Now that’s more like it!  After three weeks of mediocre, and often times quite troubling episodes, this is exactly what we needed.  

If you haven’t seen “Slash Fiction” here’s your warning now.  I am about to discuss things that happened in the episode and all the glorious possibilities it sets up.

The Leviathan showdown finally gets moving in a big way!  This episode was action packed from beginning to end.  Bobby gets an awesome story and the girl!  Okay, sort of.  And Sam and Dean, oh man, that is one perfect way to let out a secret (even if the whole story line has been contrived).  Sam was truly devastated.  

Oh, where do I start?  First, the writing was great.  Now I’m sure we could pick apart a few plot points, but the dialogue was sharp, funny, and awesome in every way.  

The humor is back.  Dean swooning to Air Supply’s “All Out of Love” in the car?  I first expected a “Tommy Boy” moment where both would start breaking out in a loud sing along, but Dean lip synching and Sam watching him with horrified faces was even better and certainly more in character. 

Was that car a Chevette?  It was certainly Chevette like.  If you are going to go for the polar opposite of a bitching classic car, that’s it.  They looked so uncomfortable in that thing.  The car conversation spurns an awesome Dean line.  “Swayze always gets a pass.” 

I like how Chet the Leviathan revealed how they knew about the aliases.  I thought it came from Cass, but I’m glad it got out in the open for those that didn’t believe that.  

What did you think of Frank?  I loved him and his quirky conspiracy minded paranoia.  The March of Dimes?  Hilarious.  Too bad there wasn’t much time for him.  Hopefully he’ll be back.  Do you think the rock star aliases are really gone?  

I do love when Bobby is given an awesome story line.  I had to admit, when Sheriff Mills showed up, I thought she was one of the Leviathan.  I especially thought that when she told him to call her “Jodie.”  She even tried to get him to talk about his house burning down.  Way to finally mention that.

What did you think of the accidental discovery on how to take out the Leviathan?  Borax?  I think it was great, especially when Bobby discovered it.  He was so happy he kissed Sheriff Mills!  I think it was a perfect and believable twist, and I appreciated the lightheartedness as well.   

I did have a little trouble with the brutal violence of the Leviathan, but I’m glad to see Sam and Dean finally take something personally.  I also LOVE how the Leviathan started going through season one and doing their crime spree in order.  A fantastic shoutout to continuity, and something that’s been sorely missing.  There were a lot of shoutouts to prior episodes.  This was definitely written by a fan.  I’ll have to try and compile a list of those shoutouts for my review.  

Here’s a fun observation.  They got arrested in Ankeny, Iowa, right?  Didn’t Sam spend some time in that jail in “Hookman?”  Shoutout!  

Did you laugh over the Leviathans talking smack about Sam and Dean like I did?  How fake Dean finds real Dean’s burger habit disgusting.  Fake Sam hates salads too!  “Dead plants with creamy goo.  It’s like eating self righteousness.”   “Talk about a hero complex.  He doesn’t have relationships, he has applications for sainthood.”  Fake Sam can’t understand how real Sam deals with seeing Satan all the time.  “You know I had a brother with issues like this once.  I ate him.”

How about the fake Bobby trying to get into the real Bobby’s head?  Do you think Bobby and Sheriff Mills, sorry Jodie, can make a go of it?  Judging by the end, he’s going to need help.  He’s pretty clueless.  

Now that Crowley has been “dissed” by head Leviathan dude, you think he’s going to team up with Sam, Dean and Bobby again?  Will they let him after what happened to Castiel?  How would you like to see that play out?  These Leviathan are every bit as arrogant as the angels.  That always seems to lead to the downfall of the bad guy, doesn’t it?  

Then there’s, my favorite part, Sam finding out Dean’s secret.  Yeah, I called it, the doppleganger would be the one to tell him.  I figured that out as soon as I saw the promo.  Still, didn’t it play out so well?  Bravo to Jared for selling Sam’s utter devastation.  Even when it was time to leave with the real Dean, Sam was too upset to go.  He had to force himself.  It really broke my heart.  Sam has been through so much, he doesn't need this kind of betrayal. 

The ending scene has been one of some hot discussion this week.  Jensen confessed during his Q & A in Chicago last weekend that he and Jared rewrote it.  It wasn’t over the top dialogue and I liked that.  Sam was so angry and hurt he didn’t want to be with Dean.  On the flip side, Dean let him go.  Did you like how it played out?  Yeah, it’s another parting, but I like how this time, Sam just couldn’t talk about it.  He wanted to be alone.  I’m dying to see what happens when they do talk.  

I have to admit, I’ve hated the whole “secret” business about Amy from the second it happened.  Now that it’s out in the open, I do love how the reveal was at least handled.  The whole thing risks Sam and Dean becoming parodies of themselves (thanks Bookdal for the words) but the writers had to write themselves out of the corner somehow.  Since the extremely disappointing promo shows them working together next week like nothing happened (thus reminding me of last season’s "Mannequin 3: The Reckoning" after a great setup with "Unforgiven"), how quickly do you think it’ll take them to reconcile?  If it’s within the first two minutes, I’ll be extremely disappointed.  

So, tell me, what you think?  Did you love this episode as much as I did?  Please do share.  Oh, and thanks to Ardeospina for letting me run with this while she’s on maternity leave.