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Monsters I Hope to See in Season 6, by Elle2
I make no reference in this article to my being original, in fact, this article is completely inspired by Laurel's recent, Top Eleven Characters she hopes to see back. That and the fact that one of the commenters stated that she would like more lists please, hopefully this partially fulfills that request. We do aim to please here at TWFB.
Now, if you avoid anything involving potential spoilers about Season 6 this is not the article for you, there are only minimal spoilers but since Eric Kripke, Sera Gamble and Ben Edlund have all made references to some of the monsters that will be returning in Season 6 there will be references to those here. If you don't care that my listing of a monster or two that's been seen before as well as my happy dance or whatever enthusiasm I enthuse over the upcoming reappearance of said monster, then read on without fear. I will be mentioning monsters that we have been spoiled about as to their return but since that's all I know, there's nothing else to worry about.
I'm only going to get into monsters, demons and angels do not tread here.
Now, what are the monsters that I'm hoping to see in Season 6?
First and foremost, the Djinn:

Perhaps it's because I enjoy a good alternate reality episode, there is so much possibility there for returning favorites as well as an exploration of the inner workings of the minds of both Sam and Dean. Don't care which one of the boys gets the blue light special but bring back a Djinn and let's go on an adventure; I care not where!
Secondly, I love the Shapeshifters:
The shapeshifters have shown themselves to be uniquely multi-dimensional of all the monsters thus far encountered. Some, like in Monster Movie, are very lonely and go about assuaging that by the recreation of fictional characters, others like in Nightshifter are purely larcenous and without apparent depth of emotion while still others like in Skin are certainly murderous and without much in the way of engendering sympathy yet there was a vulnerability revealed as shapeshifter/Dean made clear that he knew he was a freak and also that as he learned more about the Winchesters he realized perhaps his own family wasn't so 'out there'. 
All of the incarnations of the shapeshifters thus far have been intriguing characters in and of themselves, most notably Monster Movie's and I'm looking forward to their return.
The third on my list of returning monsters I'm looking forward to' Vampires!

We've met a couple different kinds of vampires as well, there's Lenore (pictured above, she's a bit upset but don't let that fool you, she's a nice vampire) and it's this type I'm most intrigued to see; then there's the out for blood of the human kind type and I'll be quite happy to see those as well. We've had some great episodes with vampires, Dead Man's Blood, Bloodlust, and Fresh Blood and each time we've been treated to a different facet of these creatures. To learn more about their background and what they are doing off the beaten paths of Supernatural as well as watch how the apocalypse weary brothers deal with these types of monsters that framed part of their history will be worth the watch.
I'm no fool when I make a wish list, since all three of the above have been ‘spoiled' as returning in Season 6 they make the top of my list in order of who I'm most looking forward to.
Now, on to some monsters we've met before but I don't know whether they're returning or not'


# Tigershire 2010-08-04 00:28
My biggest wish is that SuperN will do the Headless Horseman. I want to see me some Winchesters riding horses!! And it's a cool monster. GRIN
Laurel F.
# Laurel F. 2010-08-04 03:14
I feel so special that I inspired something! I'm all smiley now.

I'm totally with you on all of these; I'd totally forgotten how much I love each of the shapeshifters until you mentioned them all in the same place. I'd be psyched to see them back. The djinn I'm REALLY excited to have return. I kinda hope it's Sam's turn this time to get zapped...for symmetry purposes, of course, not at all for the angstiness it would/could provide. :D

One I'd also like to see is the one Jared's mentioned once or twice, the Shadow Man or something? Supposedly it was a Twilight Zone episode, I think, and from how Jared described it, that'd be awesome.
# Evelyn 2010-08-04 10:37
Can't wait to see the djinn and shapeshifters again and learn a little bit more about how they came to be. What about Revenants or Chupacabras? They have been talked about, but never seen. Would love to see something with these.

Or remember in 2.01 when Dean was talking with Tessa about how ghosts come about? How about dealing with that premise a little further in depth?
# elle2 2010-08-04 11:30
Tigershire, Laurel and Evelyn,

Great comments and additions from you. Makes me more excited.

Headless Horseman...I love it. Have the boys riding some horses would be good as well. (Watched the Magnificent Seven last night w/ Yul Brenner and Steve McQueen and I'm all into westerns at this point.)

Also, a Twilight Zone episode would be cool, black and white of course, especially since all their lives are kinda twilight zoney so it would be fun to see that unfold. Hmm, Shadow Man (a play on daevas perhaps) very cool idea.

I like the idea of a revenant -- of course I have no idea what that is, obviously somehting that mimics or takes on the form of someone (as per Bobby's reference regarding Dean's appearance in Lazarus Rising) so that would be a cool, new monster to see.

More ghosts always works for me as those are usually a bit of a mystery to unravel the who and what and where and when and I like a good mystery.

Thanks for the comments and the additions!
Christine Apple
# Christine Apple 2010-08-04 12:39
I know I can't speak for Sam, but I'm pretty sure personally speaking, trip to Hell or no trip to Hell, clowns are still pretty scary! And I know howler monkeys are not monsters but they creep the hell out of a lot of people! I wonder how the boys would handle a whole room full of them. "With style and class" I'm sure.

Headless Horseman would be awesome... I also watched The Magnificent Seven on tv last night and the boys in cowboy outfits and on horses would be very cool!
# Paintgirl770 2010-08-04 17:34
I second the idea of a revenant - I have been wondering about those since Bobby brought them up.

I'm an East Coast girl - would love to see them hunt the legendary Jersey Devil!
# elle2 2010-08-04 18:12
Hi, Boobula and Paintgirl770,

boobula, so we were doing the same thing last night, watching Magnificent Seven, so we bonded over cowboys and horses...nice.

Paintgirl770, as a New Yorker (the state that is) the whole Headless Horseman so works for me, but as I also lived in New Jersey for several years (northwestern-i sh) I vote for the Jersey Devil too!

As for revenants, I got curious so I found them on wikipedia and the essence (barest that is) is that these are visible ghosts or corpses returned from the grave to terrorize the living. It is suggested that they share characteristics with vampires as well as that they sometimes come back with a mission...such as to terrorize their murderer.

Sounds just perfect for Supernatural.

Thanks for the comments!
# Jasminka 2010-08-05 06:46
I am still rooting for the Zombie Alligator, Elle2 – I can’t help it, I would love to see that! My imagination spins with the idea – can I write the script, please?

I am a fan of your choices, dear – I would specifically like to meet Lenore again and after watching The Wolfman the other day, I would love to get a gothic episode involving werewolves. But, no clowns, please! I’m too damn afraid of them (that said, I hope there won’t be any dolls anymore, either).

My pre-commentator s had some great ideas, as well! The Headless Horseman! Yey! Give us a WildWest-episod e Winchester style! Hell, yes.
I would also be interested to see, how Supernatural’ s writers would depict the devil in his natural environment – without a meat suit, you know, just the plain fallen angel…

Other favourites would include: Jack the Ripper (or a human lunatic re-inventing him?), The Monster from the Black Lagoon (that would have to be some kind of cosy episode, as the monster in that old film was so endearing), some banshees, and – of course the good old classic ghost story à la The Woman in Black (it’s the scariest play ever, running in London for many years – if you ever have the chance to watch it, do so. But, I hear they are making a movie of it, highly recommended, if it’s anything like the play).

Thanks for this little I-wish-we-had†¦ trip, Elle2! Cheers, Jas
# Bevie 2010-08-05 12:58
Haha! Sorry Jas, but you just gave me the idea of the boys facing off with a "Chucky" like eeeevil doll. I would love to see that!

Love the chupacabra and Jersey Devil ideas. Also, Shadowman.

Would like to see something about the fae (fairy folk). Not the cute little Tinkerbells, but the original folklore stuff. Ben Edlund and his leprechauns sounds very intriguing. Banshees sound good, too. :o
# elle2 2010-08-05 15:16
Ah, Jasminka and Bevie,

You've added some goodies here (dolls in general don't scare me but the Chucky evil doll has me shivering!

As for the zombie gators, yeah, I'm hopeful for those. I remember the X-Files episode where there was a 'creature' in the lake down south, ended up being a giant alligator but it was a great adventure for the characters and one of my favorite episodes for Scully and Mulder...I'd love one along those lines (don't eat the doggie though!)

Hmm, the Woman in Black...sound spooky and cool, we've had a Woman in White...time for one in Black!

Thanks for adding to the fun!
# Ardeospina 2010-08-05 17:41
Elle2, great minds think alike! I, too, am writing a list about monsters I want to see in season 6, but ones we haven't seen before, so no overlap. But I'm not reading any comments so I'm not influenced by anyone else's choices! But yeah, fun list! I have a feeling you'll get your wish on some of these.
# Jasminka 2010-08-06 04:15
No, no, I'm not reading this *covers her eyes with hands* no Chucky, no Chucky, this isn't happening....
Happy Place, happy place, happy place

shivering with fear ;-) Jas
# Karen 2010-08-06 08:58
Hi Elle2
I’m definitely on board with werewolves, shapeshifters and Dijinn’s, Oh My!
I like the idea of the headless horsemen, seeing both Jensen and Jared on horseback.:D
They could call it ‘Tall in the Saddle’ and they wouldn’t be lying.
# Elle2 2010-08-06 11:01
Hey, Ardeospina, Jas and Karen,

I'm looking forward to your list, my dear. Admittedly I don't know much about urban legends so I wouldn't know where to start. Can't wait to see what treats you have for us! :-)

Jas, snuggle on the couch, that's a safe place (and a happy place) nothing can harm you on the couch, there you go, just breathe in and breathe out, nice and slow...better? :D

Karen...ooh, tall in the saddle so true...they'd need some tall horses as well to pull it off. Dusters and chaps, boots and spurs, cowboys hats and lariats...oh, my indeed!

# elle 2010-08-07 20:40
Great list! I loved the djinn and look forward to the return of that creature in season 6.

I'd love to see them explore some other creatures previously portrayed as evil - perhaps a good witch or two? I guess you could count Patrick's paramour as one but only marginally. I liked Patrick too - not sure how he could be brought back but I'd like to see him!

How about an actual Trickster? Maybe that's been done to death but since The Trickster we know was actually a God....what are actual tricksters like?

The people idea is good too. It's been a while since we've seen people as the antagonists.

There are certainly many possibilities!
# elle2 2010-08-08 16:35
Hi, Elle,

Oooh, an actual Trickster instead of an angel pretending to be a that would be kinda of funny! Perhaps they could have the Trickster try to outtrickster Gabriel (that is if they bring back Gabriel...I still like Bardicvoice's take on the how and why it would be possible to bring back Trickster/Gabriel.

Yeah, more icky people, those have been kinda fun...well, okay Family Remains was truly gross (rat munching included!)

As Tim the Enchanter has said...we lucky sods only have seven weeks left until Season 6 begins (and it's even slightly less than that as well!)
# Jasminka 2010-08-09 14:55
After reading all the fights on the other threads - I wouldn't mind an episode dealing with fans becoming monsters (you know, like the gremlins - don't feed 'em, don't wet 'em. etc).
I imagine that might be a fine black episode with the wryest (is that correct at all?) humour possible.

;-), Jas
# elle2 2010-08-09 16:02
Jas, I think it proves what Dean has said for several seasons...demon s I get but humans? Yeah, same thing happens in the fandom...critic s I get but fans????

wryst, wriest, wryest...don't know but I'll go with wryest! :-)
# Jasminka 2010-08-09 16:17
Christine Apple
# Christine Apple 2010-08-09 16:39
Ooooo.....wryes t! and that's my word of the day! :D
# Jasminka 2010-08-09 18:09
Happy to be of service, boobula... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Sending you lots of smiles, Jas
Marie Winchester
# Marie Winchester 2010-08-10 09:13
Great list Elle, I definitely want to see a shapeshifter or two.

Wendigo gets my vote we havent seen one since the begining of season one, so i think its about time we get another.

Vampires - Yes, i am excited about the episode 'Live long and Twi-hard' it sounds awesome.

No! No more Pagan Gods!
Haha not realy, i find it very funny the way the show designs our gods, I believe my gods have a sense of humor :lol:

I would like to see another Trickster, But i realy want Gab back. I loved him since Tall Tales.

What is 'Wryest'?

Definitely Werewolves, I know how Dean likes killing them. Though 'Heart' :cry::

# elle2 2010-08-10 10:36
Hi, Marie Winchester,

Jas was working on an inflection of the word wry trying to give it more, kinda like when one says they've got the funniest joke to tell others. So she was saying she hoped for an episode with wry humor (or dry or ironic or cynical humor) and she wanted it in the best possible way so she said the wryest...but neither of us know if that's a word (think not) so we were having fun trying to spell it and goofing around. :-0

Werewolves...yeah, Dean was a geek about those, but the end of Heart with Gary and of course Madison likely took some of that geekiness out of him.

I really want Gabriel back too. I like how the character grew and deepened.

Soon, very, very soon.
Marie Winchester
# Marie Winchester 2010-08-10 10:52
Okay, thank you for explaning that :-) I thik Wryest would be the way to spell it.

I miss Gabriel :sad: I realy hope they bring him back, there are lots of ways they could do it. We should start a campaign... Wait didnt they do that already?

Your right, Heart is a tear-jerkin' episode for sure.

I know she isnt a monster..far from it, But i would realy like to see Missouri Moseley back.
# elle2 2010-08-10 17:56
Hi, Marie and Cassi,

I too really, really hope that Gabriel comes back but I absolutely adore the idea of a 'real' no-angel Trickster. Personally, I'd love to see Gabriel and The Trickster try to outdo each other.

I agree, Cassi, bring on the pagan gods the likes of The Trickster or The Carrigans or the Scarecrow...tho se kind really work for me.

Here's hoping for lots of monsters this coming season (And I think we're going to get our wish, too)