After a two week hiatus, “Supernatural” returns with a tale of modern day Amazons, murders. severed body parts and a Winchester offspring. Now what more could you ask for!!!
In addition, Sara Canning is being resurrected from her death in “The Vampire Diaries” to appear in this episode.  She will play Lydia, a strikingly attractive 20ish woman, Dean's "work-out partner" - as he describes her in the sneak peek clip released. Lydia is described by executive producer Sera Gamble as “wry, independent, and as fun-loving as Dean.” (Now… that I’ve got to see.)
So what happens?  Dean has a daughter….sort of.  Seems the brothers decide to investigate a case where murder victims have had disembodied limbs branded with a strange symbol.  We know from the sneak peak clip that one of these victims is a man who has cheated on his wife.  Sam is very sure the wife didn’t have ti strength to overpower the man so it’s safe to assume he, and the others victims,  are males who have run afoul of the Amazonian women, this episode’s MOTW.
While Sam goes off to investigate the symbols at a local university (and since when can’t they pull all that information up on their laptops??), Dean decides to do some investigating… or socializing…of his own at the Cobalt Room, a local high end establishment that seems to be a very good place for finding eligible well-to-do, healthy males for breeding….from an Amazonian POV.  (Yeah…all part of the myth about Amazons.  At least this much fits the legend.)
There he runs into Lydia who turns out to be much, much more than he bargained for.  
How many times have we seen the boys separate and how many times has it bode well for them.   NEVER!!!!  So you can expect that this one will be no exception.
When Lydia asks if Dean would like to move their conversation elsewhere, she and Dean end up having a “sizzling one-night stand.” 
Yep…shirtless Dean, complete with tattoo and all.  (Fangirl moment!)
But after their hot steaming night, she’s cold and indifferent; in fact he can’t get her to have a phone conversation with him as we saw in the sneak peak video.   
Why…she is having his baby……Quickly.  The pregnancy develops rapidly, and Sam explains why after his return from the university.
 After mating, Amazons give birth to a fully developed baby within 36 hours.
Within the next 24 hours, that baby turns into a young girl…..
…..and by day three, the girl, Emma, now a teenager pays Dean a visit.  
Dean must be overwhelmed when she announces that he is her father although I suspect that by this point he already has an idea what has happened just from Sam’s research.  
Is this the point where Dean is branded and dismembered?  Is this the scenario that was played out with the other victims?  Guess we will just have to wait till Friday for an answer to that one.
The episode stills do give us more information to speculate with, however.  We see Emma pictured with a very nasty looking knife in her hand,  though it looks awfully dull to sever body parts.

In another one, we see a very surprised Dean behind her, gun in hand… so at least by this point, shocked or no, Dean does perceive her as a threat. 
Emma has a pretty pained look on her face, so I’m guessing she is hearing some information she doesn’t want to believe.  
From the pained facial expressions from Dean in the photos below, it looks like we may have another “Heart” situation playing out on Friday.
And we are shown that Sam is ready; gun in hand, to help his brother…..  
…although Sam looks a little bewildered in these shots too.  What does he see?  (I’m almost afraid to find out).
This is not the first time Dean has seen his daughter however.  In the sneak peak, Dean calls Lydia, regarding a flask of Bobby’s he thinks he left at her place the night before.  But the call doesn’t go well.  He finds her a bit aloof….actually cold, distance and definitely not interested would be more like it….much to Sam’s amusement.
Yep…Sam does get to do a little brotherly teasing when Sam hears that Dean not only knows her name, but has her phone number too.  He is even more amused to hear Lydia cut the call short, because she is “real busy at the moment.”  
Even though Lydia feels she has closed the door on the relationship, the photo stills tell a different story.  Apparently Dean does take an interest in Lydia beyond his “memorable evening” and drops in on her, much to her surprise.   He does see the baby – though at this point he doesn’t know it’s his.  

Dean seems a bit surprised himself in one photo.  Hmm…..maybe he’s wondering why she didn’t mention a child before.  Hint Dean…remember… you are in the realm of the supernatural!
I’m guessing for modern day Amazonian women most one-night stands are just that—one nighters. In fact, the death mentioned in the clip is about a man cheating on his wife.  Married men would be prefect targets for Amazons.  Most likely they would not be interested in a relationship or any child they might father…assuming they ever found out about a baby. 
And based on historical information about the cult, that is pretty standard for the women warriors. Dean should be glad the child was a girl.  The myth tells us male children were killed, sent back to their fathers or left in the wilderness to fend for themselves. The females were kept, raised by the cult, trained in tribal beliefs, hunting, and the art of killing.  What the cult’s motives are, besides procreatiom, and the reasoning behind the murders will be interesting to find out.  Maybe for them the ‘fathers’ are an unwanted liability so killing them is a way the cult protects itself.  Or maybe they are another version of the black widow spider or the praying mantis.  Female chooses mate, breeds then kills male in some sort of tribal ritual.  Or maybe here, the offspring has to do the killing as some sort of rite of passage.  Regardless, Dean is a demonic hunter/warrior himself, so trying to kill him will be more than the tribe bargained for…besides, Dean has a brother who is not about to let that happen.  
This maybe another version of the old Amazon priestess cults seen in so many movies.  The Amazonian legends have been used in horror plots for decades and some can be very monotonous, but they can also be eerily entertaining, so it will be interesting to see where the writers go with this…or more to the point, where TPTB let the writers go with this.
Big question…who will kill Lydia and Emma?  Bigger question, do either of them deserved to be killed?  Emma has never killed anyone…she has just been born.  And she does have Dean’s genes.  That can go far to build a good case against her being a threat to society.  But if she lives, Dean would want to take care of her, and that would not work well with the Butch Cassidy and Sundance scenario the show has been pushing.  So..nope, my guess is Emma and her mom will have a one episode life span, but probably not without a lot of heartbreak for Dean.
I have to say here that there are spoilers from Jared Padalecki indication that this episode will be a role reversal for him and Dean regarding their situation with Amy Pond a few episodes back. I would be very disappointed if the series went that route again.  I do not approve of creating sympathy for evil….Never have…never will.  I didn’t approve of it the first time and would approve of it even less the second time around…especially the second time since TPTB already know it was not acceptable to fans the first time.  I seriously hope that doesn’t occur here.  I am hoping if they have to do heartbreaking drama, it is more along the lines of “Heart” than “The Girl Next Door.”  Nuff said from me.  I’m off my soap box and back to the preview.
In a recent interview Sara Canning, talked a little about the episode and what it was like being on the set of “Supernatural.”
“It’s funny, because you audition with certain expectations, and then later you find out the full extent of what the character arc is,” Canning says. “I was like, ‘Oh! Okay?’ It was so fun because everybody was talking about it like ‘What? A one night stand with Dean?’ and for me, yeah, the one night stand with Dean was great, but the actual motivation behind it is what interested me, because it’s so crazy. The mythology behind it is pretty cool. I was excited about that stuff.”
Canning continues, "It's weird. Actors are expected to always just be ready to go. 'Okay, now we're in this room, and clothes are flying off,'" She says. "It's always a strange thing, but Jensen is really such a gentleman. I couldn't help but read the script and think 'Oh, boy. This is going to be crazy.' He's wonderful, though. I couldn't have asked for a better actor or a more generous actor. He was so gracious and considerate of how I was feeling the whole time -- not to mention, he's a lot of fun. He made everything nice and comfortable."  
"The shows called 'Supernatural,' so people are ready for those kinds of situations on the show, even though I've heard that this one is pretty crazy even by their standards," Canning says. "It was really fun for me to drop in on that show. They were so great. They're such wonderful people to work with, and it was fun to be part of The CW family again."
Quoting Canning, ‘pretty crazy even by their standards’…. a how much crazier can the series get?!  Seems like we may be in for a very weird supernatural twist this episode and that would be fun to see…even better if it would be something that has not been done before.  (Smile)
One final note: Little Alexis Fast, who is not so little any more, is returning to the series six years after her last appearance to play Dean’s daughter, Emma.  In case you don’t remember, Miss Fast played Missy Bender in “The Benders” (2006).  

Official Synopsis; Sam and Dean investigate a case where the victims' hands and feet have been severed and each has been branded with a strange symbol. While Sam does some research at a local university, Dean heads to one of his favorite places to investigate - the town bar. Dean strikes up a conversation with a local named Lydia (guest star Sara Canning, "The Vampire Diaries"), and the two go back to her place. Sam discovers the symbol on the bodies is a sign of Amazon warriors. Written by CW Publicity  
This episode marks Jerry Wanek’s career directorial debut and he starts with an episode of “Supernatural”…what a challenge!  Though new to directing, he is not new to the show itself.  He has been with series since it began in 2005, first as a production designer (for 119 episodes) and more recently as co-producer (for 75 episodes) so he is very familiar with the cast and crew.  
The script was authored by the writing duo of Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner who have penned two other “Supernatural” episodes.  In 2006, they wrote “Route 666” and then returned in 2011, to write the very popular “Shut Up Dr Phil.” Besides “Supernatural” they have written for 18 other TV dramas.
Cast (IMDb) includes Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Sara Canning (Lydia), Kevin Kazakoff (Jerry Price), Alexis Fast (Emma), Lilah Fitzgerald (Young Emma)  
Behind the scene photos were taken of a location shooting in a downtown Vancouver alley.  The brothers current vehicle was seen (no…baby is not back yet.) Jared was in most of the shots filming a scene which looks like it went into the evening hours.  No commentary for the photos was given.
You can view all the photos here.
The promos and sneak peak videos are below:
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Promo clip narrated by Robert Singer:

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HAPPY EPISODE EVERYONE!  I’m sure it’s safe to say…Jensen and Jared thank you for tuning in!
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