Warning!!!!!!!!!  If you haven't seen tonight's episode of "Supernatural," stop reading now!  There will be spoilers and discussion and all sorts of venting, so do yourself a favor and wait till after the episode to continue.  You have been warned!

Honestly, I'm not even sure what to say right now.  I loved "Death's Door."  It was an extremely emotional hour of television, and I'm not ashamed to say I cried. A lot.  The acting was phenomenal, I adored having Rufus around again, and learning more about Bobby's backstory was a treat.  That being said, once the tears dried and the dust cleared, the emotion I'm left with is anger.  I'm kind of pissed off right now, and here's why: I'm really tired of everyone getting killed off this show.  I'm sure this is an argument other people have made before, and probably more eloquently, but why is it necessary for everyone to die?  I get that this show is about Sam and Dean at its core, but they're allowed to have friends and allies and acquaintences that populate their world.  It's not necessary for it to literally be them against the world.  That's so oppressive and claustrophobic. 

I'm tired of caring about characters only to have them ripped away from me.  It's really beginning to feel manipulative, and I don't like it.  And to make matters worse, after the way Cass' death has been mostly glossed over and barely mentioned, I'm not even confident at this point that the writers will let Sam and Dean really feel Bobby's loss.  I'm worried we're going to get another time jump to justify the next episode's plot.

Don't get me wrong; I really hope Bobby isn't dead because I love that guy, and I'd hate it if Jim Beaver was gone from the show for good.  But if he's somehow miraculously not dead, then I feel like his almost death is cheapened and even more manipulative.  We go through all that, we mourn him, but don't worry, he's okay!  But I really don't want Bobby to be dead, so now I'm stuck with being pissed off if he's really dead and feeling manipulated if he's not.  It's really a lose/lose situation at this point.

Argh.  I love this show, and I hate being angry at it!  I hate when we fight, "Supernatural"!  Bring back Cass and I'll forgive you.  All right, let's move on to some random thoughts about things I liked in the episode before I say something I really regret.

Odds and Ends
A number of moments made me cry, but the ones that got me the most were when Bobby told his father he'd adopted two boys who grew up to be heroes and the part at the end when Sam and Dean faded out of existence as Bobby lovingly watched them argue.  Because according to the episode, that means that the part of Bobby's brain that had Sam and Dean in it died, so they no longer exist to him.  Copious tears.

Dean telling Dick Roman he was either laughing because he was scared or because he was stupid was epic.  The look on Dick Roman's face when Dean called him stupid was priceless.  More badass Dean, please!

Sam having a hallucination in the midst of everything else that was happening was just so sad.  Oh, Sam, I really hope you're okay.

Every single moment of Rufus was a delight. 

Dean and Bobby playing catch instead of shooting guns.  Win.

I'm not a very big fan of John Winchester, but even I'm starting to think they need to lay off him a bit.

I loved the lighting in dream world.  It was subtly shiny and oversaturated, if that's the right word, like it was in heaven during "Dark Side of the Moon."

I'm glad Sam thanked Bobby.  We all know how much he meant to both Sam and Dean, but it was still nice to hear it out loud.  I just hope Dean doesn't regret not saying anything due to his epic levels of denial.

Bobby calling them idjits as his last word was perfect, just perfect.

That's about all I've got.  Am I the only one who's feeling pissed like this?  Am I just overreacting to the emotional nature of the episode?  What do you guys think?  (But be nice!  Personal attacks aren't tolerated in the comments section.)  We have a whole month before the next new episode to hash this out, so let's get cracking!