Elle2 has been spending some time recently going through old episodes and has completed season one.  As a result, she has couple of articles to share on this part of her journey.  One thing we've never done on this site is take a good look at the pilot (putting it on the episodes to recap list), but now elle2 has rectified that.  Enjoy!   

I'm on a new mission, as it were, to rewatch all the episodesideally in order but I'm not going to be legalistic about it but I do plan on enjoying itshouldn't be hard. This past Friday night I snuggled up with The Pilot and I thoroughly enjoyed the 42 odd minutes of that episode. So, in trying to warm up my writing muscles it occurred to me that it might be funor at least a way to pass a few minutes on a Sunday afternoonto put into words why I still love watching The Pilot.
Mary Winchester:
Knowing what I now know of her story makes it all the more tragic going back and seeing her thoroughly immersed in her role as mother and wife. She had so completely, it seems, put the hunter life behind her that that flickering hallway light was nothing more than a loose bulb, not an indication that a demon was present. Her scream, her body pinned to the ceiling, her deathall powerful moments forever etched in the series' canon. Now I have the context of Home, All Hell Breaks Loose I and In The Beginning to fill in so many of the blanks as well as the fantasy/dreams of WIAWSNB and WTLBI really hope there is another opportunity for Mary to figure into an episode.
John Winchester:
We met him as the happy, loving father who unashamedly hugged young Dean and wished Sammy a good night; in a tragic instant he was transformed to shattered father and husband bent on revenge and the search for the truth. He was further defined not only through his appearances in Home, Asylum, Shadow, Dead Man's Blood, Salvation, Devil's Trap and IMTOD but also through the seasons via Sam's and Dean's continuing struggle with how they were raised and what Dad did and did not providehis storage area in Buffalo, In the Beginning and Jump the Shark offer deeper glimpses into the conflict John Winchester carried from that fateful November 1983 night.
The Music:
Ramblin' Man, Back in Black, Highway to Hell and moreI miss the days of so much music per episode. It hurts not to have more than an occasional song but such is life and the economics of the business. Still, "˜tis pretty fine to go back and hear the inspiration and the "˜soundtrack' of the series laid out in one short but awesome scene.
Sam: ...I swear man; you gotta update your cassette tape collection.
Dean: Why?
Sam: Well for one they are cassette tapes, and two"”Black Sabbath? Motorhead? Metallica? It's the greatest hits of mullet rock.
Dean:  House rules, Sammy. Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole.
The first time the guitar riff is playedSam and Dean leaving the bridge after Dean's mouthed off to the sherrif.
"No chick flick moments."
"Bitch. Jerk."
The Journal "Dad's single most important possession."
The first brotherly 'fight' as Dean pins Sam against the bridge "Don't talk about her that way."
Motel roomsthe first was quite sleazy, dark, covered with page after page of research but man did it give insight into who and what John Winchester is and how he works.
The first time we hear the purr/rumble as the ceiling bursts into flames, killing first Mary and then Jessicalove that sound.
The Impala's trunk: I never stop enjoying the scenes when we get to peak inside the trunk and The Pilot was our first opportunity. The prop crew must really enjoy putting together the bits and pieces in there.  Watching Jensen in that scene where he so easily moves around and pulls out the items he wantedit strikes me that he practiced that scene several times to get that familiarity down pat so that it looked natural. Just something I appreciate.
There's many more reasons why I enjoy The Pilotit started the series, without it there wouldn't be a season 1, 2, 3, 4 and now 5the dialogue, the lighting I could go onbut I'll end here. Feel free to add any comments you wish about why you enjoy The Pilot. If you have your DVDs, pull them out, pop some corn and settle inI suggest the commentary as well and the deleted scenesit also doesn't hurt to go to Supernatural wiki (not wikipedia but wiki) and check out some info on The Pilot. There's fun little nuggets that Mr. Kripke has put in about what the first music was intended to besuch as Enter Sandman by Metallica was supposed to play when Back in Black played, at least in the unaired pilot. Perhaps they couldn't secure the rights, who knows. 
This time of year always makes me a bit nostalgicshh, don't tell my momand I decided this year instead of allowing the usual nostalgia that always morphs into psuedo depression as the days get shorter and the air colder (I live in the northeastNew York State) I would spend a little time giving in to my nostalgia and enjoying the entire series and occasionally jotting down my thoughts.
BTW, I watched Wendigo last night and I still like it and here's why:
Dean: "Honey, I don't do shorts." (snigger, you do as of After School Special)
Sam has nightmares about Jessica and closes up when Dean prompts himoh, Sammy, we didn't know then but we know now how much that closing up is going to cost you in he long run.
Dean: "Saving people, hunting things, the family business."
Dean gets beaten up.
Sam drives the Impala as Rush, Fly By Night starts to play.
Dean and Sam share some emotions, share in the solving of who and/or what they are huntingheck, any and all of the brotherly moments.
It's just a comfort episode for me, so I suspect I'll always like it.
Tonight the plan is to watch Phantom Traveler and Dead in the Water. I love this show.
Thanks for reading, Elle2