The results are in, the votes have been counted, and now we can reveal the winners of the first ever Winchester Family Business Supernatural Fan Awards.  For those that missed it, fans were asked to vote in 15 categories for Supernatural's season seven.  We ran voting for ten days and got plenty of great and often varied responses.  Some categories ended up being super close, while others won their categories by gigantor landslides (hee, I made a funny).  

So sit back and enjoy the long anticipated results over the next 15 pages.  For those that are wagering, I implore that all settlements are handled with civility and don't result in any sort of physical harm or extensive property damage.  After all, Sam and Dean would want that way.  


Best Season Seven Episode


"Death's Door"

Runner Up

"Hello, Cruel World"

This was a pretty close vote, and it was the category that earned the most votes.  The other nominees, "Meet The New Boss," "The Born-Again Identity" and "Reading Is Fundamental" didn't come close to these two combined.  Considering all of these episodes were either Sera Gamble or Ben Edlund penned episodes, that says something about the impact of these veteran writers this season.  

Worst Season Seven Episode


"Season 7:  Time For A Wedding"

Runner Up

"Defending Your Life"

Very Close to the Runner Up

"Shut Up, Dr. Phil"

This category was a lot tighter.  "The Mentalists" got the fewest votes, and "Adventures In Babysitting" wasn't ever in the race either.  It was a three way horse race for a while until "Season 7: Time For A Wedding" pulled away from the other two at the end.  That one does get more cringeworthy as time passes, doesn't it?  So now Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin can have their names added again to our archive of total shame, right next to "Hammer of the Gods."   

Funniest Season Seven Scene


Dean lip synching to Air Supply's "All Out of Love" - "Slash Fiction"

Runners Up (tie)

Dean stoned by turducken sandwich - "How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters"

Dean talking Charlie through flirting with the guard - "The Girl With The Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo"

I honestly thought that the ending scene of "Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie" would have been a contender here, but it wasn't.  The other nominee, Dean's reactions to Sam getting married, must have been too skin crawling for most because it barely mustered any votes.  The winner here, Dean hilarious Dean lip synching to Air Supply's "All Out of Love" had no problem taking this category.  The battle for runner-up though resulted in our only tie in the award voting.  

Saddest Scene 


Bobby's final memory - Happily watching Sam and Dean argue over snack food,  "Death's Door"

Runner Up

Bobby's death scene - Calling the boys "idgits" before passing on, "Death's Door"

It's a clean sweep for "Death's Door" and that's hardly a surprise.  That episode pretty much ravaged Kleenex supplies everywhere.  The entire hour left us all complete emotional wrecks, so picking any one scene is probably a fruitless exercise.  However, I do agree with the masses, his final memory of Sam and Dean just had something more for me.  It was the brothers in closer times, before both went to Hell.  I wish we still could see them like that at times.  They even brought back Sam's old shirt.  No wonder Bobby was so fond of that memory!

Best Brotherly Bonding Scene

Winner (by a massive landslide)

Dean talking Sam through his psychotic episode in the warehouse, aka the "stone number one" scene - "Hello, Cruel World"   

Runner Up

The ending scene in "Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie"

I didn't think this category would be much of a contest, especially when only 3 scenes were nominated.  I did think later that maybe I should have added the little talk in the beginning of "The Born Again Identity" but it didn't matter.  There was clearly one big winner this year.  In a season devoid of many brotherly moments, the "stone number one" speech stands up to all the classic brotherly scenes of years past, let alone the paltry number in season seven.  

Still, 22% of you still liked the end of "Plucky Pennywhistle's" better.  Given the fact it involved laughs and smiles, something that anymore requires you to rub your eyes hard to make sure you aren't seeing things, it was a rare moment in brotherhood. 

Best Badass Moment


The Impala returns!  "Survival of the Fittest"

Runner Up

Dean threatens Dick Roman at his limo.  "Death's Door." 

This was another close vote between the top two, with the Impala taking 34% and Dean's threat taking 28.5%  I find it's quite fitting myself that the badass baby herself, put on lockdown for most of the season, storms through the Sucrocrop gates (with her driver Dean) and does her thing.  She's 100% pure tough American steel.  I didn't even scream this time that she was again damaged by another crash.  It wasn't as bad as last year's and she looked mighty gleaming with all that glass covering her.  

On the flip side, Dick Roman is just the latest guy to find out, you don't want to be on the wrong side of Dean Winchester.

Best Season Seven Motel Room


The Tiki Room - "Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie"

Runner Up

The Hot Tub Room - "Party On, Garth"

Super Close to the Runner Up

Rufus' cabin

The tiki room in "Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie" ranks as one of my favorite motel rooms ever, so I quite agree with the fans choice on this one.  However, it wasn't a runaway vote.  The margin between that room and the hot tub room in "Party On, Garth" was less than 20 votes.  Very close, just 4 votes behind, was Rufus' cabin, which really didn't count as a motel room but considering the slim choices it was allowed.  I do believe the bunk beds at the cabin sealed the deal for most, and that's exactly why I couldn't refuse it as an option.  


Best Use of Classic Rock

Winner (by a good margin)

"Born To Be Wild" - "Survival of the Fittest"

Runner Up

"Carry On Wayward Son" - "Survival of the Fittest"

Perhaps this contest would have been closer if I had considered "All out of Love" to be classic rock, but that would have been the equivalent of cramming a square peg into a round hole.  It just didn't fit.  The classic rock again was slim this year, and considering we have not only waited 7 seasons for "Born To Be Wild" to be used but that it was paired with the triumphant and long awaited return of the Impala in all her full glory, how could that song lose?  It was a slam dunk. 

The runner up though, I know that "Carry On Wayward Son" is a much beloved song, but it's been the traditional season closer for 7 years in a row.  It's kind of shocking others couldn't compare.  It also proves that viewers have not suffered any kind of fatigue with the signature song.  

Most Gruesome Villain Death


The bibbing - "How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters"

Runner Up (losing by only 11 votes)

Dick Roman - "Survival of the Fittest"

Very close in the race

Leviathan Sam and Dean - "Slash Fiction"

There's one common thread to all these villains, who were in a virtual tie until the end of the voting.  They're all leviathan.  I'm still trying to grasp with my limited view of the world how a creature can eat itself, but it was enough to get the majority cringing!  How does it only leave a small pool of black goo on a bib?  Shudder - don't want to know. 

Dick Roman and Leviathan Sam and Dean I guess went out in ways that was just too normal for the majority.  If you count exploding into a mass spatter of black goo and sizzling right before beheading normal.  Just normal for "Supernatural" I guess!

Best Season Seven Guest Star

Winner (by a landslide) 

Mark Pellegrino - Lucifer

Runner Up 

Julian Richings - Death

Not Far Behind Runner Up Status

Kim Rhodes - Sheriff Jody Mills

Felicia Day - Charlie

This result shocked me.  There were so many great guest stars, so many nominees to chose from, it was impossible for me to even get them down to a list of seven.  As often as I read comments from people saying how impossible it was to choose, the winner, Lucifer, played by Mark Pellegrino, ended up getting almost twice as many votes as the runner up, Death.  The real race was for second place, where Julian Richings eeked out a win over Kim Rhodes and Felicia Day.  The rest were left far behind.  

I recently commented on Twitter that Lucifer was far more creepy than the Leviathan, so I say if you had to choose someone, that was a great choice.  

Best Ending to a S7 Episode

Winner (by another big landslide)

 "Survival of The Fittest"

Runner Up

"Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie"

Isn't it great when the best ender is the season ending cliffhanger?  What a doozy!  Sam is left alone, completely distraught in the lab at Sucrocrop and Dean and Cas are in Purgatory.  Holy crap!  Most everyone else had the same reaction it seems, for the other nominees didn't come close.  

In a distant second, several thought that the goofy ending to Plucky Pennywhistle's, complete with giant slinky and a not so resolved clown phobia, was good enough for them.  In a distant third was Bobby's surprise return in "Party On, Garth."    

Worst Ending to a S7 Episode


"The Born-Again Identity"

Runner Up

"The Girl Next Door"

This result stunned me.  I thought for certain that Dean killing Amy at the end of "The Girl Next Door" would win by a landslide.  That was the ending that got the most nominations.  Apparently though, the lackluster, completely rushed, totally void of a touching brotherly moment ending to "The Born-Again Identity" stirred up more feelings of discontent.  Sometimes, disappointment trumps controversy.  I think that's a pretty powerful message.  

Best Season Seven Quote


"Hello, Cruel World"

"Believe me okay, you've gotta believe me.  You gotta make it stone number one and you build on it."  

A Very Close Runner Up

"Death's Door"

Well, as fate would have it, I adopted two boys, and they grew up great.  They grew up heroes.  So you can go to Hell!"

These two were neck in neck the entire time, constantly changing leads.  The other quotes were not even in the contest.  In the end, the tear jerking quote by Dean to Sam during their infamous scene in the warehouse as Sam was having his breakdown came up with the W.  There's no shame in second place though, for Bobby's words of defiance to his late father in "Death's Door" will leave their mark forever.  

Best S7 Shout Out to Pop Culture

The super big Winner

The entire episode of "The Girl With The Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo"

Runner Up (not even in the race)

"Good Morning Vietnam!" - Repo Man

Only the Best Brotherly Bonding Moment category had a bigger winner.  This category never had a contest going.  When an entire episode is a total homage to the geek culture that invades Comic Con every year, it wins.  Even Lucifer couldn't fix this race.  

Best Iconic S7 Moment/Scene That Will Be Talked About For Years


The warehouse scene in "Hello, Cruel World"

Runner Up

Dean in Purgatory in the season finale cliffhanger

Also really close

The final scene of "Death's Door", Bobby's last memory

The unicorn with rainbows shooting out of its ass, "Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie"

Yes, out of five options, four contended for the lead all the way until the end.  The final scene of "Death's Door" was the early leader, but slipped away late in the voting.  I personally think I'm going to remember them all, even the sparsely voted for Dean lip synching to Air Supply in "Slash Fiction."  It's all good.

Thank you everyone who voted in this year's first fan vote!  It was a large success and I'm certain we'll be doing this again at the end of season 8.  

Coming up Thursday, our annual Editor's Choice Awards for season 7.  On Friday, the Special Mention Awards for S7 will be revealed.  I just love awards season!