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If I ever get that extended interview with Eric Kripke one of the questions on my list is "Tell me, at the pitch meeting for "Route 666" how did the words "racist truck" make the cut?" I have a list in process called the "Eric Kripke WTF? Moments." Not to spoil too much, but it's there. 

I can't think of a worse episode plot description. Ever. This episode easily has the worst guest acting of the series. Cassi and Dean have some chemistry, but not the positive kind. We could smell their odor with every scene. Their sex scene TO THIS DAY makes me heave. They look like two hens pecking at each other. A total waste of a shirtless Winchester. As annoying, irritating, agitating, and just plain awful that Cassi is, nothing matches her mother. THE worst actress ever. That contrived, forced, insincere, stupid load of crap about a racist and his racist truck had me throwing things at my TV. Especially when her story mentioned the deep rooted racism that existed in those times. You know, because a neutral border state like Missouri is well known for that sort of thing. 

The plot doesn't unravel, it falls apart. The craziest of stupid crazy is when Sam and Dean fetch the ghost truck. The black truck that they easily manage to pull out of the lake even though it's been deep rooted at the bottom for 40 years. They do it without getting muddy. Or wet. At night when visibility is awesome. And it's snowing. Kripke would have had a more plausible scenario if Sam pulled out a magic wand and got it out with one twirl.  How about the scene at the bustling marina complete with its fleet of crab and shrimping boats? After all, we know about that secret yet lucrative shellfish supply that exists only 120 miles south of St. Louis.

There are two reasons why "Route 666" is better than "Bugs." Once we're over the initial reaction of "They got what out of the lake???" and the truck goes after Dean in the Impala, that is an awesome chase scene. Dean's reaction, the stunt driving, Sam's hunch, it's all good. Too bad a lot of people missed it because they turned off this pile of crap before then. Thank God for DVDs. The second reason is Kripke by this time must have taken one too many cuffs to the back of the end when picking a closing song. He learned his lesson, don't close out with a rocking tune by the Scorpions when your heroes are leaving a little worse for wear. Granted I don't think "Can't Find My Way Back Home" is a perfect selection, but it so beats "There's No One Like You." Oh, let's throw in a third reason for fun. Sam's line, "I miss conversations that didn't start with "this killer truck"."


Since "Bugs" was a D-, by default this gets bumped to a D. Coming up, season one gets really good.   


# Supernarttu 2010-01-21 03:13
Yeah, this one sucked so bad, I don't have the words. But you found my only delight!!! Sams line, that was awesome and I snort when I hear it... Which sadly isn't often since I don't really watch this monstrosity. The chase -scene was cool and the love -scene was very uncomfortable. A waste of a shirtless Winchester indeed!
# Jasminka 2010-01-21 04:52
Yeah, Alice, this is one of my lesser episodes, as well. Oh my, a racist truck, the devil’s route, it could have been even worse. Perhaps the writers needed to stress the extraordinary quality of the show by putting an inter-racial love-story plus love scene (which still is unusual today) into the mix and showing everyone how little the Winchesters care about these matters (which was pretty clear from episode one, anyhow. People of that human quality simply don’t give a damn about colour – quote genius Faulkner: ‘To live anywhere in the world today and be against equality because of race or colour is like living in Alaska and being againt snow’)

Megalyn Echikunwoke, however, was the worst choice for that part of the story. According to imdb she is a working actress, so there probably must be some talent in that department, but she did her best to hide it well in this episode.
I didn’t believe a word she said. To me she sounded like an aspiring drama student preparing for the entrance exam for drama school. I have rarely seen an actress convince me less that she was angry (script direction: Cassie gets mad at Dean, really?) or terrified (a racist truck threatening to take down the house, aha) – I would recommend a few books on acting by Stanislavski, Chekhov or Meisner (which, I’m sure, Randal could provide from his temple of knowledge…)

The best thing about this episode were the small banters between Dean and Sam – Sam getting easily Dean’s pain over Cassie, them dressing the part of insurance guys, more banter, and ‘I miss conversations that didn’t start with…’ Nice.

All in all, well, as I said, it could have been worse... Jas
# Bethany! 2010-01-21 07:49
I never had an objection to the character of Cassie, but the acting was terrible and any scene with a shirtless winchester which causes me to snort with laughter is an automatic fail.

The plot ... um yeah, not good, seriously who thought of that, if anyone has the chance please ask Kripke.

I have to admit not being from the states and only having visited California I'm not that good on US geography so I don't tend to notice mistakes even when they're glaringly obvious. But yeah, the story just didn't work - they should have just gone with the idea that if you can sum up the plot in two words "racist truck" and that is wince inducing chances are it's not a good idea!
# Randal 2010-01-21 10:11
Given other Supernatural slams against American wingnuttery (Florida's f-ed up stuff, Dick Cheney), my guess is that the placing of the action in Cape Girardeau (birthplace of noted moron, Rush Limbaugh) was another one of these. Only The Kripke knows!

Cassie was awful here, was awful as Hyde's half-sister in That 70s Show and was awful in the tiny role of the head Wiccan in Buffy's The Killer In Me.

Jas, in addition to not being able to sing, I can't act either, so you should ask Jared to appear on your psychiatrist's couch and pick his brain. ;-)
# Tigershire 2010-01-21 14:10
OK, you all are probably going to think I'm off my rocker but I LOVE the truck. Part of it may be becasue I see a distinction - the truck itself isn't racist - the ghost/spirit of its owner is. And that spirit is what it controling the truck (which happens to be Papa Winchester's ride in disguise in this epi, if y'all hadn't noticed).

Perhaps it's the redneck/farm girl in me but the way they used the truck and made it seem alive and like a predator - it makes me giggle. Yea, see, sick and twisted I am. smirk

And I really enjoyed the car chase and the whole "Thank thought never occured to me" sequence just makes me giggle every time.

However, the calibre of episodes we've have over the last year and a half really do put this on in the spotlight of "oops" for the show. But since I love the show as a whole so much, I'm willing to forgive Kripke the transgression. GRIN
# Bevie 2010-01-21 15:06
I guess I'm off my rocker too, 'cause I like this episode a lot.

Love the banter and Sam's teasing of Dean. Love the car chase. Love the way Dean loves, so tender and thoughtful for his partner, love his back and his bare chest. Even kinda liked Cassie! Geez! Don't hurt me!!! Loved "We'll be working things out when we're ninety!".

Sure, pulling the truck out was highly improbable, as was Sam figuring out the solution so quickly. But the things I enjoyed overcame the absurdity of the others and didn't detract from my overal enjoyment. I really won't be any way critical of seasons 1 thru 3, as it was only in season 4 where I didn't thoroughly enjoy a couple of episodes. And even then, I wouldn't cut them out from my dvd viewing. Guess where this show is concerned, I'm extra easy to please.
# Jasminka 2010-01-21 16:31
Randal, dear, of course you’re not required to act. I meant that you might find them in your library to give out to an actress in need (I, personally, wouldn’t borrow mine to an actress I’ve just offended – she might not give them back… :lol:-), Jas
# MCM 2010-01-21 17:54
i didn't have a problem with the truck was CASSIE that i ouldn't stand! BLECH.
# Sablegreen 2010-01-23 20:48
I actually likes Bugs better the this one, but I did like the brother scenes, the shirtless Dean and DEFINITELY the chase scene. The ending between Sam and Dean was priceless.

Didn't mind the truck...did mind Cassi. She was never right for Dany said, something was off.
# ElenaM 2010-01-23 21:12
Why am I so happy Supernatural gave us Route 666? Forever after, we shall have self-referentia l jokes! The "Monster Truck" refs in Hollywood Babylon, a dis from Chuck the Prophet, the movie marquee in "The End"... for me, it's worth it! :D
# Rene 2010-01-24 00:35
I loved this episode because we got to see a different side of Dean. We saw that he loved someone and it was not just a one night stand. Cassie was the sassy fearless woman that Dean needs even now.

It sucks that they wasted time introducing Lisa in season three when it was a weekend of Sex which was no big deal for Dean.

Dean loved Cassie to this day because there has not been a point where he said he did not. As far as the sex scene it was the best, the sexiest and certainly better than the roll in the hay Sam had with just-met-her Madison.

It is too bad that we have not had a chance to see Dean go back to Cassie like he promised. If it had not been for the fan base Cassie who was slated to be a recurring character might have had a more permanent positive slot in the show. I am not saying she did the best at every part but she was a character meant to have staying power. Kripke's complaint about the episode was with the premise of the ghost truck not the relationship with Cassie. I read the reports also. As far as bugs it does not compare to Route666 in any and I am unsure why it would. :cry::
# Shiko 2010-02-16 11:08
I loved it. Dean has actually been in love with someone. Dean wants to be with her (I'll see you Cassie. I will ) Sam likes her. I would like to see her back especially now that Dean is hankering for a family.
# Shiko 2010-02-16 11:10
I loved it. Dean has actually been in love with someone. Dean wants to be with her (I'll see you Cassie. I will ) Sam likes her. I would like to see her back especially now that Dean is hankering for a family. 8-)
# PinkKirby 2011-08-05 10:25
I agree, I didn't really like Cassie either, and it dissapointed me that it was about a truck instead of something more.... I don't know, scary.