Ugh. I remember after watching "Red Sky At Morning" in repeats I did a review claiming it was one of the worst episodes ever. There were only four others worse. Guess what made that exclusive list? Yep, "Hookman." Granted number one on that list is tomorrow's episode, but I'm getting ahead of myself. 
This episode just stinks. Who knew the hookman legend on film is really boring? No, here, it's worse than cheesy horror. As the German dude in "The Real Ghostbusters" said, "Sigh." You won't get a worse guest actress that the preacher's daughter, Lori. Her and Sam? A pair of throw rugs have more chemistry than they do. This is easily one of Jared's worst performances, probably because he had no idea who Sam was at this point. Likely because the writing thus far made him a different person every week. Sam took interest in this girl so soon after Jessica's death? This piece of wood? Considering we learn in later seasons what a dirty boy Sam really is, chances are it's a preacher's daughter thing. 
The dialogue is terrible and not fun at all. The only thing that even made me crack a smile was Dean's half-caff comment after Sam tried to call dad.  There were so many plot holes you could drive the Impala through them. The silver of the hook gets melted down into that puny silver pendant that people wear? What sort of sick religious types thought that was cool? Oh, right, sick religious types is why hookman is slicing people. 

This was actually supposed to be episode 3, but the director f'ed it up so much Kim Manners had to be brought in to fix things and it was rescheduled. Then Kim Manners gets "Bugs?" Man, it's a wonder he didn't quit by then. I could see the conversations now. "Eric, this is really lame." "No, it's really cool. Wait until we get the dailies back. It'll be amazing." "Eric, this sucks." "It's the Hookman legend. Who wouldn't go for that?" "Eric, this urban legend stuff is going nowhere." "Nah, it's- let me get back to you." I really wonder if it was after this episode that Kripke holed up and wrote "Home" to save his show. 
Okay, maybe I'm being rough. Surely there must be something good about this episode? I guess I do like Sam getting arrested and Dean coming up with the lame "pledge" excuse to get him out of it. That was especially cool because rock salt shotgun pellets was introduced as a weapon against ghosts.   Dean setting up Sam to paint the pledge purple was amusing too. I also don't think Jensen was half bad in this episode. He looked like he was having a good time. And there was"¦nah, I got nothing. 
I can't even come up with a full 500 word review for this. My overall grade, a D.