Oh seriously, what sort of speculation do we need to be doing?  We all needed a break, a light hearted romp.  We needed an episode where we didn’t have to harp on continuity or character arcs at all.  Mrs. Becky Rosen-Winchester took care of all of that for us!  
I’m just going to say what absolutely thrilled me the most about this episode.  This is the big FINALLY!!!  LAS VEGAS!!!  Vegas Baby!!!  Sam and Becky got married at A Little White Chapel?  Oh that’s too rich!!  We had friends married in that chapel.  Elvis sang at their wedding.  As a matter of fact, that’s the only thing that was missing.  Dean got to flirt with smart woman in a strip bar.  And this is their annual trip?  Why in the world did we never see the other six visits?  I honestly believe I can die happy.  Well, wait, I’ll hold out for the Grand Canyon trip.  Which isn’t far from Vegas BTW.  
The plot was believable to me.  Becky does seem desperate enough to fall for a demon deal.  To be honest, I’ve actually been feeling nostalgic for demons lately.  It’s actually kind of sad that she’s such a huge fan of the whole Supernatural story and believed she would get this potion with no strings attached.  That’s really desperate.  
Becky was a bit over the top for me.  I do believe that was the point, that’s always been the point, so those that like her antics her character was done very well.  True to form.  The only thing that ended up being a saving grace is that Sam didn’t forgive her in the end.  He stayed mad, even after she saved him.  He tried to tell her the right guy would come along, but it sounded forced to me.  I don’t think he was being sincere, but I liked that.  If we had another ending like the pep talk Sam gave Gary at “Swap Meat” I would have felt sick.  Did anyone notice how freakishly tall and big Sam is compared to Becky?  I’m so glad we didn’t have to see the consummation of the marriage.  He would have smothered her.  Even under a love potion though Sam didn’t want to touch her in that way.  That should have told her something.  
Notice how the show took another stab at the online culture again?  The only place Becky felt accepted was the message boards.  “They were grumpy and overly literal, but at least we shared a common passion.”  Okay who’s feeling a little shameful right now?  
Speaking of shameful, hand ups and heads hung low if you loved seeing Sam Winchester tied up on the bed, his pants missing (with a strategically placed blanket of course.  Yeah, it was really embarrassing for him too, but I do admit dipping my toes in the shallow end of the pool.  That was the tie up scene missing in “Swap Meat.”  I feel somewhat vindicated after complaining about that after “Swap Meat.”   
The best part of this entire episode though was Dean’s reactions.  There hasn’t been such a great irritated Dean since “The French Mistake.”  It’s sorely needed and really saved the ep.  The sweater vest and tweed jacket didn’t hurt either!  I’ll also never look at a waffle iron again the same way.  
The second best part?  The exploding wedding cake with the bride and groom crashing down in front of the logo.  I died laughing!  
I especially love that this whole thing worked out to be a setup for Crowley to make an appearance.  We not only get to see him pass some information to the Winchesters about the Leviathan and their leader Dick, but he still has management issues with stupid demons.  Still has headaches at the top I guess.  He’s there to help, sort of.  I like his hands off approach so far.  Something tells me he’s going to have to get more involved.    
What did you think of DJ Qualls as Garth?  He’s so adorkable.  I’m not exactly sure why Dean needed another hunter, but I overlooked that because I loved Garth.  He was the perfect kind of quirk.  It felt odd seeing him work with Dean and not Sam, but for one ep, it was fun to watch.  The hug at the end with Dean was so funny.  If anything he was underutilized.  I hope we see more of him.   
Okay, here’s a question.  How can Sam get married using his real name?  Isn’t he supposed to be dead?  I suppose it can be a common name but that’s hardly flying under the radar from Leviathan, don’t you think?  Plus doesn’t he need an id with his real name?  I thought those were destroyed.  
It was reported that Vegas got a lot of wedding business today.  It’s 11/11/11.  Think that Sam and Becky fit in that statistic?  That’s funny.  
A lot of the episode took place in Pike Creek, Delaware.  Isn’t that were Nick the vessel and Lucifer became one?  One check at the recap I did for “Sympathy For The Devil” says yes.  
There is one point of speculation though, and it comes at the very end.  What’s up with Dean?  I’m actually buying that Sam has this new lease on life.  He knows he still has a “Denver omelette” up there but he knows what he’s seeing.  Dean spent the early part of the episode wondering what to do now that Sam is fine and off doing his own thing.  So, is Dean hiding something (aka another secret), or is he just avoiding facing his demons?  It was a very strange reaction, and given the emphasis on it, I’m not sure it was meant to be taken lightly.  It reminded me a lot of the end of “Nightmare.”  Something is scaring him, that’s for sure.  
So all in all, I liked.  It reminded be a lot of the screwball scenario in “Swap Meat” but this ep was better.  I like how Sam and Dean were smiling at the end.  The smiles have been what’s sorely missing the past few seasons.  
What did you all think?