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7.08 preview “Season Seven, Time for a Wedding”
Sam Winchester getting married?  Okay we know there’s got to be a twist. A Winchester walking down the aisle is something we expect from the series…Right?   NOT!!!!!  We all know that is never going to happen as long as the series is on-air…just like they boys will never be permanently dead; it’s inherent in the series. 
So you know there’s a twist. But until we know exactly what it is, let’s enjoy the awesomeness of this news: One of the Winchester brothers is getting married…sort of!
Executive producer Sera Gamble in an interview was teasing about the next could-be fan-favorite episode. “It’s episode 8, which is called ‘Season 7, Time for a Wedding,’” Gamble said. “Both of the boys are involved, and one of them is the groom.” The episode, which Gamble said “has elements of meta,” will be one of the seasons “lighter, funnier episodes,” but will “not attempt to tread in ‘French Mistake’ territory.”
So what do we know is happening?  Best guess from all the spoilers and rumors circulating is that Dean and Sam go on a hunt and separate for a while.  Both are in suits, which is usually the attire for the fact finding part of the episode, and when they reunite, Sam announces he is getting married.  Yeah….SURPRISE!!!

Sam welcomes Dean into a wedding chapel and has the organist and preacher all ready.  Seems he was just waiting for his best man, Dean, and the bride.  Needless to say Dean is a bit confused and the interplay between the two when Sam drops the ‘bomb’ generates a lot of comedy.
Love the facial expression Sam goes through while he waits for his brother’s reply to his marriage announcement.

Nothing like ending with those puppy-dog eyes!  And a reply he does get.  Dean’s response,”What??”  Love it!

Not totally unexpected.  Oh… and yeah….Dean has a repertoire of expressions of his own.

Who Sam is marrying has been bantered about the internet for a while, but recently one of those rumors became a little more concrete.  Seems Sam’s bride is to be Becky Rosen (played by Emily Perkins) the woman whose screen name is “samlicker81."  We first saw Becky in “Sympathy For The Devil” where she displayed an obvious affinity for Sam…much to his dismay.  She is a fan of the "Supernatural" series of books written by Carver Edlund, aka Chuck Shirley, and the web mistress of writing Wincest fan fiction.  Not Sam’s first choice for a spouse I’m sure.
The theory has it that Superfan Becky doses Sam with a love potion to get him to marry her.  Why is a big question, but must have to do with the hunt the boys are on as when we see Dean reunite with Sam in the wedding chapel, he said he thought Sam was out becoming one with the land or some crap.  So he wants to know, “So what do we have?  Are we looking for some kind of sirens or what?” Sam of course has been sidelined by the wedding and if he had any answers for his brother, they have long ago slipped his mind.
Why Sam is marrying is unknown but supposedly he isn't marrying as part of the job.  He is thought to be a little misguided, but believes he's in it for all the right reasons. Yep….I can’t wait to hear those! (Smile)  
The trailer and ‘Wedding’ promo show more than just the comic aspects of the wedding.  Both start with Dean warily walking down a dark hallway obviously from a religious establishment of some kind.  

When the lights begin to flicker, Dean draws his weapon.  Flickering lights on the series has long been a sight of demon activity and given what Dean finds on the other side of those doors, magic of some kind is at work.

With gun drawn Dean continues down the corridor and when he reaches the doors at the end of the hall, Sam opens them from the other side. 

Surprise…he's getting married…and he doesn’t think Dean needs a gun.  He does think Dean needs a buttoneer, however…and a pink one at that.  Pink is for loyalty it seems. 

And though the bride does walk down the aisle in both clips, neither of course reveals her identity. 

The brothers' conversation plays as a voiceover: Dean's protest that Sam's not acting like himself, Sam's "You took care of me and that's great, but I don't need you anymore."  We also get a “HOLY CRAP” from Dean when the bride appears.
There is a supernatural element to the episode of course and with Sam under the influence of a spell Bobby puts Dean in touch with Garth (guest star D.J. Qualls), and rumor has it that Dean wouldn't choose to have Garth riding shotgun unless he wasn’t the only hunter available, and if it wasn’t a dire emergency. And both are true.  Garth, the quirky, laid-back hunter,  and Dean clash from the get-go.  They meet in a restaurant and Garth’s first comment to Dean…: he though Dean would be taller.  Ah yeah…that goes over well. 

Just does NOT seem to be Dean’s day!
But Sam does join the two at some point as both the photos and the Canadian station CHCH promo show the boys and Garth in an establishment that is decked out for some kind of celebration.  They are thrown over a balcony in the promo and confronted by a sinister black man with a gun in both the photos and promo.  Dean is shown with a knife in the photos, and all three appear to be in a confrontation with the gentleman.

The promo also shows a woman being saved from a large falling object.  Whatever is going on, lives are definitely in jeopardy.  How that all ties in with a wedding, will be interesting to see.
Official Synopsis: While on a hunt, Sam (Jared Padalecki) runs into someone from his past and a confrontation ensues. Meanwhile, Dean reluctantly teams up with a quirky, laid-back hunter named Garth (guest star DJ Qualls), when he finds himself in a situation that he just cannot explain. Written by CW Publicity  
Tim Andrew directed the episode which is his first for the series.  However, he is a veteran director for TV, and his credits include “Teen Wolf” and “Mix It Up.”  The episode was penned by the writing duo of Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin who are not new to the series at all.  These two veteran writers have also written 12 other Supernatural episodes including “The Girls Next Door,” “Unforgiven,” “Family Matters,” “Hammer of the Gods” and the very popular “Frontierland,”  “Yellow Fever” and “Weekend at Bobby’s.”   
Cast (IMDb) includes Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Jim Beaver, DJ Qualls (Garth), Tammy Gillis (Kelly) and Leslie Odom Jr. (Guy)

The promos and sneak peak videos are below
Promo Trailer:

Extended promo:

Sneak Peak:

Canadian CHCH promo:

Happy Episode everyone.  If interested in discussing the episode, come back and post your comments.  I just hope the positive momentum we have from last weeks episode is carried over here.  We need LOTS more happy ending!  Happy Supernatural Friday!
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# Casseio 2011-11-10 19:16
Great preview. Can't wait to see how Dean gets Sam out of this. Love DJ Qualls and HOPE they don't kill his character off. He is one of my favorite actors.
# Sablegreen 2011-11-10 19:50
I like DJ Qualls too and it would be nice if he was a recurring actor. Show doesn't have a good track record with keeping good characters however.

I'm just wondering when they are bringing Baby back. Kind of hoping she's in this eppie.
# elle 2011-11-10 20:12
I cannot wait to see this! Somewhere out there is an interview with Jared and Jensen and they discuss this episode and how they hoped the title would survive to the final airing of the episode. It did!

Absolutely dying to see this play out.

Thanks for the preview!
# Matilda 2011-11-10 21:03
Great preview. Much more interested in the story than Sams wedding. Hope DJ's character remains.
# Margena 2011-11-10 21:49
I am excited about this episode. But I am hoping it's not that weird chic that Sam is going to marry. I LOVE the expression on Dean's face.
Tim the Enchanter
# Tim the Enchanter 2011-11-11 01:12
For the day that’s in it (thank Crunchie it’s Friday!). I’m not certain but I think this could be a previously unreleased scene from 7.08 (and if it’s not it certainly could be!) and I dare say that any Winchester wedding is bound to end this way...

Here we see that Bobby has coerced Sam into marrying Becky. Sam is not keen (he’d rather just.... sing). Dean get’s to be the knight and wave around a full length sword (an honour that he was so cruelly deprived of in 6.12). Sam is the ‘damsel’ in distress doomed to his fate (again....) and it seems there are no lengths Dean won’t go to, no bouquets of flowers he won’t kill, in order to protect Sam. Anything sound familiar??

This is quintessential SPN; multiple random deaths, Sam going through a window, Dean waving a sword and killing loads of people, Sam coming back to life and sage advice being delivered to both boys ‘Let’s not bicker and argue about who killed who....’ from Bobby.

Talk about life imitating art!

Either way, Sablegreen, looking forward to the episode so thanks a million for this.
# eli 2011-11-11 17:17
What a fabulous clip to post, Tim! I love Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Now, if this episode is as good as that clip, I'll be happy...
# Alice 2011-11-11 22:28
Granted I came into this ep with mega low expectations, but I really liked it! I'm actually happy. Maybe because for once I didn't have to think about continuity or OOC behavior. It was a nice light episode, and didn't annoy me like "Swap Meat."

I'm still geeking out that Sam got married at A Little Wedding Chapel. We had good friends married there! FINALLY! The boys in Vegas. Okay, they weren't in a strip bar together, but Dean doing that is fine with me.
# Sablegreen 2011-11-11 22:36
Dean in the bar, picking up a cutie was great to see. BTW Guy Bee tweeted today that that was a famous 'peelers' bar in Vancouver calle No5 Orange. Nice place. Wonder if there is a ladies night. :D
# Sablegreen 2011-11-11 22:33
That was an excellent eppie. Nice fun and stillmmoved the main arc along a bit. Nice bro interaction too and loved Garth's hug for Dean. Nice lines for Dean too. Almost seems like they are really going to turn this series around.

Only complaint, once again the had a great guest actor and used him very little. Would have loved him to take a bigger part in the hunt, but it would be fun in a future eppie to see Garth and Becky as a hunter couple. :lol:

Very pleased with the series right now!
# Kellymom 2011-11-11 23:01
I agree, I have enjoyed these last two episodes much more than the previous few. The one thing that still bugs me the most while watching is the change in coloring they've gone with this season. I've mentioned it in other comments, but the brighter colors in the episodes change the tone of the show from seasons past, in my opinion. For me, the old style with a darker/blue tone kept things from coming across overly silly. I personally have enjoyed the writing of the last two episodes in comparison to the rest of the season and I hope they are able to bring it back up to pre season 6 standards. I have hope :)
# Ginger 2011-11-11 22:59
I was so disappointed. I thought it was a super boring episode.

Way too much Becky, and she was not funny. Didn't know D. J. Qualls, but his character was worthless. I kept thinking Dean could have done this hunt just fine by himself.

They really have to get rid of the "Then." Why keep Becky a big secret and reveal it up front?

I know this was supposed to be just a fun, light episode, but it was NOT funny.

The only thing I found good in this episode was Jensen...oh, and Dean in a sweater vest. And it was nice seeing demons again, although I found all of them not up to par. The Sam/Becky scenes were boring. Crowley, of course, is always good to see and he's putting his money on the Winchesters. Good to know. Oh, I did like the exploding wedding cake in the title card.

I was very disappointed after such a good episode last week.
# Kellymom 2011-11-11 23:10
I am with you on the demons not being up to par--in fact, the whole scene with Crowley was off. I kept waiting for it to build to something great and it just kind of....stumbled along. I guess I was just so disappointed with earlier epis that my bar is lower at the moment ;)
# Sablegreen 2011-11-11 23:12
I completely forgot about how hot Jensen was in his vest. That was so cool and a new look for him.

Yea, the Becky/Sam scenes were not done well, but I took it as supposed to be silly, as the whole thing was a comedy.

And yes, they really didn't use DJ well, but it was still better than what they have done in the past, And to have TWO eppies in a row where the boys are happy and smiling is SOOOOO nice to see.

I just hope they keep this attitude for the year and don't back slide into degrading one brother or the other. That is what they need to drop.
# rmoats8621 2011-11-11 23:28
I loved this episode! It was so fun and light; full of humor! I laughed so much! Garth is a great addition to the show. I look forward to seeing him again with or without Becky.

Dean (Jensen) looks great in a sweater vest! This outfit needs to be dug up again in the future.

As for Sam and Dean, I liked the interaction between the two. Another affirmation from Sam that all is not well, but he's learning to navigate it. The writers need to keep going down this road.

The cast and crew did an awesome job! next week's episode about a zombie? It looked like it. I hope so. That would be so cool!
# Sablegreen 2011-11-11 23:39
Yea...I need to get a BIG photo of Dean and that sweater vest. Alice maybe a screencap please.

As for Sam and his hell memories, that is something they need to let go of and it looks like they are doing that. Which is a good thing.

Next week is a MOTW about the Jersy Devil, and it is a real creature that is a current monster at large. Believe it or not, there have been many shows about it and the attempt to hunt it down.

As Alice just reminded me, this is an Edlund script, so we can expect a lot of funny stuff and not to much reality about the monster. Guy Norman Bee directs it, so again really good hope for three excellent eppies in a row, :P
# Alice 2011-11-12 00:54
I've have a sweater vest cap available tomorrow, as soon as the ep is downloaded from iTunes. I'll likely have one of Sam all tied up too. I'm that shallow. :-*