Monsters I Hope to See in Season 6, by Elle2
I make no reference in this article to my being original, in fact, this article is completely inspired by Laurel's recent, Top Eleven Characters she hopes to see back. That and the fact that one of the commenters stated that she would like more lists please, hopefully this partially fulfills that request. We do aim to please here at TWFB.
Now, if you avoid anything involving potential spoilers about Season 6 this is not the article for you, there are only minimal spoilers but since Eric Kripke, Sera Gamble and Ben Edlund have all made references to some of the monsters that will be returning in Season 6 there will be references to those here. If you don't care that my listing of a monster or two that's been seen before as well as my happy dance or whatever enthusiasm I enthuse over the upcoming reappearance of said monster, then read on without fear. I will be mentioning monsters that we have been spoiled about as to their return but since that's all I know, there's nothing else to worry about.
I'm only going to get into monsters, demons and angels do not tread here.
Now, what are the monsters that I'm hoping to see in Season 6?
First and foremost, the Djinn:

Perhaps it's because I enjoy a good alternate reality episode, there is so much possibility there for returning favorites as well as an exploration of the inner workings of the minds of both Sam and Dean. Don't care which one of the boys gets the blue light special but bring back a Djinn and let's go on an adventure; I care not where!
Secondly, I love the Shapeshifters:
The shapeshifters have shown themselves to be uniquely multi-dimensional of all the monsters thus far encountered. Some, like in Monster Movie, are very lonely and go about assuaging that by the recreation of fictional characters, others like in Nightshifter are purely larcenous and without apparent depth of emotion while still others like in Skin are certainly murderous and without much in the way of engendering sympathy yet there was a vulnerability revealed as shapeshifter/Dean made clear that he knew he was a freak and also that as he learned more about the Winchesters he realized perhaps his own family wasn't so 'out there'. 
All of the incarnations of the shapeshifters thus far have been intriguing characters in and of themselves, most notably Monster Movie's and I'm looking forward to their return.
The third on my list of returning monsters I'm looking forward to' Vampires!

We've met a couple different kinds of vampires as well, there's Lenore (pictured above, she's a bit upset but don't let that fool you, she's a nice vampire) and it's this type I'm most intrigued to see; then there's the out for blood of the human kind type and I'll be quite happy to see those as well. We've had some great episodes with vampires, Dead Man's Blood, Bloodlust, and Fresh Blood and each time we've been treated to a different facet of these creatures. To learn more about their background and what they are doing off the beaten paths of Supernatural as well as watch how the apocalypse weary brothers deal with these types of monsters that framed part of their history will be worth the watch.
I'm no fool when I make a wish list, since all three of the above have been ‘spoiled' as returning in Season 6 they make the top of my list in order of who I'm most looking forward to.
Now, on to some monsters we've met before but I don't know whether they're returning or not'

Bring on the Wendigo!!!

Winchester brothers camping' I love it!!!

Beings that are part human part creature that do not know about their alternate personage, there's plenty of room for angst and discovery there. 
Pagan Gods. We've had so much fun over the seasons with these characters:

Yes, the Carrigans are gone and the Scarecrow too and while Hammer of the Gods did destroy many a god, there are still many more to go. So bring them on Supernatural, there's always the Easter Bunny and other things like that to destroy. Sure, SPN has touched on Christmas and Thanksgiving, there's been the tooth fairy and some fairy tales that were quite grim, Cupid has been shot and we know that unicorns don't exist but still' leprechauns isn't that terrible to think about' little hands and all.
Bring on some more pagan gods, SPN, I'll be looking forward to who you wreak havoc on next.
Witches --- spewing their bodily fluids and all, bring them on.
We've had Samhain, Malleus Maleficarum and Patrick (the poker player) surely there are many others to be shown' bring them on!
Evil Clowns!
Plus, with Sam having been to hell, how scary can a clown be?
Because demons we get' people are crazy!
Mostly 'cause Kripke said we'd never see one because it's too hard to make it look scary without being cartoonish.' I say lots of shadow will work and it's another chance for the boys to go camping!
So there you go, the top' hmm, I think that's ten monsters I'd like to see in Season 6.
So who or what do you want to see in Season 6? 
Thanks for reading' Elle2