Anyone who’s read my stuff knows what a HUGE Monty Python fan I am.  One of my favorite films is Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  They spend half the film going through the trouble of lining the Knights of The Round Table so they can go to Camelot.  Once they get there and we get a hilarious song and dance, they realize Camelot is a silly place and move on.  
Why am I bringing this up?  All we’ve gotten since the end of episode 3 (this is episode 7) is “Amy, Amy, Amy.”  Dean hides the fact that he killed her.  He tortures himself with nightmares, drink, and extreme guilt for three episodes until fake Leviathan!Dean tells Sam.  Sam gets mad and the brothers part.  
Think that you’re tired of that drama by now?  Too bad, we’ve got to hang on for more.  The preview is 100 percent Amy.  The issue is going to dominate this ep too.  So, they gather together, fight the ghost and evil psychic, save the girl AND...all is well after a few tame words.    
I’m picturing it now.  Writer’s room, pitch meeting for “The Mentalists.”  “You know, this Amy story is really silly...”   
At the end the brothers come clean and everything is fine.  That was so...easy.  I’m not saying I’m not relieved, or not glad, or not pleased that for once it’s a happy ending and there’s no more fighting, it’s just, all that drawn out and artificial drama just so they can talk to each other and have it resolved in two minutes?  I feel cheated.  Am I the only one?  
Granted, all of this Amy talk is taking away from the ghost story.  It was decent and by the numbers, but the strengths were in the characters.  Melanie was great, and I love how her and Dean hit it off.  It’s about time Dean bonded with someone on a case.  It’s been too long.  I like how the real psychics blended in tamely with the fake psychics.  They weren’t really looking for attention.  
Oh, and how COMPLETELY FREAKING AWESOME is the one person to send a message from the great beyond Ellen?  I just love the message.  “You know an Eleanor, or an Ellen.  She seems quite concerned about you.  She wants to tell you, pardon me, if you don’t tell someone how bad it really is, she’ll kick your ass from beyond.  You’ll  have to trust someone again eventually.” 
What do you think about the whole siblings working together thing?  They don’t paint a very rosy picture of things ending well for sibling acts in the museum.  “The strain of working together, maybe just being around each other all their lives.”  Do you think they’re trying to tell us something about Sam and Dean?  Foreshadowing perhaps?  Or is Dean right, they’re essentially being graded on a curve and don’t apply?  
Do you think the sisters were a parallel for Sam and Dean?  “Sometimes one’s true gift is taking care of others.”  Was he talking about Dean?  Strange how the museum owner understood those two a little too well.  
I read on Twitter how people were confused and thought Sam bent the spoon.  Sorry to say, they showed how the spoon bender was manipulating the silverware.  All he had to do was switch it out, touch it, warm it up, and it would bend when touched.  It’s a parlor trick.  I’d love to think Sam did that, but he didn’t.  Wouldn’t it have been cool though if there was a shoutout to Sam’s past psychic abilities?  
Next week looks like something weird is gonna happen.  I know, I’m sugarcoating “weird.”  If you have a guess as to who the bride is, go ahead, share it here.  If you have a guess as to how in the world Sam ends up in that mess, share here too.