one included a one-night stand but there was still a maturity in Dean that I hope is not lost.
I wish I could have embraced the soulless Sam arc; I do embrace Jared’s excellent skill at making this Sam so distasteful that I cheered when he was gunned down in The Man Who Knew Too Much.  Soulless Sam took away the buddy aspect that I adore; it took the heartbeat of the show and put it on life support, those episodes from Live Free or Twi-Hard on until Like a Virgin depressed me greatly for what drew me to the show and kept me coming back was nonexistent.  
I rarely watch shows of this genre as they are created; I tend to be behind the curve and watch the Star Treks, X-Files, Buffys and Stargate SG-1s after they are off the air and thus, if there is an experimental season, it is seen quickly during syndication and usually in two weeks at most the season that is quite bumpy is gone by and I’m onto the next season none the wiser.  It’s not that the episodes in Season 6 weren’t well-constructed but rather they left the brothers empty of any success and the world got smaller and smaller and bleaker and bleaker.  For me the constant losses and suffering isn’t entertaining, even as the best moments are when they cry.
I’m hopeful for Season 7 based on the comments made that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was ‘required’ viewing for all writers.  I love those movies for the heroes were up against enormous odds and used their wits and courage to overcome all while maintaining a certain joie de vivre.  Yes, at the end the two died in a blaze of glory; perhaps that is the finale in mind for the Winchesters.  I have hope that as the lyrics of Kansas’ Carry On Wayward Son suggest, there will be peace when they are done, their weary heads can be laid to rest and they won’t cry anymore; Ash in heaven gives a possible ending, surrounded by friends and family, ah, the finale that is schmaltzy at its very best, Ash escorting Sam and Dean into the Roadhouse to see Ellen and Jo, Pamela and Henrickson, Rufus and Bobby (because eventually he too will die) and best of all, John and Mary.  Tissue anyone?
Thank you for your hard work.  I had intended to give up the show after this season’s finale believing the direction of the show was no longer for my taste and that it was time to bow out and say good bye, after all, I have the first five seasons’ DVDs to cuddle up with and I do.  Having had a little time to reflect as well as to read some comments regarding the direction of Season 7, namely that the show is best served when it is Sam and Dean in the Impala while other characters weave in and out, I find myself interested in where Season 7 is going.  
I’ll be back in the fall looking forward to the new adventures that await the Winchesters.  Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to share with you what distressed me about Season 6 as well as what I like about this show.
So that’s my letter to Sera and Co.  And as I stated, having recognized that the one thing I love the most about Supernatural, Sam and Dean’s relationship, is newly reforged and stronger than ever there is absolutely no reason to walk away from Supernatural Season 7.  If Castiel is the new big bad or whether he is depowered in the first episode is of no import to me.  I no longer care if there are multiple storylines that disappear into the ether or tie up in a raggedy knot; Sam and Dean are Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid – and I care not which one is which for I loved both those characters – and Season 7 is looking good. 

So, before embarking upon a summer hellatus of some look backs on episodes from Seasons 1 – 5 and some other light fare, I give you 22 things I did like about Season 6, there are more but I figured I’d give the rest of you a chance to add your own.

Exile On Main Street—the opening montage to “Beautiful Loser” in those two some minutes we knew not only that Dean’s mind, even after a year, was still in that moment of Sam’s death, but we also ‘saw’ what he had been doing for that year; we were caught right up.

Two and a Half Men – the Impala being taken out of retirement to “Smoke on the Water”

The Third Man – the demise of Sam’s charger – ‘silver lining’

Weekend at Bobby’s – the entire episode

Live Free or Twi-Hard – Dean as the bad*** hunter he is

You Can’t Handle the Truth – Sam flinging the knife to Dean after he’d freed himself

Family Matters – Samuel getting his ‘soul touched’ – sure at the time that wasn’t my favourite moment but once he was shown to be such a bast***, I really like it

All Dogs Go to Heaven – Dean and Sam’s talk as they walk from the Impala to where they set up the sniper shot, it’s an argument I know, but I love how it’s shot

Clap Your Hands if You Believe – Robert Piccardo’s turn as the baddie

Appointment in Samarra – Death, any scene he’s in

Like a Virgin – the hug and the talk at the end – yeah, it’s two but give me a break, the brothers are finally back together!

Unforgiven – the burning that Sam endured in hell, so reminiscent of the flashes that were in Dean’s mind

Mannequin 3, the Reckoning – the montage scenes as Dean says good bye to Lisa, in my mind this is where their story ends

The French Mistake – the entire episode

And Then There Were None – all scenes Rufus was in

My Heart Will Go On – all scenes Ellen was in

Frontierland – the whole episode – sure, there were a few ‘sticky bits’ but overall, Sam on horseback and with Samuel Colt, Dean in his duster at high noon, it’s a keeper

Mommie Dearest – all scenes that Samantha Smith was in

The Man Who Would Be King – Castiel messing up and revealing that he’d been eavesdropping when he mentions red kryptonite and Superman going dark and how Jared, Jensen and Jim showed their characters’ reactions

Let It Bleed – Jensen’s acting

The Man Who Knew Too Much – Jared’s acting and the part about “I won’t leave my brother out there alone” (yeah, that’s two there as well but my goodness, when I went back and rewatched the episode, I realized that there it was, the brothers were back, the long wait was finally and irrevocably over!)

So there you have it, my 22 (24) favourite moments from Season 6.  Hit the reply button and leave yours, I’d love to have more gems to pull out.
As always, thanks for reading; Elle2 


Veronica Bianchi
# Veronica Bianchi 2011-06-02 16:26
I agree with everything. just miss this!
# elle2 2011-06-03 18:29
No doubt that is a 'moment' to remember!
Suzy Jacobson
# Suzy Jacobson 2011-06-02 16:34
This is an excellent and well thought out post. I, too, come into these things late. Life is busy, I get caught up in work, school, projects, raising children. Thank goodness I have cool kids who introduce me to wonderful things like Supernatural. I have a long story about how I became obsessed, and it involves an actual metaphysical experience. I became interested in the mythology behind the stories. It's my nature to be attracted to spiritual/mysti cal/magical things. The Winchester boys grew on me. I've had to go back to the beginning because I missed so much, when the show was on television but I was busy. I know I'm still missing stuff. This is a much deeper story than most television. I'd love to know more about why the creators went the way they did in the first place. The interpersonal relationships, the spirituality, the' s all part and parcel of a world that is attractive on so many levels.
Veronica Bianchi
# Veronica Bianchi 2011-06-02 16:41
Yes. me too. I met him for my son. SPN now is my obsession I love the series and especially Sam!
Suzy Jacobson
# Suzy Jacobson 2011-06-02 16:50
I loved Castiel from the first - but as wierd as it might sound, it was the idea of the angel behind the character that attracted me. All of the angels seem to be based on actual angels from Enochian mythology. I was interested in that. Then, I learned about Misha Collins and the things he is involved in, and I became really interested in both him and his character.

At first, I just thought Sam was whiney and Dean was a bitch. They've totally grown on me. I admire their dedication to one another, and especially Dean's dedication to family and his responsibility for his brother.

I love Bobby for his spunk and the fact that he's actually closer to my age than the others. Oh, and then there's Crowley. Closer to my age, too, and definitely hot.

I've decided that Supernatural is the only TV show in history that has ONLY hot guys. AND hot girls, to be fair.
# elle2 2011-06-03 18:32
You're at the right place for a Supernatural obsession!

# elle2 2011-06-03 18:30
There is so much to the story of the Winchesters, I think that's one of the reasons I hated to leave it in my rear view mirror and what ultimately brought me back...there's more story to be told!

Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-06-02 16:38
Hmm. This could take me awhile---mostly to whittle down.

1) Clap Your Hands If You Believe---the entire freaking episode. Seriously. Soulless Sam is a dickbag an a half but damn is he ever funny. I'm actually working on my review of the season and so far I'm in Soulless Sam mode. So yeah. This episode was my favorite of the season after seeing it, and strangely it still is.

2) "These aren't vampires. These are douchhebags." Thank you, Dean, for encapsulating ALL of my feelings about the Twilight series in one simple quote. No really. I can't thank you enough.I HATE Twilight.

3) All of Sam's bitchfaces in Frontierland, especially after Dean drags that damn posse joke out forever. "Are you done?" I'd say the whole episode, but you already claimed it. I didn't realize how much I missed them during the Soulles period. I tend to have favorites from each season, and these were grade A bitchfaces.

4) Hearing the song Play with Fire in the Man Who Knew Too Much. Hardcore Stones fan. Check. Hard core Supernatural fan. Double check. Having the two combine in a beautiful and kick ass manner? Priceless.

5) Anything with Crowley, really. Sure, he's the King of Hell and a bit of an ass, but he's witty and clever. And anytime he points out that Sam is a big moose, I give him total props. I love Mark Shepphard's acting so much. Please, please say he's not gone or killed off instantly in season 7.

6) Balthazar. I have to admit, at first all I saw was Gabriel and it hurt, but then I saw the snarky Brit for himself and damn was he snarky. He also tried to do the world a favor by exorcising that damn Celine Dion song. So I give him props.

7) Seeing Meg again. She's been there since the beginning, really. It just seems right that she'd be the sole survivor out of Azazel's gang. And she's just as snarky as we remember. I mean, honestly, "hugs and puppies, all around!"

8) Seeing the Swan Song montage in The Man Who Would Be King. It was nice to see that episode tie in beautifully with that one.

9) Jefferson Starships. No seriously. Bobby, I hope you learned your lesson. Don't ever ask Dean to name anything ever again. Please. Seeing Sam actually say it with a straight face? Absolute genius.

10)Sam and Dean's atrocious acting in the French Mistake. It's a good thing they have a day job. We praise the crap out of Jared and Jensen, but let's be honest here. Sam and Dean SUCKED at being Jared and Jensen. I don't think they could have acted their way out of a paper bag.

11) Even though it was faked and I already said I want Crowley to stick around, it was still kinda cool watching those bones go up in flames and the "death" that followed. I had to admit that kind of ruled. Ruse or no ruse, Crowley should get acting props for making it look good.

12) Finding out Crowley's real identity. I loved the entire sequence with Bobby allowing Gavin to confront dear ol' Dad. It just was such a wonderfully well written piece.

13) Knowing that even when Sam's a soulless asshat that he still can find ways to get himself choked. No really. What is it with everyone going for his throat?

14) The Back In the Saddle montage when Sammy gets his soul back. Perfect. Amazing. It made me cheer. What's not to like?

15) Sam in the black cowboy hat. Is there any way we can possibly get him to wear that once a season from now on? Please?

16) The fact that no matter how cruel or vicious Soulless Sam could be to him, Dean wouldn't give up. He knew it wasn't Sam's fault and that something had to be done. It was nice to see him never say quit. Say what you want about the brothers, they don't quit.

17) Watching Misha say all of his tweets out loud---especial ly the one in the car before he gets jumped. Like, if I ever get into tweeting, I hope I never act this ridiculous while doing it.

18) Seeing Sam manage to get through the jugglers juggling deadly objects without even getting his hair cut or damaged. That look on his face as he enters that gauntlet is just amazing.

19) Seeing Dean come up with the ingenuity to blow up the rock holding the sword. Actually, the whole sequence with him fighting to get the sword out and failing.

20) Two men, one wailing baby, no way out. Think what you will about their futures someday having families, but here they showed how they just don't know what to do with a wailing baby. Just be thankful that Soulless Sam was still trying to hide or he might have been the one making baby stew.

21) Rufus. All season until his untimely death. It's a shame they offed such a great guy. He's cynical but funny. Hell, he fits right in.

22) The fact that, even though we had to go through a long winding road to do it, the brothers are back as a single unstoppable unit again. And not only that, but stronger than they've ever been before.

And that's my moments.
# elle2 2011-06-03 18:28
Far Away Eyes,

Love your top 22 moments (and it made me realize that I missed and episode *face palm*) So, I'll add that I love the effect of Crowley's bones burned by Cas (as well as Cas' entirely bad*** manner in which he did it)

You're Number 22 warms my heart, this is where Season 7 begins!
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-06-03 18:40
You're welcome. It was hard to keep it to 22, actually.

I do so look forward to season 7. The brothers are one united force and that can only bode well for the storylines to come.
# Lindab30 2011-06-02 22:34
Hi Elle, like you my first episode of Supernatural was Mystery Spot. I first saw it in January of 2010. It had me hooked from the get go. I loved the relationship between the brothers, the humor and the fact that they pulled off Ground Hog Day so well. When it was done I just had to know what Sam had to save Dean from. It couldn't actually be THE hell, could it?

Shortly after that I discovered my sister-in-law had the first 4 seasons on DVD. I didn't even know there were four seasons, and, I didn't know it was still in production. Needless to say I was in Supernatural Heaven.

I must go on record to say that I have loved all of season 6 and I loved soulless Sam (most of the time) until I saw Unforgiven. That made me very uncomfortable and changed me earlier feelings.

It made me feel bad that you and others were so disappointed in season 6 and were possibly choosing to stop watching. I always knew that Sam would get his soul back and that the brothers would be back better than ever. So I just sat back and enjoyed the ride. I'm glad you chose to review the entire season as a whole and I am especially happy that you came to appreciate what it had to offer. I think this show requires patience and season 7 will be no different.

I've read several comments during this last season where people are wanting to have Sam and Dean back to where they were relationship wise in seasons 1 and 2. Not me, they have grown and matured so much since then and are now better than ever.

My sincere thanks to everyone who writes the reviews and comments. Reading everyone's points of view has helped me to have a greater appreciation and understanding of the show. I look forward to reading more.
# elle2 2011-06-03 18:26
Hi, Linda,

Like you I have no desire for the character growth and development through experiences to be washed away and a return to Season 1 and 2. What I hope for when I wish for some aspects of Season 1 and 2 is a lighter feel to the show, Season 6 was so dark (and I don't mean the lighting).

I purposely overused the word 'bleak' in my letter to Sera and Co. so they would get the repetitive nature of so much...uh, bleakness (desolation is synonym.)

I'm returning to my earlier approach to this show which was to simply sit back and enjoy the ride. This is why I'll be spending the summer hellatus looking back at earlier seasons and also why I'm suspending my desire to write reviews as the new episodes air, it sort of forced me to change how I approach the show and instead of enjoying it and looking at it as a whole (as my Road So Far series did when I started it during the Season 4 to Season 5 hellatus) when it was complete I found myself trying to figure out where it was all headed. I used to say Supernatural is best viewed by season as a whole, that's my intent going forward again.
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-06-03 18:42
This. I agree totally with this. Sitting down with a full season of the show is the best way. I enjoyed season 6 and played a bit of a guessing game with it, but I reserved ALL judgment until I've seen it from start to finish as one package.

I have always taken the ride for the ride and thus far it seems to be the best way.
# rmoats8621 2011-06-03 01:37
I'm so glad that you found something to smile about in Season 6. As others have already stated, I liked Season 6, too. While there were some episodes that I liked more than others, I decided to sit back and see where the bus was going to go during the past year. It was a great ride! Although, I think one thing in my mind would have made it perfect and that would have been another visit by Death. Hopefully, he will appear again in Season 7.

As for my 22 favorite moments, I think they've all been covered. :lol:
# elle2 2011-06-03 18:21
I did like Death, he was excellent. Do hope to see him again in Season 7.
Suzy Jacobson
# Suzy Jacobson 2011-06-03 23:18
I agree! Death was/is awesome! I think the reapers are cool, too. Tessa's a good character.

On another note, I also agree that the boys should never go back to their early relationship. They have grown immensely, each personally and in thier relationship. They've gone through stuff - they will never be the same - but realistically, would any of us be the same after going through so much. Are we?

If they didn't grow, change, and even become more independent, the show would never have become what it has. It would have remained a simple show about demons and hunters without developing the depth that it has now.
# Junkerin 2011-06-03 16:36
I´m so happy that you stayed! I felt so bad that you didn´t enjoyed them as much as I did.
# elle2 2011-06-03 18:14
Thanks, Junkerin,

I'm happy to be spending the summer hellatus with you all. I'd missed the fun. Now that I remember to simply ignore that which frustrates and instead celebrate that which excites, all is looking good.
Nate in Mpls
# Nate in Mpls 2011-06-03 17:12
Did you see all of Buffy? It's funny how Season 6 of that show greatly divided fans immediately, as Season 6 of Supernatural has. I actually thought of that after the season final. When things are all strange, out of sorts, or darker than usual, my friends and I (to this day) will say "It feels so Buffy Season 6." And hey--Supernatur al Season 6 was "very Buffy Season 6" feeling. So a few days later I found this article. It was an "ah-ha" moment for me. It really put Season 6 of Supernatural into a better perspective for me. Sam and Dean were born to play a part in the Apocalypse. They stopped it. Where can you possibly go from there? Of course the show would change....just like life does. Read it and I'd love to hear your comments. You too fellow Supernatural fans!
# elle2 2011-06-03 18:13
Funny thing, Nate in Mpls,

I didn't start watching Buffy until Season 6 and it really caught my eye when they aired the musical episode. It's funny to me to see it so panned because to me that's the episode that caught my eye and caused me to look deeper. After that, BTVS was 'appointment TV' for me (it was in syndication then) and I couldn't wait to see the episodes. Pretty sure I saw the final season 'live' but everything else was all reruns for by then that I caught.

The article was quite interesting and impressive, proves the point I finally learned which is that it's all in your experience, for I bet if I was a new fan coming into this show midway through Season 6, with Sam already re-souled or soon to be, and then I went back and caught up with the prior five seasons, I likely would have had no issue with soulless Sam. It's similar to how I never had an issues with Jo or Bela or Ruby for by the time I find the show, all those characters were already sort of defined in their roles (b/c I'd read Kripke interviews where he stated that they'd erred with Bela and would be fixing that but that Ruby drove a large portion of the storyline and she was staying put, so I never minded the Jo sort of Dean love interest but poorly written and the Bela, convenient con who fit in awkwardly.

Now that the "bromance' is fully intact (and likely to remain that way here forward) I am watching this season again every Friday night with the hopes of having my prior angst and disappointment melt away.

Thanks for pointing out the article.

# Yirabah 2011-06-04 04:54
Elle2 I am glad you are back on board. It made me sad earlier this year when you said that you about to quit on our show. I am happy that you took to my suggestion to stick around till the end of the season and see it as a whole.
# elle2 2011-06-04 17:15
Hi, Yirabah,

I'm glad I took your (and others') suggestion as well. I've actually having a lot of fun with my S1 discs right now...they were so young!

# Sylvie 2011-06-04 12:08
Hi Elle2, I'm so glad you decided to stick with SPN season seven. I read the review where you said you were getting off the train and it made me kinda sad. I love reading all reviewers on this site, it brings out so many things from the show that I would normally not even think of. I've watched SPN from its inception, and I've loved it ever since. But it's when I bought all four seasons on DVD that it became an obsession with me. My colleague at work thinks I'm a little strange for it, but hey, if I'm going to obsess over something, I figure SPN is a great place to start.

I love the letter that you sent out, it was so heartfelt. I intend sending one too, it will be my first letter ever to anything. I loved season 6 from start to finish, I think I've already watched every episode at least four times! But my favourite part is the hug that Sam gives Dean in "Like a Virgin", that made me tear up.

Anyway, love that you're going to be continuing on with SPN and TWFB. I'll be looking forward to reading what you have to say.
# elle2 2011-06-04 17:18
Hi, Sylvie,

Thank you so much for your kind words. You've been there since the , has six years gone by pretty quick, I still get amazed that it's been three for me.

The letter I wrote was from the heart and hopefully it will be read as such that's all I can hope for and for me, I feel at rest with Season 6 having written the letter, it's all in the rear view mirror now.

Yeah, that desperate clutching hug in Live a Virgin, so close to what we got in Mystery Spot (though it didn't make me tear up the first time I saw it (in MS that is) 'cause I had no idea what was going on...but now both of those hugs get me good.

Glad you like all the writing that happens here at TWFB and I'm glad I'll be spending this hellatus with everyone, it's my third one here, wow, time really does fly!

Tim the Enchanter
# Tim the Enchanter 2011-06-05 14:10
Hi Elle2. Thrilled to be given the opportunity to read something you’ve written again!

I loved your list. I wish I were able to make one but I’m indecisive (to say the least). I’ve tried coming up with 22 best moments but then I think of another one and my entire list goes assways!

There are so many touching moments in this season though, ones you don’t fully appreciate until you’ve seen the whole season. You’ve mentioned so many; the Exile hug, the souled up hug, (the hug that will surely come when Dean realises Sam is wholly Sam again), the phenomenal acting, the strength and development of the minor characters etc. I can’t believe ‘nipples’ didn’t make it on your list but I guess you were spoilt for choice (or that whole ‘nipples’ thing might be funny only to me......)

Anyway, I’m glad you’re back. At this time of the year we should be united against the common enemy. ‘The Judean People’s Front?’ ‘No, no, the month’s of June, July and August’. Only together can we overcome them. (Jeez, I kinda feel like marching now!)
# elle2 2011-06-05 17:14
Tim the Enchanter,

You are always a joy to read, please don't ever change. :-)

You might not have been able to put together 22 moments, but you did add some gems in there.

Yes, this darn June, July, August and most of September thing does require us all to be united and we're on our way through this hellatus (truth be told from someone who lives in the northeast of the USA, I don't want this time to go too quickly, it's beautiful here (and it's not snowing!!!) after this brutally long, cold winter)

Thank you so much for your kind words. See you on the site. :-)
# anonymousN 2011-06-08 04:18
Not yet read the article..but just wanted to say i was glad to see a article by you...
# elle2 2011-06-09 10:30

Thank you so much for your comment, I am very touched by this and hope you enjoy the article.

Have a great hellatus (there is such a thing after all with TWFB so busy again this year. :-)

Thank you again, I am very appreciative.