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Love, love, love, love! this episode. "Home" is one of my personal favorites; my blue funk, down in the dumps, reaching for pint of Haagen-Dazs and settling in for a long night of comfort episodes. It's the episode that put season one back on course in a major way. It's the game changer that helped define the rest of the series to come. How much can I gush about this one? They went for kick-you-in-the-gut emotion and nailed it. The score is as dramatic as the family drama, violins and all. It's easily the most emotionally powerful episode of season one.   Sam's a psychic. Who knew? Not that there's an obvious trail of hints leading up to that, because there isn't. Sam's finally forced to tell Dean the truth in order to save Jenny and her family. Dean takes it about as well as one would think. "Come again?" That would have been my reaction. 

Dean's vulnerability when it comes to his dad is brilliantly shown in just one heartbreaking phone message. Today it's still a stunner, heck even the publisher got all weepy over it in "The Monster at the End of This Book." We learn more about Dean Winchester in that one minute than we have the entire series up to this point. Then there's poor Sam, who among all the other strange crap that's happened to him lately, struggles to understand why he's having nightmares that come true. His simple question to Missouri at the end, "What's happening to me?" is the heart crusher that's been so missing from Sam's character so far.

It's not just the brothers that get the strife though. The shocker is the burning ghost transforming into Mary Winchester. Dean's reaction over seeing his long dead mother makes me cry, Sam's reaction with tears over seeing the mother he never knew makes me cry, and Mary's somber haunting gaze at Sam after telling him she's sorry makes me outright sob. Especially considering what we know now. Then throw in a sorrowful John Winchester at the end, who trumps them all with one devastated glance at his wedding ring after learning Mary's spirit is gone.


It's all good. The guest acting is brilliant, especially Loretta Divine as psychic Missouri Mosely. We've been dying to see her back, but it's never happened. I'm ready to start a petition for season six. Sure, she was hard on Dean, but I sense she felt he needed that and meant no harm.  If I have any criticism for this episode, it's the attempt of Kripke (the masterful writer) to throw in some cheap horror in this otherwise incredible story shift. I to this date refuse to watch the plumber getting his hand shredded in the garbage disposal scene. It doesn't fit. The story also ran a bit slow in the beginning, but I suppose that also contributed to the suspense so I didn't mind.  Overall grade, an A. The plumber scene prevented the A+. A masterpiece. 

If anyone wants to see the full length recap (with screencaps) I did for this episode (one of the few for season one), it can be found here:


# Jasminka 2010-01-15 03:42
If there was one major heartwrenching and tearjerking episode in the first half of season one – this is it…
I remember using up all the tissues I had at home upon first watching this episode (and I learned that I need to keep a box of Kleenex near me whenever I watch this show, as you never know when the writers will sneak up on you with a devastating blow in the guts, and I wouldn’t want to be known as today’s Scarlett O’Hara who never had a tissue with her, oh my….)

There he is again – little boy Dean, hardly older than twelve, on the phone pleading with his father (and in the end when we are informed that John was in Lawrence after all, I felt for the first time in this show the urge to punch Papa Winchester in the face).

Jensen blows me aways every time with this scene. He is a master of pulling all the necessary emotional strings without ever getting camp. I agree wholeheartedly with you Alice, we learn so much about the man in this one short sequence.
And his encounters with the wonderful, endearing, witty Missouri (when you have those petitions ready, let us know, I’d like to sign it at least ten times at once to bring her back, a hundred times might do as well) are hilarious and sweet (as is Sam’s reaction when watching both).
Sam’s realization that something is happening to him (poor lad, he did not see what was coming; at least he had a short time of not being aware what horrific things where in store for him, and I guess in this case nescience was close to a blessing) cuts me like a knife, his almost-getting- killed by the cable from hell was hard to watch and his reaction at seeing his mother for the first time… well, Alice, if you listen closely, you can hear me sob, too.

One of the best episodes ever in this show that is abounding in amazing episodes. Thank you, Alice (and, by the way, the full fledged recap you did for it really does it justice, thanks for that as well!!), this was a touching reminder of why we love this show (not that we ever really needed that). Best, Jas
# Suze 2010-01-15 07:17
More Missouri! Amen to that ... Also on board with serious chastisement of Sir Skulkalot Big John - Dude needs a slap, I'll hold your coat ... :lol:

It was the fridgebound tiddler that had me hyperventilatin g in this one, small boys in peril get me every time ... it's a maternal thingy - You spend half your time fighting off an urge to throttle them and the other half obsessing in case someone else gets there first!
# Randal 2010-01-15 10:49
I don't mind, and often, welcome, a bit of gratuitous gore, but you're right, ground plumber felt tacked on as if trying to say "sure, now we're going to get all deep, but don't forget, network, we're a horror show!" Other than that, easy A+.

Wonderful acting all around, moments stuffed with Kleenex, but yeah, Kripke, listen up: Missouri + season six. Don't be a wanker.
# Dany 2010-01-15 13:21
Absolutely love this episode! First time I needed the kleenexs! And Mary "I'm sorry"? Spiked my curiosity and I didn't stopped to think about it and, when I thought that we would never had an answer it come (only 4 seasons after the question!).

Alice, I'll sign that petition, for season 6 to bring back Missouri, too.
# Bevie 2010-01-15 14:44
Oh my! This one was a winner all right! Twanging those heartstrings in all directions.

Dean's wobbly lip while leaving the message for his dad got me sniffling early on, and later learning dad was there all the while and not even seeing his sons made me want to kick his butt good.

And knowing what was to come makes poor Sam's query of "What's happening to me?" all the more heart breaking.

Don't know if I'll sign the petition to bring Missouri back, much as I would love to see her again, as I would fear the powers that be would kill her off like they did my dear Ellen and Jo. I want Missouri to stay alive and healthy even if I never see her again. Bring her back, but please don't kill her. Hear me Sera Gamble?
# Sablegreen 2010-01-15 21:28
Love, LOVE LOVE Missouri Mosely! Always hoped they would bring her back, but given the current trend of killing off past characters, I agree with Bevie....I hope they forget about her. I'm happy to know she's alive and well in Lawrence. 8-)

Thanks ALice, great recap as always. Loved this episode.
# ElenaM 2010-01-15 22:57
Ah, the garbage disposal. One of the first kitchen appliances on the "Things to Ruin" list. I wish I could remember who said that; someone somewhere on this site once commented along the lines that Kripke seemed hell-bound and determined to make her too scared to enter her kitchen...

I've gotta say, that bit of gratuitous gore makes me laugh every time, even as I cringe. Not because I don't feel bad for the poor plumber (I do), but because this scene always makes me think of Kripke's enthusiasm for it at the Paley Festival panel. We must let Kripke have his candy :D

On Missouri-- I'm liking the "leave her alone, alive and well in Lawrence" idea! After AAH, I can't take anymore!
# Supernarttu 2010-01-17 10:36
This was a spot on review again. I love this ep. It's the best of S1 and even the entire series. There's nothing here that bugs me, it is pure greatness.
Even the garbage disposal -bit doesn't freak me (we don't have those here) but I'll say that the Cymbal-monkey-f rom-hell creeps the shit out of me :mrgreen:
I'll never get what's so funny about those that you gotta buy them for your kids *shivers*
# magichappening 2010-01-18 17:25
Great review. Agree twas/is a brilliant episode - particularly that phone call. Looking back four seasons later we know so much more about the layers of Dean Winchester..but Home suddenly escalated the reveal begun in Dead in the Water when Dean talked to Lucas about his mother. And suddenly we realise that there is so much more to Dean than just the (admittedly very appealing) swagger. And twas the first time I remember sitting up and looking at Jensen Ackles and saying 'Damn this guy is good!'

And how much do I love this show and this site and this fandom...the fact that both Sablegreen and Elena M do not want Missouri coming back in Season 6 because we want her to continue living safe and sound in Lawrence. She is that real to us...I freakin' LOVE this show! ;-)
# Bethany 2010-01-20 02:33
Loved this episode, it was a game changer a the show shifted from horror to family drama with horror - in this episode the shoe truely became about the brothers Winchester.

I will sign a petition for missouri! she's stll one of my avourite characters!

Oh and the garbage disposal (no i can't look either) seems to have started Kripke's obsession with making me think twice about using everything in the kitchen - if he ever gets round to the kettle or the coffee machine i'm screwed!

Yep the phone call still brings a lump to my throat! :cry::
# PinkKirby 2011-08-05 10:16
I'm constantly surprised about how much you like this episode. Then again, I haven't watched it in a while.
I just remember thinking that it rather very slow up until the end, and that made me not want to watch it since the first time I did.