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Happy (belated) Father's Day! I really, really wanted to release this on Father's Day, but things just kept going wrong -like some microphone trouble, which you'll probably hear. Thankfully, I didn't have as much go wrong as John Winchester does in this graphic novel series!

This is the second of Supernatural's comic book stories. If you missed my video recap and review of the first story, Origins, you may wish to go back and catch up now so that you are introduced to the graphic novel events in the order they happened (but it isn't necessary to enjoy the comics). 

Since I know some of you are going to ask, yes, "Rising Son" was also an episode of Supernatural's anime series. That was, in fact, an adaptation of this 6 issue miniseries. Episode 13.02 of Supernatural's television series also had a title of "The Rising Son."

One thing I noticed I missed saying in the video is that in some shots of the comic, Dean is firing a gun left-handed. From most of the scenes I know of, Dean is a righty. Was he established as ambidextrous when I didn't notice? Not a big deal; I can overlook some canon hiccups like that when they're not plot relevant.

I've also enjoyed revisiting these comics now that we're several years past Kripke's master story plan. My first reviews were of the individual issues right as they were releasing (in 2008!).  Now as I go back, I can see signs of what Kripke may have planned initially, then changed in rewrites and development as time went on. It could be an essay fascinating only to myself, but I would love to sit down with Kripke and have him grade me on how close or far off I was.

I have a vacation coming up in a few weeks so I'm hoping to script and prepare the next comic video during that time so there will be less of a gap between these. 


Oh, and thank you to all the fathers out there. Your work is appreciated.

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Comic Origins Cover

What did you think of the story itself? What's your opinion on art styles? Did this comic change or affirm some of your opinions on John Winchester?

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